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First off here are my final results from my week 9 all-in and fold picks.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Quas 33 31.71 L
Airwaks 30 49.02 W
Fenix 37 41.8 W
Woolite 34 32.3 L
Unlimited 31 46.81 W
CW 32 25 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Avalon 32 49.99 L
Kikis 31 10.36 W
Slooshi8 35 13.79 W
Doulbelift 40 45 L
Lustboy 41 18.96 W
CLG 28 20 W
This Week W-L 7W-5L Total W-L 41W-35L

Overall, I would give myself a B grade on my all-in and fold picks. I had a really good week 1, and then was right around .500% on my picks from there. Overall finished with a 41-35 record which is 54% correct. I plan on improving on that next split and I’m going to try and get a 60% win-rate next time. This was my first year participating in Fantasy LCS and I wanted to share my observations that I learned from this split. So without further a due, here…we…go!

One Team Gambles

I noticed throughout the split that it is OK to gamble on 1 team’s players if they have very favorable match-ups. Most sports don’t always give you 4-5 high scoring fantasy options. However, League of Legends relies so much on team fighting and when a team is doing well all the players benefit. So don’t be afraid to have 4-5 players/team from one team if you see they have two weak opponents for the week. Also, if a team shows they are at a higher level than their opponents (this split it was FNC, SK, and TSM) it is safe to have multiple players from their roster because they consistently scored at a high rate. This is something that I will be more comfortable doing during the Summer Split of Fantasy LCS and you should too.

Consistency Matters

This one should be a no-brainer for most, but it is worth noting. Some players score lots of points one week, but then don’t score as many the next (feast or famine as some would call them, Odoamne is an example). Some players always score below the average (Mancloud). And others always seem to put up above average points every single week. (Forg1venre, Yellowstar, Huni to name a few). The guys that win you the league are going to be the guys who can score slightly above their counterparts average every single week. For example, Wildturtle who I think was going in the 2nd-3rd round in most drafts to start the year never fell out of the top 10 in any week. As far as I can see he was the only ADC who can say that, even godgiven himself was out of the top 10 two weeks (Keith also pulled this off, but only played 3 weeks so doesn’t count). WildTurtle only finished top 3 in 3 weeks (still really good considering how good some ADCs played this split), but as I said before never fell out of the top 10. This is what you want out of your fantasy players someone who will consistently be in or around the top scorers at their position. This causes less dilemma when deciding on who you need to play week to week.

Ride the “Hot Hands”

This mantra can be true in almost all fantasy sports the person who is playing well should continue to be started until they come back down to earth. For example, in weeks 3-5 both Soren and Freeze for CW were in the top 5 scorers at their position for that stretch. If you picked them up after their first big week (week 3) and rode them the next 3 weeks, you probably won week 4 and 5 because of the points they put up. Or perhaps you jumped on the Impact bandwagon during week 6 and rode him to victories the next two weeks (50 points each week). This is something I didn’t do much this year, because I was afraid to drop a “bigger” name for someone who had a good week, but next split I think it is worth it to gamble on a guy who has a big week, and good match-ups the next week because you might get to ride their hot streak for a week or 2. Or you get super lucky and you grab Huni, or Steelback after week 1 and have a force practically every week from there on out.

Overall Fantasy LCS is a lot like other fantasy sports the people that pay attention and are willing to make moves are probably going to do well, but you also have those that just get a few “lucky” or “calculated” picks that work out perfectly for them. I was a feast or famine player my first year finishing 1st in 2 leagues and 7th in my other 2 (21-15 was my overall record in the 4 leagues). I am looking forward to the next split and know that I will do better because of the things I learned from this split. What is something you learned from this split that you would like to share with the community?


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