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Here are the 1B rankings for the 2012 season.

1. Albert Pujols (LAA-1B)– Albert has left my redbirds, which is very sad, but from a fantasy standpoint I actually think he will be a little better in Anaheim. From a ballpark standpoint Angel stadium saw better offensive production than Busch, with a worse lineup in place. So with Pujols ability to drive to the gaps he will probably see more 2B than he normally does, which is usually a lot! I think now that the contract stuff is over, and lots of games in Arlington, I expect him to have a great season. I probably have to much of a crush on Pujols to take him out of this spot for a least 2 more years…hey just being honest!

2012 projection: .324 avg, 123 r, 44 hr, 124 rbi, 7 sb

2. Miguel Cabrera (Det-1B, 3B)– Miguel has been 1.b for the last several seasons to Pujols but after his 2nd straight better season than Pujols (statistically) he has finally taken over the #1 spot in most peoples eyes, but not mine. He will have 3B eligibility too, which helps his fantasy value, but could potentially hurt his game. He has lost about 35-40 pounds already this offseason and from a picture I saw of him he looks like he did when he first came in the league…which he played some 3B then too. Oh and Prince hitting behind Miggy should only help him.

2012 projection: .338 avg, 111 r, 34 hr, 118 rbi, 3 sb

3. Adrian Gonzalez (Bos-1B)– Gonzalez saw his power numbers decline some last season, but he also saw a career high in batting average. I fully expect his average to dip some, but his power numbers to shot up as a result. Gonzalez is just a solid hitter from top to bottom and playing 80 games in Fenway again isn’t going to hurt any of his stats. The next 2 guys could have been at this spot, but I like Gonzalez line just a little better than Prince and Votto.

2012 projection: .328 avg, 107 r, 35 hr,  122 rbi, 1 sb

4. Prince Fielder (Det-1B)– Prince surprised everyone when he signed with the Tigers this offseason, but when you look at what that lineup could look like it is scary good from top to bottom. Prince will be batting most likely behind Miguel (arguably best hitter in baseball) and then probably in front of Avila (rising star at C) or Boesch (player with a lot of pop in his bat). That is a lot of potential damage to other teams. Plus the AL central in my opinion has worse top to bottom pitching staffs than the NL Central (not by much but it is worse).

2012 projection: .291 avg, 101 r, 43 hr, 131 rbi, 3 sb

5. Joey Votto (Cin-1B)– Votto is another stud option at 1B, but I  just don’t like him as much as some others. He isn’t in as good of a lineup as the 4 guys above him, and the trade talks/contract stuff around him this year could become a slight distraction. Don’t get me wrong he will still have a great year, but I just see him a step below the 4 above him.

2012 projection: .312 avg, 96 r, 31 hr, 108 rbi, 9 sb

6.Mark Teixiera (NYY-1B)-Tex had his worst pro season last year, and it has been 3 straight seasons of decline. So I debated dropping him even further (around 8). But with the short porch in RF, a loaded Yankees lineup, and hopefully a healthy season will help Tex return to a great 1B instead of just an average one. He is on the wrong side of 30 so I won’t be surprised if the last two years are the norm instead of the exception. Draft Tex at your own risk.

2012 projection: .278 avg, 98 r, 39 hr, 114 rbi, 5 sb

7. Mike Napoli (Tex-C, 1B)– Read my catcher rankings if you want all the details on the “Nap Dog.”

2012 projection: .301 avg, 71 r, 32 hr, 78 rbi, 5 sb

8. Eric Hosmer (KC-1B)– Hosmer is the young star that KC thought they had in Alex Gordon, and lucky for the Royals that both played great last season. Hosmer has above average power, a great eye at the plate, and will finally get a full season in the majors. If you were to simply extrapolate his stats from the 128 games last season he will finish with a great line, but I expect there to be a little improvement across the board.

2012 projection: .304 avg, 86 r, 25 hr, 98 rbi, 12 sb

9. Michael Morse (Was-1B)-Morse finally got his shot to be a full time player and he didn’t look back. He hit over .300 and had 30 hr, he was definitly one of the major surprises from last season. He still should be right in the thick of a sneaky good Nationals team. They will have some good players in their lineup with a potential spark in Bryce Harper. Not only do I expect Morse to have another solid year, I’m going to project a competitive Nationals team in the heavy NL East.

2012 projection: .296 avg, 79 r, 33 hr, 98 rbi, 1 sb

10. Lance Berkman (STL-1B, OF)– Lance was the best hitter in the Cardinals lineup for the first three months of last season, but after the all-star break he cooled off tremendously. Lucky for the Cardinals he seemed to have just enough in the tank to have a solid playoff line. I don’t expect the same power outburst that Berkman had last season, but I do expect another really good line for the “Big Puma.”

2012 projection: .295 avg, 89 r, 25 hr, 97 rbi, 4 sb

Sleeper: Ike Davis (NYM-1B)– Ike was off to a great start last year, and then got injured and never got back on track. I really like what he could bring to the table this year. You can get him really cheap as your backup 1B or in deeper leagues you could take him as your number 1 and since he has always played well when he is healthy (minors and short stint in the pros so far). He won’t disappoint you.

2012 projection: .303 avg, 80 r, 23 hr, 85 rbi, 5 sb

Bust: Paul Konerko (ChW-1B)– Paul Konerko has been ole’ reliable for the White Sox. He is not letting “father time” catch up with him at all. (he’s probably on the juice! JK I don’t really think he is) Paul will probably still drive in a lot of runs and hit a fair share of HR, but I can see him starting his steady decline this season just like Jim Thome did in 09. I don’t wish him to fail, but my head and heart says at age 36 the decline is going to happen sooner rather than later.

2012 projection: .275 avg, 76 r, 27 hr, 92 rbi, 1 sb

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Albert Pujols 2 2 2
Miguel Cabrera 1 1 1
Adrian Gonzalez 4 4 4
Prince Fielder 5 5 6
Joey Votto 3 3 3
Mark Teixiera 6 6 7
Mike Napoli 9 14 8
Eric Hosmer 8 11 14
Michael Morse 12 12 12
Lance Berkman 11 16 10
Sleeper: Ike Davis 24 18 17
Bust: Paul Konerko 7 8 11

There won’t be any posts going up until Monday, so check in then for the 2B rankings by my good friend. If you have any questions about fantasy baseball leave a comment, or if you have any of your own 1B projections let us know what you think. Like always don’t forget to follow the blog, or like “H2H Hombre” on facebook. Good luck to you all this fantasy season.

Here is my personal take on 1B this year. 1B is a really deep position so you would be able to get top players in other positions and still get a good value 1B. So don’t be afraid to pass up on the first 5 or 6 names on the list. Or take 2  and have a top 1B and a solid utility, 1B/3B player. Depending on your league settings.

1) Albert Pujols (StL-1B)-Let’s look at his worst numbers in his career. avg .312, r 99, hr 32, rbi 103, and sb 1. Now his best in each category is, avg .359, r 137, hr 49, rbi 137, sb 16. You can expect his numbers to fall anywhere in between those two lines I showed, oh and he has played 143 or more games every year. He is the extreme model of consistency and his weakest category sb is a strength in comparison to other 1B. No brainer here, best 1B in the real world and in the fantasy world. Also, he wants to prove he is worth the 300 million he may look for at season’s end!

2011 prediction: .328 avg, 114 r, 41 hr, 126 rbi, sb 11.

2) Miguel Cabrera (Det-1B)-Miguel is also a stud and has shown consistency in his stats he puts up every year. His avg line for his career is .313 avg, 101 r, 34 hr, 120 rbi, 4 sb. So he puts up big numbers in every category except sb, but as I said earlier no 1B is going to wow you with his steal numbers. All Miguel has to do is continue to do what he has done the last 6 years and he will be a huge help to your team. He also has played 150+ games every year.

2011 prediction: .319 avg, 102 r, 35 hr, 117 rbi, 3 sb

3) Adrian Gonzalez (Bos-1B)-It was a toss up between him and Votto, but I went with Adrian because of new stadium (more hitter friendly then Petco) and better supporting cast than in previous years. He has produced some great seasons with the Padres so I am expecting HUGE numbers from him with the Red Sox. Possibly pushing to finish ahead of Miguel by season’s end. Plus Adrian has only missed 11 games since being a starter in 2006.

2011 prediction: .303 avg, 98 r, 36 hr, 121 rbi, 1 sb

4) Joey Votto (Cin-1B)-Votto exploded last year reaching his potential that most hoped he would find. He was in the hunt for the triple crown last year, and statistically had just as good of a season as Pujols, maybe even a little better. I think he will have another good year, but I see a slight dip in his numbers. It could be because I’m a Cardinal fan and need him to play worse so the Reds do worse, or because usually after a big year the player always comes down slightly the next.

2011 prediction: .321 avg, 97 r, 31 hr, 101 rbi, 8 sb

5) Prince Fielder (Mil-1B)-He is in a contract year and has showed signs of being great. Prince had a big year two years ago, down year last year. So the odds say he will have another good year plus he is in a contract year. He had 50 bombs his third season so he has the potential to drop a couple of homers. His avg has never been over .300. So don’t expect that, but did I mention that he is in a contract year and has reason to put it all together this year.

2011 prediction: .292 avg, 98 r, 44 hr, 109 rbi, 2 sb

6) Mark Teixeira (NYY-1B)-The next three guys could probably be intertwined with one another but I put Tex here because I think he is do for a big season. He is on the back end of usual hitter’s primes (age 30 will be 31 as the season starts) He is a slow starter so be prepared to have him doing pretty much nothing for you in April and most of May, but despite those awful starts he always has he puts up great numbers.

2011 prediction: 284 avg, 99 r, 35 hr, 113 rbi, 0 sb

7) Kevin Youkilis (Bos-1B)-Some hate him some love him, but he puts up numbers. Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford in the lineup can only help him more, and Pedoria and Ellsbury should be healthier this year than last. The only thing holding Youk from a good fantasy season is injuries. Hasn’t ever played more than 147 games in a season.

2011 prediction: .303 avg, 88 r, 25 hr, 97 rbi, 6 sb

8) Ryan Howard (Phi-1B)-I can’t stand Howard and have never owned him in any of the teams I have ever owned. Despite that he gets huge HR numbers and drives in lots of runs. He usually has big Septembers so that is a plus with him. Good for playoff baseball in your fantasy league. His avg. can be a hindrince to your team so just make up for it in other positions or throw it and get a lot of other low avg big hr, rbi guys(Dan Uggla, Mrak Reynolds, and Chris Young).

2011 prediction: .274 avg, 98 r, 42 hr, 128 rbi, 1 sb

9) Justin Morneau (Min-1B)-I ranked Morneau higher than ESPN and yahoo because usually he finishes in the top 7 of 1B at seasons end. If the concussion stuff he struggled with last year is finally resolved I expect Morneau to be better then 9 at 1B, but there is never a gurantee when talking about concussions. You can expect huge numbers in the first half of the season from Justin but he has always cooled off some after July. Hope he is healthy again because he is a fun guy to root for.

2011 prediction: .289 avg, 90 r, 30 hr, 108 rbi, 0 sb

10) Adam Dunn (ChW-1B)-Dunn is an interesting one he is a lot like Howard in the fact that he will get you big power numbers but could possibly kill your avg. He is in a new city with a better lineup than he has had in a while so who knows where Dunn could end up. He did have 6 straight 40 HR years with the reds and 38 the last two years with the Nats.

2011 prediction: .254 avg, 94 r, 41 hr, 106 rbi, 0 sb

11) Buster Posey (SF-C, 1B)-Buster stormed the league last year with a great 100 games in his rookie year. Sophomore slump is always a possibility, but he has good plate discipline so his numbers should continue to be what they are. Dual position avaliability makes him more useful in any fantasy format. So his true value is his C rather than his 1B.

2011 prediction: .301 avg, 83 r, 24 hr, 91 rbi, 2 sb

12) Kendry Morales (LAA-1B)-Morales was robbed last year with a freak leg break. He is one of those quiet fantasy producers and will probably do better then all of the “experts” including myself have him ranked, but he may not be the same after that leg injury. He was on pace to be top 5 at 1B last season when he went out. So that is the potential you get with Morales.

2011 prediction: .291 avg, 82 r, 29 hr, 93 rbi, 0 sb

My Rankings ESPN Rankings Yahoo! Rankings CBS sports

Albert Pujols


1 1

Miguel Cabrera

2 2


Adrian Gonzalez

4 4


Joey Votto

3 3


Prince Fielder

7 6


Mark Teixeira

6 7 4

Kevin Youkilis

5 8


Ryan Howard




Justin Morneau

11 14 10

Adam Dunn

9 9


Buster Posey 10 10


Kendry Morales 12 12


If you have any questions or disagreements regarding my rankings leave a comment. Also, leave your own predictions for a 1B the year. 2B are coming tomorrow.