Fantasy LCS Jungle Rankings 2015 Summer Split

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Fantasy League of Legends
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One rankings post down (top lane rankings), now on to the Jungle Rankings. Again they will be in numerical order of how I think they will finish in points scored. Then after that they will be separated into tier lists.

1. FNC Reignover

2. H2k Loulex

3. TSM Santorin

4. TiP Rush

5. UoL Kikis

6. Liquid IWillDominate

7. C9 Meteos

8. GMB Diamond

9. SK Svenskeren

10. Origen Amazing

11. CW Airwaks

12. CLG Xmithie

13. Roccat Jankos

14. Elements Dexter

15. Gravity Move

16. T8 PorpoisePops

17. NME Trashy

18. Giants Fr3derick

19. TDK Kez

20. Dig Azingy


1-4 These 4 could very easily finish number 1 and I’m probably going to all-in on FNC, but I don’t see why they should fall after performing so well the last split, and at MSI.

5-7 These 3 could and maybe should be in that first tier, but they had to many off weeks last split. All three are great junglers, and impact the games in meaningful ways, but that doesn’t always translate into fantasy points.

8-12 This is the group I was most unsure about, I went back and forth on where to place them. Overall I think they will all have good runs, but I don’t think their teams, or their individual play can get them enough fantasy points on a per week basis to make them must own.

13-16 This group is the wildcards. They are either on new teams, or their rosters changed in a significant way. Those type of moves can either greatly improve a junglers performance or make them even worse. So until they show they can consistently put up points keep them on their watch list.

17-20 These 4 will be the bottom feeders for at least the first few weeks. I only watched a few of the CS games so I don’t know a ton about NME or TDK, but I think they will struggle early on in the LCS.


Hope you enjoyed the Jungle Rankings, stay tuned for my Mid Lane Rankings that will go up later tonight. Have a good day and don’t forget to subscribe, follow on facebook, or follow on twitter.



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