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Mid laners are the other high scoring position. You can choose to grab two mid laners early, grab one and fill out your roster, or you can play the top value at other roles and then pick two mid tier mid laners. All are viable in their own way, so choose what fits you best or what the people in your draft are doing.


  1. Bjergsen (TSM)
  2. Febiven (FNC)
  3. PowerofEvil (OG)
  4. Froggen (Fox)
  5. Jensen (C9)
  6. Ryu (H2K)
  7. Alex Ich (Ren)
  8. Fenix (TL)
  9. Nukeduck (Vit)
  10. GBM (NRG)
  11. Pobelter (IMT)
  12. Fox (UoL)
  13. Xpepii (Gia)
  14. Huhi (CLG)
  15. Betsy (Roc)
  16. Shiptur (Dig)
  17. Sencux (SPL)
  18. Perkz (G2)
  19. Eika (Ele)
  20. Pirean (TiP)

1-3 The top dogs, PowerofEvil is the most likely to drop out of this tier simply because Origen will probably play around Soaz and Zven more but I see OG having some huge scoring games from all of their players which is why he cracked the top 3. Bjerg is the best midlaner in the LCS proven by his 1v1 tourney win, and Febiven is still underrated by many even though he consistently would beat his lane opponent.

4-9 Proven LCS players that have the ability to be a top 3 player, but most likely won’t put up huge numbers every single game. They are all great guys to have and if you can manage to get 2 from this group you would be sitting pretty.

10-15 This is the wildcard group. I could see any one of these guys ending up in the top 5 at seasons end and wouldn’t blink an eye, but I think with the teams they are on they most likely will have some inconsistencies that the others ranked ahead of them won’t have.

16-20 The final 5 are guys who should be on the free agent market most of the year. They have tough competition or lots of new teammates which will most likely lead to slow starts.

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