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It’s time for the weekly all-in or fold post. For a reminder I’m going to give you 1 person at each position (this includes a team) that I think are going to outscore their Fantasy LCS projections (all-in candidates) and 6 that will score lower than their projections (fold candidates). Here is the recap of my week 1 all-in and fold.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
CaboChard 29 19 L
Impaler 27 50.64 W
Kori 36 0 NA
Doublelift 33 47.48 W
Unlimited 22 18.8 L
Impulse 28 23 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Dyrus 29 22.13 W
Helios 33 0 NA
Shiphtur 35 23.9 W
Woolite 37 26.88 W
Xpecial 32 50.82 L
Roccat 29 19 W
Total W-L 6W-4L

Now here is my week 2 All-in and Fold Candidates


Top – Huni FNC (Projection: 31 pts) I don’t expect Fnatic to put up quite as many fantasy points as they did last week, but I think from what they showed last week they will be a good team in EU. Huni is a good top laner and is facing two teams that didn’t quite play up to what their expectations were in ROCCAT and Gambit. I don’t expect Huni to explode for another 65 points but I think he will beat out his projection.

Jungle – Impaler CST (Projection: 29 pts) Impaler put up good points week 1, and I think he is going to have another high scoring week. His two opponents this week are Team 8 and Gravity. Neither gave up huge points to the enemy jungler in week 1, but they didn’t shut them down either. I think Impaler will outscore his 28 point projection simply because of what I think he is expected to do for his team, which is make plays and pressure constantly. I’m pushing all-in on Impaler

Mid – Soren CW (Projection: 35 pts) I think Soren will be a high scorer on what will probably end up being a bottom team in EU. Sometimes these are the best kind of guys to target though. I expect closer to the 40 point mark from Soren since he faces Elements and MYM. Go all-in on Soren this week if you are unsure about him.

ADC -Steeelback FNC (Projection:40 pts) Another Fnatic player that I think will outpace his projection. (I almost put in two more of their players, but thought it might be overkill). I think the people at Fantasy Lolesports still aren’t sold on Fnatic, so their projections are all on the low end compared to their counterparts. Again I don’t think Fnatic will have 5 50+ point guys this week, but I think most will out perform their projection. So don’t hesitate to start Steeelback or any other Fnatic player this week.  

Support – Lustboy TSM (Projection: 24 pts) TSM plays two tough bot lanes this week (Winterfox and Liquid), but I think Lustboy is a great player. He isn’t the flashiest support out there, and typically isn’t the one “making the plays,” but he plays so well in every aspect of the game that I think he will always be close to the 30 point mark.

Team – Gravity (Projection: 28 pts) Gravity showed some resolve in week 1 after losing the first game to bounce back and destroy C9. As a result I’m confident in them this week against a weaker DIG and a still uncertain CST. I can see both of these games turning into blood baths which will result in lots of towers and objectives for Gravity. I also think they will win both games, and as a result go all-in if they are one of your choices for the Team category.


Top – Quas TL (Projection: 34 pts) I fully expect Quas to finish the year in top 3 among top laners, but this is going to be one of those weeks where I don’t think he will break the 30 point mark. Liquid plays C9 and TSM  even though both struggled week 1 I don’t expect them to do it a 2nd week in a row. Liquid may end up winning both games, but I don’t think Quas will be scoring machine for them. If he is your only top laner he will still get close to the 30, but I wouldn’t expect a “big” week from him.

Jungle – Diamond GMB (Projection: 26pts) Diamond looked like a dominant jungler last month at IEM and then he came out in week 1 and really struggled to make an impact. I expect another tough week for GMB and Diamond, and as a result I say fold him if you have another option.

Mid – Shiphtur DIG (Projection: 35 pts) 35 points is just to high for Shiphtur this week. He will end up around 30 because DIG expects him to make plays, and feeds him a lot of the resources. Until DIG can show me they can play consistent I won’t be playing any DIG players. So fold on Shiphtur this week.

ADC – Woolite ROC (Projection:31 pts) Woolite is a good ADC, but I think ROCCAT isn’t quite there yet for him to put up big numbers. I don’t think he will struggle every week, but he hasn’t had a favorable schedule to start the year. He plays FNC and Elements this week so I guess Woolite ends up with around 26 points.

Support – Nisbeth MYM (Projection: 27 pts) No MYM player is worth starting until they show us any reason to start them. 27 points from a support is a huge number, for example only 8 supports last week scored over 27 points. Nisbeth wasn’t even close to that with a 9 point showing in their two games. He is only owned in one of my leagues but if you own him. Please don’t start him this week.

Team – Impulse (Projection: 31 pts) Impulse played well in the first week, and only came out with 23 points. They play CLG and Team 8 this week. I don’t think they will win both games, in fact they could very easily lose both games, and if you lose both of your games it is really hard to break the 20 point mark. In other words fold Impulse in week 2 if you have them starting.


Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 2 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!


Week 1 is over and there were a lot of entertaining games, high scoring fantasy surprises, and a lot of disappointed fantasy players (probably 50% of the readers are upset after week 1).  I personally went 2-2 in my 4 leagues so not a great start, but at least I don’t have a losing record. Every week I’m going to try to do a recap post of the games. I will be outlining the players that surprised (Legendary), the players that disappointed (Shut Down), and post a few games that I enjoyed most each week (I’ll try to include at least 1 game from each region). Here is my week 1 recap!


(guys who played better than expected or who were dominant this week)

Pepiireno & Werlyb – First two games in the LCS for Giant Gaming, and these two guys showed that they belong. Werlyb scored over 50 points (props to anyone who actually played him this week). I think it is safe to say EU might want to ban his Jax. Pepii scored over 35 and just played really well. Even though he didn’t end up with 40+ points I really liked what I saw from his play.

Forg1venre – Played fantastic in both of SK’s games, ended up just short of 45 fantasy points this week. All of SK played well their first two games, but Forg1venre showed that he might be a fantasy beast.

Fnatic – Wow, just WOW. They were the team of EU this week. Demolished both Elements and H2K. In both games they seemed in sync and made great plays. If they can keep playing even close to this level the rest of the split, they will be fun to watch.

IWillDominate – He did exactly what his name says…DOMINATE! He ended week 1 with the 2nd most fantasy points with over 70. He played great in both games, he was having an impact in every lane, and controlled the major objectives for his team. He was the main cog in the Liquid engine this week. Great week for Dominate and Team Liquid.

Special shout-out to LiquidKeith who scored the most fantasy points in week 1, and is forcing Piglet to fill some pretty “big shoes” 😛


(guys who played worse than expected or who were just bad this week)

MYM – It started before they even played a game losing their mid laner, and then it got worse once they played the matches. They went 0-2 on the week and only got 7 fantasy points. I knew once they lost Kori that they wouldn’t be as good, but not 7 points bad. I would say all of their guys are unplayable going into week 2 until they figure out what exactly their team is going to look like.

C9 (specifically Hai) – C9 went 0-2 and were winning both games in the first 12-15 minutes. Hai played especially bad in both games, gave up first blood 1v1 to Bjerg against TSM then just couldn’t really make an impact in-game two against Gravity. C9 only got 17 points and was expected to get 31 this week, Hai only got 18.91. Overall very disappointing performance from C9. I think they will recover in the next few weeks, but they looked sloppy and indecisive these first two games.

Wickd – He forgot to show up week 1. Lucky for him, his team is really good so they ended up going 1-1 in week 1. However Wickd, only got 12.69. He was in the bottom 5 of all players in week 1. It was an ugly week for Wickd. I wouldn’t expect him to be the lowest scoring top laner this season, but if he struggles again next week, then maybe it would be safe to say he won’t be a top 5 top laner like most expected.

Crumbzz – I don’t think anyone expected Crumbzz to be a top-tier jungler (don’t look at my Jungle rankings…we all make mistakes right?) He did even worse than everyone thought though. He was the WORST player that scored points this week. He barely scored more points than all of the guys having visa issues, that is how bad he was (8.3 pts…really crumbzz really?) When Dig plays well Crumbzz plays well, and well he didn’t play well.

Games of the week

(the 2 or 3 games that I found most entertaining this week)

CLG vs Team Liquid (really fun game to watch, team fights all over the place, and it was a high scoring fantasy game for almost everyone involved)

Fnatic vs Elements (this was just a surprise for everyone, really great performance by Fnatic)


As always don’t forget to follow the blog via WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter. How did your team(s) do in week 1? Let me know in the comments below.

Every week I’m going to do an all-in or fold post. In these posts I’m going to give you 6 “all-in” candidates (players and teams that I think are going to score the best this week or higher than their LCS projections) and provide 6 “fold” candidates (players and teams that I think are going to do very poorly or worse than their projections). I’m going to try and provide a running tally of these projections in each week’s post. Without further introduction here are this week’s “All-in” and” Fold” candidates.


Top – CaboChard GMB. Gambit showed something at IEM last month, because of their success there I think they will be one of the hotter teams starting out in EU. Cabo played 6 different champs and had good success in every game. He will face some decent competition in week 1, but I like his ability to adapt and play multiple champs because of this I think he will finish in the “top” for week 1.

Jungle – Impaler CST. I think Impaler is going to be one of the best Junglers in NA and I think he has some favorable match-ups in week 1 (Dignitas and Winterfox). Both of those teams are going to have to work through some communication issues. As a result I think Impaler will show up big in week 1. If you have him and another mid tier jungler on your team, go all-in on Impaler this week.

Mid -Kori MYM. Kori has some favorable match-ups in the mid lane this week. He faces Xpepii (Giants) and Fox (SK) both of these guys are good laners, but I think Kori will outshine them in week 1. He is projected to get 36 points but I could foresee closer to the 40 point mark. In other words go all-in on Kori this week.

EDIT: Kori just left MYM so he probably won’t be an all-in candidate. Froggen will be the EU guy who shines (had to put a cop out since games start in 16 hours). 

ADC – Doublelift CLG. I think Doublelift will be one of the top 3 AD scorers this week. CLG plays Team 8 which I think is going to be the weakest team in NA, and they play Liquid who will be without Piglet for week 1 (isn’t 100% confirmed but still working on Visa stuff). Because of these two factors I think his projection 33pts is way lower than it should be.

Support – Unlimited CW. CW have one of the easier weeks in EU. The game between them and H2K will be close and most likely be a blood bath (happens a lot in EU). The game against Giants Gaming should be an easier game for CW. I expect Unlimited and Freeze (CW ADC) to be able to put up big numbers in these games, and as a result I think Unlimited could easily break 30 points this week.

Team – Impulse. I think Impulse is going to be very up and down this year. Lots of new players, overly aggressive play, and language differences in teammates. I think in week 1 their aggression will be faster than most teams are ready for this early in the split. So I think they will put up some nice numbers week 1.


Top – Dyrus TSM. I’m only putting Dyrus here because he might have the toughest competition at top lane this week. He faces C9 Balls, and Calitrlolz8. Dyrus is always known for his consistency and from time to time he puts his carry pants on and TSM is nearly unbeatable when this is the case. He has always struggled against C9 (who in NA hasn’t though?) and I think Cali will play really well in the opening weeks. Basically don’t expect Dyrus to be “top” dog this week.

Jungle – Helios WFX. I’m low on all but two Winterfox guys (Altec and Pobelter). Helios is projected to get 33 points this week. In some weeks he will be able to do that, but in week 1 it’s not going to happen. He plays Saintvicious and Impaler this week, and I think both are better mechanically or better at shot-calling than Helios. So don’t expect big results from Helios this week.

EDIT: Helios is also going to be out week 1. So he will no longer be a fold candidate, or I guess this means he is the ultimate fold candidate since he will get you 0 points week 1 🙂

Mid – Shiphtur DIG. I think Shiphtur is a very talented Mid laner, but I think overall Dig is going to have some challenges this split with new teammates, and less talented teammates. Shiphtur is going to be a solid choice most weeks, but week 1 will not be his best. In other words, if he is your only option at mid, then you might struggle to win week 1.

ADC – Woolite ROC. Woolite will have some big weeks, but I also think he will have some down weeks, and because ROC competition in week 1 is pretty tough I think he will score less than what his projections are. In other words don’t be afraid to fold him this week for another AD or mid at your flex.

Support – Xpecial TL. I think Xpecial will probably end up in the top 3-4 supports at season’s end, but if Piglet doesn’t play week 1, I don’t think Xpecial will put up big enough points against decent opponents in week 1. Obviously most will play Xpecial because you typically only have 1 support, but he might be your weak link in week 1.

Team – Roccat. They play two equally skilled teams, and for some reason I don’t think they are going to play well the first few weeks. This may be one of those hunches that I shouldn’t put in writing but where is the fun in that? Don’t expect their projected 28pts this week.

Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 1 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!