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So we are 3 full weeks into the NBA season. So now we can start honestly evaluating what some teams and players are this year. Most teams have played 12 and some have played 15. My Thunder are off to a great start (11-2) and as I am writing this post the Thunder are controlling the Celtics with relative ease. I think the team that is truly shocking everyone right now though is the Philadelphia 76ers, they are winning a lot of games and most of them they are winning by huge margins. Don’t know if they could beat the Heat or the Bulls in a 7 game series, but they could at least make it interesting. Now on to the fantasy basketball stuff.

All-In (these are players who have played well the last 2 weeks and should be added to your team)

Anthony Morrow (NJ-SG, SF) Morrow started the season slow, but has looked very good the last two weeks. He always had the ability to be a great shooter from anywhere on the floor. The last two weeks his line looks like this, 49% fg%, 75% ft%, 3.1 3’s, 14.6 pts, 3.4 reb, 1.1 ast, 0.9 stl, 0.2 blk, 1.1 TO. If he can continue to keep that sharpshooting from deep he will be what Dorell Wright was for so many last season. He would be a great addition to any team.

Mario Chalmers (Mia- PG) Chalmers is only owned by 68% on yahoo! right now. That should be closer to the 85%. He is quietly having an excellent season, and by far the best season he has ever had. He is shooting 54%, making just under 2 3’s a game, 12 pts, 3 rebounds, 4 ast, and 2 stls. So he brings above average numbers in 3 categories, and still contributes in 3 other ones. He is a great addition to a team that is needing some 3’s and a small boost in fg%.

Check (these players could be huge for you, add them, or watch them the next couple of games)

Nate Robinson (GS-PG, SG) Robinson is always an exciting player to watch because he is an energy spark and has the ability to drop 20 in about 4 minutes. So far in his first 10 days with the Warriors he has been extremely valuable. He is never going to shoot a high % from the floor, but he gives you good FT% (92%), gives you something in 3’s (1.2), pts (13.3), ast (3.8), and stl (1.5). If you are a team that needs help because of injuries to say Manu, Nate would be a decent pickup to get some of those numbers back.

George Hill (IND-PG, SG) Hill always was a good defender and decent scorer while he was in San Antonio, and this year he is exactly that for a good young Pacer team. The last two weeks he is averaging 1.4 3’s, 11 pts, 1.8 stl, and shooting 54% and 88% (FT). Those are all excellent for a team that is hurting for a decent PG/SG on their roster. He isn’t going to get you a high number of ast, but I would bet it will be closer to 3-3.5 by season’s end than the 1.4 it is right now.

Fold (these are guys who are owned by way to many teams and should be dropped)

Lamar Odom (Dal-SF, PF) Odom hasn’t looked the same at all this year. Every single stat is down across the board this year as compared to last year. There isn’t a single category that he is doing “well” in this year. He has been average or worse than average in every category as compared to other SF/PF. Just drop him from your team. He isn’t helping your team win.

Channing Frye (Pho-PF, C) Frye just isn’t shooting well this year (40%), and since he doesn’t grab you a high number of rebounds (only 6) or Blk (0.1). His only value in the past, making 3’s out of the PF/C position, isn’t a value this year since he is only making 1.3. I say drop him and let someone else grab him and have him as a headache.

Hope you enjoy the post. Don’t forget to leave any questions you would like me to answer for your team, a specific player, or just anything fantasy sports related. I will answer them in my next post. You can always follow the Hombre so you get updated when a new post is up, or “Like” H2H Hombre on facebook. Have a good fantasy week my friends!



So my favorite fantasy sport and just sport in general is finally back, which means I will be posting more regularly. Most of you know how my all-in and fold posts work, and for those of you that don’t it is pretty simple. I will be giving you some guys who should be added to your fantasy lineup and those that are on your lineup that are waiver wirer fodder. Pretty simple. Most of my stat gathering will be from Yahoo!, ESPN, and Hope you enjoy my first blog of the new year and of the new basketball season!

All-In (these are guys who have played well and could be worth a spot on your roster!)

Al Harrington (Den-PF, C)- Al has been great to start the year, he is been great in almost every category, except Blks and ast. He is shooting the ball surprisingly well, getting a decent number of rebounds, and is shooting from both the field and the free throw line at above average. If you are weak at either PF or C you should look to grab Harrington.

Jonas Jerebko (Det-SF, PF)– Jerebko has been really one of the only guys in Detroit worth owning, outside of Monroe and Rodney. He was good in spurts last year, and it looks like he is going to get some good playing time this season. The wing positions are very tight in Detroit, and by tight I mean they have way to many of them, so a bad stretch could mean less minutes for Jonas, but play the hot hand right now.

Check (these are guys who could be on the brink of being start worthy or on the brink of being kicked to the curb)

Brandon Rush (GS-SG, SF)– Rush has done really well in GS the first week. If he continues to see a heavy number of minutes he will be useful in all leagues. He is capable of hitting some 3’s. Doesn’t shoot the ball too much, and plays strong Defense so he will get you a couple of steals and blocks throughout the season. If Mark Jackson (the coach) continues to allow Rush to play because of his defense Rush will be a great pickup.

Channing Frye (Pho-PF, C)– Frye’s value rests solely on his ability to hit 3’s and so far in this young season he hasn’t done it. I wouldn’t say drop him just yet, but if he struggles again this week to hit jumpers he is a bad C to own, because he won’t help you in other “C” categories (FG%, BLK). Give him one more week and then decide.

Fold (these are guys who have played poorly and may need to be giving the boot!)

I’m not one to get hasty and drop a guy who I drafted in the first 8 rounds in the first week or two. So I won’t specify 1 particular player this week, instead I will say drop any guy who is playing poorly that you drafted in the final 5 rounds. You went into the season grabbing them late because it was a zero risk all upside, and if they aren’t cashing in on the upside go get someone who can.

That is all I have for you this week, it was a little shorter than a normal post will be, but wanted to get the first one out there so you know I will be here for the fantasy basketball season. If you want me to answer any questions about your team, a specific player, or just general discussion leave a comment. I’m always looking for ways to make my blog different and/or better than other resources but the only way I can know what my readers need is by telling me. Thanks for your time and good luck to you all this week!

2011 in review

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So this is a little something Word Press does for its Bloggers. Thanks for your support by just viewing the site. I hope to write just as much this year on here as I did last year. And might even have my brother in law do some posts during the Baseball season when I am a little busier.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

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