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Hello everyone,


Summer Split is upon us, and since the season is just about to start I wanted to get my preseason rankings out there. I’m planning on posting a video to my youtube channel that gives a little more depth to my selections so if you are interested check out my channel! No to the preseason rankings!


10.   CLG

9.   Echo Fox

8.   Clutch Gaming

7.   Optic

6.   100T

5.   FlyQuest

4.   Golden Guardians

3.   Team Liquid

2.   TSM

1.   C9


I think the regular season is going to be very competitive for the first few weeks so expect a lot of moving around from the teams in the standings. I especially think 6-10 to be really exciting this split. No team got worse in the off-season which should make for a competitive Summer Split! Let me know in the comments who you think is going to win summer and who you think will finish last. Have a great day.