In my 4 years of fantasy sports experience I have come to learn that those willing to make moves, either through the waiver process or by trades, usually finish in the top half of their league. Sometimes the guy scoring the most points or getting the most rebounds may not be the best addition to your team. The key in making wise fantasy moves is simply evaluating what your team’s strengths and weaknesses are. If you are unable to evaluate your team with honesty then you won’t win your league. With all that said I am going to address what I think are the 3 various ways of going about making fantasy trades.

1) The “love/hate” trade. This trade is defined by your feelings for the players you are getting rid of or trying to obtain. For example, I love Rondo’s game, both on the court and in the fantasy world, so if someone was to offer me Manu, whom I hate on the court, I am 10 times less likely to accept that trade. Sometimes this can be a bad method to base your fantasy decisions, but I would rather have a team full of players I want to root for, than a team full of guys I don’t really want to succeed. The best way to balance this method of trading is to recognize whom you really like and really dislike. That way if you want someone, whom you really like, you can go into the trade talks aware of what is driving you. This will help you keep your feelings in check, and help you more realistically evaluate the trade being proposed. But if someone is asking for a player you love and you are only getting equal value I would say don’t pull the trigger. But if someone were to offer me a Manu/Frye for Rondo I would have to consider it because that is a lot of value I would be getting back. (Don’t worry I know that those trade scenarios are probably very unlikely to happen).

2) The “equal value” trade. This is the one trade that people get caught up on a little too much in my opinion, because no trade is truly fair. You will always be losing something or gaining something when you make a trade. But this trade thought simply says if I give up a Chris Paul then I want a LeBron James. This trade can be useful if you know how to use it the right way. For example Dorell Wright is having a monster year averaging 2 3’s, 16.6 pts, 5.6 reb, 3 ast, almost 2 stl, a blk, and less than 2 to. Now to start the year most places had him ranked in the 120+ range and he is performing in the top 30. Now he could continue to play that well for the remainder of the year, but if you had him and had your doubts why not flip him for someone like Ray Allen or Derrick Rose. Both of these guys have a more proven fantasy track record and are more likely to stay in the top 30 range. This is where the equal value trade can really work to your advantage.

3) The “8 cents for a dime” trade (My personal favorite even though it is a frustrating experience). I think we have all either tried this tactic or had someone try it on us. It may be referred to in some areas as a “low ball offer.” Basically what this trade strategy employs is offering someone who is of value for someone who is of more value. For example if someone wanted Eric Gordon from you, who is having an excellent year as of now, they would offer you someone like Trevor Ariza. Now both were expected to finish between 65-80 in the three preseason rankings I looked at so they have similar values, they make threes, get steals, and offer a boost in one other category, but Gordon is putting up much better % in both fg and ft, as well as getting more ast. So even though Ariza is not a terrible player to have, he is worth about 8 cents, he isn’t worth the dime Eric Gordon is. The reason why this trade path can be both fun and frustrating is because you can use others love/hate of players as leverage. So if you know they like your 8-cent player and either hate or are indifferent towards their dime then you can propose it and see what happens. You can never know where a person stands on a player until you offer a trade and ask him.

Buy Low (these are guys who have been struggling, but I think will most likely play well the remainder of the year)

Joakim will be suiting up soon to give you "2 points!"

Joakim Noah (Chi-PF, C) Joakim has missed the last 5-6 weeks, but he will be returning in less than 3 weeks. If your team needs FG%, Reb, and blks he is a great guy for those stats. Since he has been injured for so long an owner may be willing to ship him for cheap.

Tyreke Evans (Sac-PG, SG) & Darren Collison (Ind-PG)– Both are off to slow starts but have started to play well their last 5 or 6 games. I think Evans is finally getting healthy and played well after the all-star break last year. Collison will play better than he has to start the year. He is finally getting used to the new system, I’m not saying he will be a top 6 PG like he was for a 5 week stretch last year but top 12 from here on out wouldn’t surprise me. Both are worth going for if you need ast or stl.

Sell High (these are guys who have been playing out of their minds and you could use that to acquire a more proven commodity)

Kevin Garnett (Bos-PF) – KG is playing awesome right now, and it isn’t that I don’t think he will continue to play well, but I don’t. The reason is because A) he is old and will either get a small injury that will make him miss games, or a major injury. B) His team will have a high seed locked up pretty early in the season, and they will rest their key guys down the stretch. C) I just don’t think he can continue his efficiency. Trade him to some huge Celtics fan for one of there top 2 or 3 guys.

Dorell Wright (GS-SG, SF)– I talked about him earlier in the post. I think he will continue to play well but I am willing to bet there will be a decline in his numbers the 2nd half of the season. So get some good value from him now.

Crying about it won't stop you from losing minutes.

Lamar Odom (LAL-SF, PF)– He is having a career year right now, but most of that was spent as a starter. He is coming off the bench now so naturally with less min come less opportunities. He won’t be a top 40 player when the year is over.

Feel free to post comments about questions you have about your fantasy team, that you want answered. It can be about adding/dropping, a trade that someone offered you, a trade you are considering offering, and even just general disagreements you have with my info. Once a week I will gather all of those comments and address your questions and arguments.


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