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Long time no see blog! Sorry that I completely fell off the map those of you that actually checked the page from time to time. Life got busy and I tried to do too much on top of my job and got burned out. But I figured new year means “restarting” so wanted to try and get back into doing some blogging. Since it is my favorite season and favorite fantasy season (basketball) thought this would be the best time to start up again. So now on to the good stuff, if you forgot, this is how this works,

All-In=add them to your roster if they are avaliable.

Check=watch them over the next several games because they could be that “budding” fantasy rose.

Fold=if they are still on your team it is time to cut ties because they no longer bring any value (this has been Vince Carter the last 3 seasons)


How can you say no to that smile 😛


Jarrett Jack (PG,SG GS)- Step Curry injured his ankle again (a shame to because he was ballin’ this season) So his backup, Jack, will step in to fill the void. Jack has been very productive this season as a bench player so this is what to expect from him as the starter. 47%+ FG%, 86%+ FT%, 1.1 3’s, 16 pts, 3.5 reb, 6.5 ast, 1 stl, 0 blk, and around 3 TO. That is a great PG across the board does everything you want from you PG but doesn’t shoot poorly. If he is still a FA add him even if it is for the next 3 or 4 games as Curry’s strength rebuilds.

Elton Brand (PF, C Dal)- Brand is only averaging around 22 min a game the last month, but he is being very productive in those minutes. Over the last 2 weeks (7 games) this is what his line gets you, 63% fg%, 89% ft%, 0 3’s, 10.9 pts, 6.4 reb, 0.6 ast, 0.3 stl, 2.1 blk, and 0.3 TO. So it isn’t the “sexy” line you may want, but if you need a big boost in fg%, ft% and blk, Brand is the guy you can add and he will greatly increase those for you. Plus he doesn’t hurt you in pts or rebounds which is what should happen since he is a PF, C.


Wilson Chandler (SG, SF Den)- Chandler has just returned from a hip injury so he will probably see some ups and downs over the next 2 weeks, which is why I have him on the “check” list. If you have some extra bench space or don’t mind dealing with a sudden no start for extra rest then he could be worth an immediate add, and here is why. Chandler for in his last full season 10-11 shot around 45%, 80% from the line, gave you about 1.5 3’s a game, right around 14 pts, 5.5 reb, 2 ast, less than a stl and a blk a game. Those are quality numbers from your 2 or 3. He has the potential to be a 2 3’s a game type guy so he could be someone you will want to watch. (he also has had 5 stl in his first 2 games back this season from his injury)

Earl Clark (SF, PF LAL)- Clark got to see a lot of minutes this past week with Pau out (concussion), Dwight out (shoulder), and Hill out (hip surgery) and he did surprisingly well probably better than anyone could have hoped for him. He is a long athletic guy who brings a lot of energy to the game. How does that translate to fantasy value. In his 4 games this week he had 9pts, 9 reb, 3 ast, 2 blks a game. (all of those are within .2 of the actual value). So nothing special, but when you have a SF getting 9 reb and 2 blks you will take it or if you have a PF getting 3 dimes you take it. I would say watch and see how his minutes end up being now that Pau and Dwight are both back, but if he continues to see 20-26 I think he would make a solid contribution to any team.



I don’t know why you are playing so poorly either Kris…figure it out dude!

Kris Humphries (PF Bkn)- Humphries has seen his role decline dramatically since Avery was fired. He has only gotten around 19 min a game the last month, and there isn’t any signs that he will get back up to the 26-30 he was seeing early in the year. On top of that he is shooting under 43% from the field and only getting you 5 pts and 5 reb. It is time to send Humprhries to the pine in your fantasy league aka the waiver pool.

Marcus Thornton (SG Sac)- Thornton has been a great fantasy player the last 2 years, but over the last month he is seeing his role quickly diminish (only getting 16 min the last 4 games). Sacremento is bad and they are trying out every combination of their current players to see who will be kept when they move to Seattle. Thornton over the last month was only bringing in 1.8 3’s and 11 pts. He was shooting poorly 42%, and bringing in 0 defensive stats. So I think it is time to let Marcus go…

I hope you enjoyed the post. I will try to put one up every week or 2 weeks this year, but no guarantees during the summer months (my busy season). As always if you enjoyed don’t hesitate to subscribe to the blog, like H2HHombre on facebook, or help spread the word. Enjoy your Friday!