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Hello everyone and welcome back to another picks post. So far since I started the picks (week 5) I’m a pretty decent 20-10. Hopefully I can have another week where I go a few games over .500. Here are this weeks picks.


Saturday March 9th

Matchup                                               Winner

Golden Guardians vs CLG                  Golden Guardians

C9 vs TL                                          C9

TSM vs 100T                                   TSM

Clutch vs FlyQuest                           FlyQuest

Echo Fox vs Optic                            Optic

Sunday March 10th

Matchup                                             Winner

TL vs Golden Guardians                   TL

FlyQuest vs Echo Fox                       FlyQuest

Optic vs TSM                                  TSM

100T vs C9                                     C9

CLG vs Clutch                                 CLG


Most of the games I think will be pretty one sided the games that I think will be truly close are Golden vs CLG, C9 vs TL, and the Optic vs TSM games. I think Optic matches up really well against TSM in terms of early aggressive junglers who like to play around bot and top, and a mid who can at least stand up to Bjerg for an extended time. Should be some fun games and since 7 teams are within one game of each other a 2-0 week will be huge for those teams.