The potential gems of the MLB season.

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Fantasy Baseball
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So a month of baseball has been played and your fantasy team has gotten enough AB’s and Innings pitched to see a picture of what your team might look like for the year. I know that there are some players who have been horrible that will turn it around some, but you know what those players are probably going to give you. So early May is a good time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses of your fantasy team. A good way to do that is just go look at the stats of your players (sometimes we can let our hearts get in the way of our heads when it comes to our fantasy team). The stats will tell the story of what your team is and is probably going to be. Once you have identified one or two of the key strengths you have and one or two of the weaknesses you must determine if you are going to try and make the weaknesses less of one or completely give up on those categories and make your strengths and other categories stronger. I tend to lean towards “punting” (giving up) the one or two category that I my team is already bad at and imposing my will in the two or three my team is good at.  With all that said here is some players that you should go for, players you should drop, or just players who should be on your radar.

All-In(players that are performing well and need to be added to your fantasy team)

Melky Cabrera (KC-OF)-Cabrera, like the Royals, has been a surprise this season. Melky has always had his moments where he looked like a quality ball player, but he never could put it together for long periods of time. This season he has been very consistent at the plate, he can give you help in every category right now. His numbers so far for the season are 20 r, 3 hr, 20 rbi, 3 sb, .293 avg. I don’t know if Melky can keep it up over the entire season, but sometimes riding someone’s hot streak is the key to building big leads during the season.

Brennan Boesch (Det-OF)-Boesch has been a bright spot in the Tigers offense so far. He is in a good spot in the order (he has been in the 3 or 5 hole for most of the last 10 games) so he will get lots of good opportunities to drive in runs. In the first month he has produced well in every category. He won’t get you a ton of SBs for the season, but might drive in a lot of runs and score a lot of runs too. This is what Boesch has been able to do so far this season, 19 r, 2 hr, 16 rbi, 3 sb, .318 avg.

Josh Tomlin & Justin Masterson (Cle-SP)-These two guys have been one of the main reasons the Indians are tied for the best team in the majors. Neither guy is going to get you high K numbers, but they have the look of Cliff Lee’s breakout season. They both pound the strikezone and trust their above average defense behind them. They both have pitched 40 innings, have 4+ Wins this year, and neither have above a 1.15 WHIP or a 3 ERA. They can really help your team sustain low WHIP numbers.

Fold(players that are underperforming and you need to just let them live on the waivers)

Ryan Dempster (Chi-SP)-Dempster might turn it around, but sometimes you can’t wait if he is literally helping you in no categories. He always puts up decent K numbers but this season he just can’t get people out, and he keeps giving up crooked innings (aka more than 2 runs an inning). This is what Dempster has done this year, 38 IN, 1 W, 34 K, 8.04 ERA, 1.74 WHIP. I would just let him go to the wayside and grab one of the Indian boys.

Derek Jeter (NYY-SS)-The Captain just isn’t getting the job done anymore. Granted I am biased because I have never liked Jeter. So he may not be a drop now candidate, but his numbers may tell you that he is. His season’s numbers have looked like this in 108 ABs so he has a .250 avg, 0 hr, 0 sb, 14 r, 6 rbi. He got a day off yesterday, and if he continues to not hit he will see those days more frequent.

Clay Bucholz (Bos-SP)-Bucholz has been similar to Dempster this year…bad! He also has the pedigree to turn it around during the season, but like I said earlier don’t let your team fall to far behind early in the year. Bucholz’s numbers have been 33.2 IN, 2 W, 17 K, 4.81 ERA, 1.71 WHIP. Clay’s ERA won’t drop much because he was really lucky last year in terms of his ERA. He isn’t a high K guy so he relies on guys hitting the ball for outs. He has had trouble with his command this year. He should also be dropped for an Indian boy.

Check(players that are putting up interesting numbers and need to be on your radar)

Justin Smoak (Sea-1B)-Smoak was always supposed to be a big bat in the pros, but he wasn’t able to reach that potential in his short stints in the majors the last two years. Since he returned from some personal days off he has been drilling everything. His last 14 days his numbers look like this, 4 r, 3 hr, 13 rbi, and a .353 avg. He is young so there will be hiccups, but if you have room on your team than he would be a worthy gamble.

Eric Hosmer (KC-1B)-BIG TIME PROSPECT. If you haven’t heard about Hosmer than you didn’t read any preseason prospect articles. He was a first round pick in 2008 (good pedigree), last year in the minors he hit .338, 20 hr, and 16 sb. He was hitting over .400 in AAA to start the year, so KC couldn’t wait to get another big bat in their already surprising lineup.

Nate McLouth (Atl-OF)-McLouth has been a fantasy darling and a fantasy bum over the last several years. He has the potential to be a 20/20 guy, but he can also fight the mendoza line. He has looked comfortable this season at the plate batting over .275. He scores lots of runs batting at the top of a potent ATL offense (or what will be a potent offense over the entire season) this season he already has 21 r. High r guys are harder to find than you think so get them if you can.

Leave any questions that you might have for your fantasy team and I will address them in my next post. Don’t forget to like the Hombre on facebook. Good luck to all of you this month.

  1. Will Moore says:

    Picked up Melky. Thanks. I would follow you to the end of the earth… fantasy sports-wise.

  2. H2H Hombre says:

    I guess I was exactly what the doctor ordered for Jeter and Bucholz. Both had good days to let me know they shouldn’t be folded quite yet.

    Thanks Will I’m glad you trust my fantasy advice!

  3. Nate says:

    Well done. I know this post is about a week old, but that makes it even better to look at really. Since posting this, your three Fold guys really seemed to have turned things around. They must have heard about your recommendation and decided to get their acts together.

    Smoak has really bounced back from his abysmal 2010 and is looking pretty studly considering he’s in the middle of probably the worst lineup in baseball. Hosmer has been very impressive since he got the call-up. Homers back-to-back nights for him now so hopefully he can keep it up. I’d say that if you don’t have a top-10 1B on your team, Hosmer’s upside is worth the add even if he rides your bench for a bit.

    As far as McLouth goes, he has been hitting well lately…I just can’t endorse the guy. He’s burned me way too many times over the last few years. He’s just one of those guys that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and it’s just hard to look at him. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Brantley in Cleveland so far this year, and Julio Borbon has been raking lately for Texas.

    All in all, very solid read. Keep it up!

    • H2H Hombre says:

      Thank you sir. I’m glad you are enjoying what I’m putting out there. I had a really good feeling about Hosmer, but I didn’t have the guts to put him on the all-in list until a couple of weeks of seeing him perform. I added him the day he got called up on two of my 5 teams though. So I was sold on him. I hear you on McLouth he has been a up and down guy since that one year in Pitt (08 I think). Borbon is always a guy that has been interesting in my opinion he has the speed to be a top of the order guy, just doesn’t always look comfortable at the plate, so if he can continue to be semi consistent at the dish I think he will be a valuable fantasy commodity for years. Similar to what Juan Pierre has been.

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