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This week’s post will be a little shorter. I am out of town so just wanted to do a quick post to keep you all informed on what I’m thinking. There will be a one sentence for each person I pick rather than a whole paragraph. Here are the results from last week (started strong, but finished bad) followed by my week 7 picks.


All-in Projected Actual W or L
Odoamne 35 35.24 W
Amazing 34 27.2 L
Fox 37 44.36 W
Forg1ven 30 49.7 W
Smoothie 21 25.37 W
SK 18 37 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Steve 33 35.21 L
Shook 26 14.21 W
PowerofEvil 30 38.69 L
Piglet 42 62.92 L
Xpecial 37 42.92 L
Gambit 31 35 L
This Week W-L 6W-6L Total W-L 32W-26L-1T


All-in (players that will score more than their projections)

Top- Vizicsacsi (proj: 30pts) Go all in on UoL this week since they are facing CW and Elements. Viz has looked better later than he was early expect a big week.

Jung- Helios (proj: 24) Faces TiP and C9, it seems like Dig will go 1-1, but they won’t get shutout in their loss. So their players should score in the high 20’s to mid 30’s.

Mid-PowerofEvil (proj: 37pts) He scored 38 points last week with a much harder schedule. Expect him to get in the 40’s.

ADC- Candypanda (proj: 42pts) The last 3 weeks he has scored 39, 57, 58, expect the high number of points to continue since SK plays Gambit and CW.

Supp- Kasing (proj: 24pts) Even if H2K loses their game against FNC, they should win against Roccat, that will mean Kasing should have plenty of points when the week is done.

Team- Unicorns of Love (proj: 24) Expect a 2-0 week from the Unicorns as they get into playoff form. As a result they will get in the low 30’s for their point total.


Fold (players that will score less than their projections)

Top- Dyrus (proj: 35pts) TSM has struggled, roster is still in the air, all of that will continue to result in less than great play from the team. Dyrus will score 32 points this week.

Jung- Amazing (proj: 34pts) Hasn’t looked as good the last two weeks, and Origen has been underperforming as a team.

Mid- Febivin (proj: 42pts) Normally it is dumb to pick against FNC, but they play Origen and H2K and Feb has played slightly worse the last two weeks. Expect just under his projection.

ADC- Freeze (proj: 36pts) CW is struggling since week 1. Don’t expect that to change and don’t expect Freeze to be able to get going in either game.

Supp- BunnyFuFu (proj: 45pts) Bunny has played great this split, but he has only broken 45 points once this split, Gravity will go 2-0 this week but both games could be over quick.

Team- CLG (proj: 34pts) CLG should win both games, but they continually prove that they don’t know how to win games later in the year.


Who are your week 7 All-in or Fold candidates? Let me know in the comments below.