I wanted to put a post that touches on some of the injuries that are affecting the fantasy world, and give some names of people who in a week or two may be fantasy relevant. So I will start with some players that are injured and give you a little background on when they should be returning.

Joakim Noah (Chi-PF, C)- Noah’s original projection was supposed to be early March, but he has told reporters that Feb. 24 is the latest date he should be back. So that is still 3 weeks out and that means he is prime for the picking from fantasy owners that are sick of his non production for the last 6 weeks. So if you want help in reb, blk, and fg% go after Noah.

Marcus Camby (Por-PF, C)- Camby had knee surgery just over a week ago, and originally it was said it would be a 6-8 week recovery. However Camby came out of the surgery better than expected and 4 weeks is the new release. So that means he should be back in just over 2 weeks. Some people probably dropped him when the injury first happened. So pick him up if you have room for a guy to sit for 2 weeks.

Eric Gordon (LAC-SG)- Gordon injured his wrist and was listed at 3-4 weeks, but now he is just day-to-day. This is great for Gordon owners, but lets hope that the wrist isn’t a lingering issue from here on out. If he struggles his first couple of games then try to deal him for some good value. It is a bummer that Gordon went down when he did, considering he was having a monster year, but fantasy sports means getting something while you can.

Deron Williams (Uta-PG)- Williams also has an injured wrist, but is listed as day-to-day. However he has missed 3 straight games, and didn’t practice today. This might be a lingering issue too. I won’t say trade him if he struggles in his first couple games back simply because Williams isn’t owned because of his shot.

Emeka Okafor (NOH-C)- Emeka has a strained left hip/oblique. 1-3 weeks is the report on his injury. I would probably say it will be closer to the three-week date. I say this simply because if he is going to rebound and block shots, which is what he does for the Hornets, he will need to be able to jump. So be prepared to have Okafor out for a short while.

Check (These are players you should watch for the next couple of weeks, they might be getting more opportunities to play)

Indiana players– New coach always means new opportunities, we saw it with Charlotte players mainly DJ Augustin, so the Indiana players especially the young ones will get a chance to shine. Hopefully this will mean more consistency from some of the Pacers. Paul George, Roy Hibbert, and Hansbrough could see the greatest opportunity with the coaching change so monitor those players closely.

Wes Johnson (Min-SG, SF)- He may be hitting his rookie stride finally. In his last 14 games Johnson is shooting .472 from the field, making almost 2 threes a game, 13 points a night, over 1 stl, and under a TO a game. These aren’t spectacular numbers, but could be an interesting player to watch considering he is playing for the Timberwolves and they need to play the hot hands!

Samuel Dalembert (Sac-C)- Dalembert was a beast at the beginning of last year, and then got injured. He hasn’t quite been the same since, but that could be changing. He has put some good games together lately. If he begins to see his minutes go 27+ then his fg%, pts, reb, and blk could be fantasy relevant.

Timofey Mosgov (NYK-C)- He finally got some playing time the other night and exploded. Now this could be just a flash in the pan game, but if he starts to see some min. Then he could be a great playoff guy. Leagues are usually won by late pickups and gambles, so Mosgov could be that. Don’t add yet, but if he has another game or two then add him.

Yi Jianlian (Was-PF)- This was requested by a friend. So I took a look at some of his stats. And he has played well the last 4 games, well considering he has played like crap most of the season. He had a double-double just last game, and had double-digit rebound twice. Now he isn’t going to be someone you want to add tomorrow, but considering how BAD the Wizards are they might need to mix up their rotation which could be really good for Jianlian.


Comment if you have any questions regarding your team, any specific players you would like me to address, trades you are considering, or just any fantasy info. Thanks for reading hope you are enjoying the blog.


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