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We are now over half way through the Spring Split of the LCS. The first half had some great games, big upsets, and some teams we thought would be at the top that have struggled some (Roccat, Elements, C9, Liquid). There have also been a few teams that had big question marks around their teams that have exceeded expectations so far (Winterfox, CW, FNC, Gravity). The next 4 weeks should have lots of great games, and the playoff push will be fun to watch for teams trying to miss relegation tournaments for the summer split. I think with this added pressure some of the teams will play “tighter” than usual, so we could see some lower scoring games the next few weeks. We also could see some of the teams at the bottom play with no pressure and score huge points. So pay attention to some of those lower team guys and keep them on your watch list. Enough of all my talking (or typing whatever you want to call it), here are my week 5 results followed by my week 6 picks.


All-in Projected Actual W or L
ZionSpartan 31 34.91 W
Fenix 28 27.73 L
Nrated 25 25.62 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Dyrus 33 16.41 W
XiaoWeiXiao 38 28.62 W
Liquid 27 40 L
This Week W-L 4W-2L Total W-L 28W-24L


All-In (players that I think will exceed their projections)

Top – CaliTrlolz8 (Projected: 22pts) Cali has struggled and put up great points in the first 5 weeks. Team 8 plays Dig and Impulse so I expect both games to be competitive and could potentially be blood baths. I expect Cali to easily suppress his projection this week. So all-in for me.

Jungle- Saintvicious (Projected: 28pts) Saint hasn’t had a “big” week yet, and I don’t think he will have one this week. However I do think he will be able to create some opportunities for his team this week playing against Liquid and Coast. My guess is around the 34-36 point range for Saint.

Mid – Fox (Projected: 33pts) SK had its first bad week last week, and I don’t think that it will be a trend. I fully expect them to bounce back this week and all of their players will score good points this week. Fox has done well all year, and playing against (UoL and Elements) tough competition I don’t think that will stop him from being able to score some points.

ADC – CoreJJ (Projected: 36pts) Dig has been playing much better since Crumbzz stepped down. They are playing more aggressive and you can tell they are enjoying playing together. They still have communication issues and they aren’t really all that good from top to bottom. However, I think they have quite a few options that can score points this week, and as a result I’m all-in on CoreJJ.

Support – Edward (Projected: 26pts) Gambit plays Roccat and CW this week, and they way Gambit has been playing the last 2 weeks, I don’t see them slowing down much. Edward has been back to his old ways of creating options and making plays for his team, and because of that I foresee another 30+ week from him.

Team – H2K (Projected: 31pts) H2K is on a roll, and even when they don’t win they score points. It seems like they know who they are and are trusting each other in the game. With match-ups against Roccat and Giants this week. I can easily see a 2-0 week for them and with 2 wins means likely that they break the 30 point mark.


Fold (players that I think will score less than their projections)

Top – Quas (Projected: 31pts) Quas has been a consistent scorer if you remove the week 2 result, scoring about 32 points a week. I think this week will be one of those weeks that he goes below the 30 mark threshold. He faces Hauntzer(gravity) and Zion(CLG) this week so with two tough opponents I think one of those games will force Quas to make a mistake or get starved of resources and limit his ability to help carry Liquid. I’m going to fold Quas this week.

Jungle- IWillDominate (Projected: 32pts) I love the way Dominate plays, but I think this week he will struggle a little. He is aggressive and sometimes reckless and when facing teams that are willing to counter that aggression with map pressure or with traps he will struggle. So because of the match-ups this week I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him being my option at Jungle.

Mid – NukeDuck (Projected: 29pts) I think NukeDuck has been over-hyped and over talked about when Roccat plays. He always seems to be behind, and always tries to pick assassin champs that limit his ability in team fights. All in all I don’t think NukeDuck is worth owning unless Roccat really figures it out, but I don’t foresee that happening this week against Gambit and H2K. I don’t own him in any of my leagues and if I did I would drop him for someone else.

ADC – Altec (Projected: 33pts) Last time I put Altec here he put up 60+ points, but I think with games against C9 and CLG that won’t happen. Winterfox has played better than most expected so far, but CLG and C9 have also played well and are arguably the best team in NA. I think this is the week Winterfox struggles.

Support – Hylissang (Projected: 27pts) Unicorns play Sk and MYM so one game will probably be close (SK) and the other will probably be an easy win for UoL (MYM). Hylissang is a great team fighting support, but outside of his one 40+ week he averages right around 27 points. I think this week he won’t quite get there. I would fold Hylissang if he is your support.

Team – Gravity (Projected: 26pts) Gravity has only put up two weeks of 26 points are more this season. Because of that stat I can’t see them breaking that threshold this week. They are 5-5 which means they will probably go 1-1 again since they are playing Liquid and Coast (the Liquid game is the one I think they will lose). This is a gamble because it could very easily be a 2-0 week for them, but I’m trusting my guy here and folding on Gravity.


Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 6 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!


I had a great week 2 on my calls, and then I had a terrible week 3. Luckily my first two weeks still have me above .500 on the year. I’m going all-in on more EU players since the first 3 weeks have shown more points are scored there, and folding more NA players since the top teams just methodically win games, and don’t have hyper aggression. Here were last week’s results followed by this week’s picks.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Cris 29 6.53 L
Santorin 34 37.81 W
Ryu 34 29.04 L
Altec 34 18.14 L
Aphromoo 29 41.58 W
TSM 29 38 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Wickd 29 47.9 L
Airwaks 29 63.09 L
XiaoWeiXiao 31 46.97 L
Cop 37 25.6 W
Edward 27 49.53 L
SK 35 39 L
This Week W-L 4W-8L Total W-L 19W-15L


Top – Wickd (Projection:31) Wickd has under performed most of this season. He finally scored some points for his fantasy owners last week, and because of their easy schedule this week. I think Elements will go 2-0 and will win both games methodically and under control. That will result in high scores for the Elements players. So I think all 6 are a start this week for Elements.

Jungle – Rush (Projection:31) Impulse looked like they were starting to build some momentum and then got destroyed by TSM. But some of their controlled aggression looks like it is starting to work, and I think with their weaker schedule this week (Winterfox and Coast). We could see a few of their players put up some big numbers. I’m all-in on Rush this week.

Mid – Nukeduck (Projection:34) Roccat has played better each week, and they face two winnable games this week. My guess is they go 1-1 but being in EU the games will probably be long and bloody. As a result I think NukeDuck will have a big week. Go all-in on NukeDuck.

ADC – Piglet (Projection:34) Team Liquid is still trying to figure out how to play as five with Piglet, but I think this week Piglet will be able to make some plays. I hope they don’t try to be so single minded that they only try to get him fed. If the team tries to play for more of a balanced approach I think Piglet will shine more. I do think he will have a big week so go all-in if you can on Piglet.

Support – Hylissang (Projection:25) Hylissang has been mediocre during the early game in my opinion but whenever mid game and late game team fights start he seems to be all over the place. I’ve been really impressed with his aggression and ability to create picks for his carries. Since his projection is so low this week he is a perfect sleeper all-in guy at support.

Team – Gambit (Projection:23) Gambit got their first win last week and I think they are going to follow that with their 2nd win against Giants. I think they will lose against Elements pretty easily but I think with their win and a few points in game 2 they will beat their 23 points.


Top – Hauntzer(Projection:28) I don’t like Gravity’s match-ups this week especially after how they played last week. I could see them going 1-1, but the teams they are playing TSM and Liquid don’t typically score lots of points. So I think they will be low kill games, and mainly objectives being taken as a result I don’t forsee great scores from Hauntzer or NA teams this week.

Jungle – Santorin (Projection:34) TSM has looked great all year, and I think they could go 2-0 again this week, but I just don’t see lots of points from NA players this week at least from the top 5 teams (TSM, CLG, C9, Gravity, and Liquid). Santorin will be a decent option but if you have another top jungler go for him.

Mid – Jeziz (Projection:31) Jeziz had his first bad week last week, and I think his match-ups this week will equal another one. The second game could be a kill fest against Impulse, so Jeziz could get really close to his 31, but I don’t see him scoring more than 6 points game one against CLG.

ADC – Altec (Projection:31) I’m super low on Winterfox bot lane this week, mainly because they have under performed this season. They have two tough match-ups against Impulse and C9, if Altec breaks his projection it will be because the Impulse game is a long drawn out blood bath. But really I wouldn’t risk playing the Winterfox bot lane.

Support – Gleeb (Projection:23) See Altec’s description.

Team – Team Liquid (Projection:28) I think Liquid will continue to be a better team as the split goes on, but I don’t know if they are there yet. Usually to get to the high 20’s you have to go 2-0 and I don’t see them winning both games (Team 8 and Gravity). In other words look for another team with some more favorable match-ups to guarantee high points.

Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 4 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!

Week 3 is just a few days away, and if you are like me you have been trying to figure out who is going to be the surprise this week, and which of the bigger names are going to have an off week. After looking over match ups, points scored each game, and trying to see what teams allow points to which positions I think I have some pretty good All-in candidates  and Fold candidates for you. I had a great week 2 so I’m confident going into this week. Here were my week 2 results.

All-In Projected Actual W or L
Huni 31 51.48 W
Impaler 29 25.7 L
Soren 35 25.24 L
Steeelback 40 53.39 W
Lustboy 24 38.91 W
Gravity 28 39 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Quas 34 6.92 W
Diamond 26 25.38 W
Shiphtur 35 13.07 W
Woolite 31 40.12 L
Nisbeth 27 19.61 W
Impulse 31 17 W
This Week W-L 9W-3L Total W-L 15W-7L

ALL-IN (Players that will exceed their projected points)

TOP- Cris (Projected: 29pts) Even though Coast hasn’t won many games, they have been in every single game. Cris has been the 2nd highest top laner, even though Coast plays C9 and Liquid (I expect Coast to go 0-2 this week). I think they will make both games close, and Cris will have a high kill participation, which always results in fantasy points. I’m thinking around the 35-36 mark for him.

JUNG- Santorin (Projected: 34pts) TSM has a super easy schedule this week, and usually when teams go 2-0 all of their players have scored well. Santorin seems to know exactly what his role is on TSM, which is play smart and create opportunities for Turtle and Bjerg to make the plays. Because of this and his 3rd lowest 8 deaths from Jungle made him very appealing. Go all-in on Santorin week 3.

MID- Ryu (Projected: 34pts) Ryu has secretly been one of the most consistent Mid laners. He is probably available in a lot of leagues too. He is averaging 16.4 pts a game, but he has 8 deaths on the season which is 6th fewest of mid laners. I think he has decent match ups with SK and Gambit this week. NiQ has the most deaths of all mid laners which will mean a few points in game 2 for Ryu. He may only get 8-10 points in the game against SK, but he will make up for it in game 2.

ADC- Altec (Projected: 34pts) Altec is off to a slow start, but he is still a very skilled AD and I think this is a week you can plug him in and expect big points. He plays CLG and Team 8 this week, which aren’t great match ups. However, Team 8 has allowed teams to score a lot of fantasy points against them. I also, think both games could be on the longer side which usually means more points scored.

SUP- Aphromoo (Projected: 29pts) Going into the year I was high on Aphro and Lustboy, both are worthy candidates for All-in, but I’m going to go with Aphro here for more variety in my picks. He has always been a playmaker for CLG, and it seems like he is in a zone in the early going. I think both games against Winterfox and Gravity will be close and could see 45+ minute games. If that happens lots of points will be scored by all players in those games.

TEAM- TSM (Projected: 29pts) Playing Impulse and Dignitas in week 3 should be a 2-0 week for TSM. They play safe and don’t give up objectives easily. Because of that I think they will break 30 pts rather easily this week. If you can grab them off the waivers do your team a favor and grab them.

FOLD (Players that will not meet their projected points)

TOP- Wickd (Projected: 29pts) Wickd has been really unimpressive so far. He has been the worst of all the players on Elements, and even in their big scoring week he only managed 32 pts. He faces a weak MYM and then SK in game 2. I think he will score some good points in the first match, but may be the leader in deaths in game 2. I would look for other options if you can if Wickd is your guy this week.

JUNG- Airwaks (Projected: 29pts) The wolves have struggled and I think they will again this week. UoL have been really aggressive and I think that will make Airwaks struggle in that game, and I think Gambit won’t allow him to make a ton of plays on the map. I’m seeing closer to the 24 point mark for him. In other words fold if he is your starter this week.

MID-XiaoWeiXiao (Projected: 31pts) Impulse has 2 wins on the year, but they have been underwhelming in my opinion. XWX is a great mid laner, but he hasn’t quite hit his stride yet. I think with his match ups against Gravity and TSM, I don’t see him getting to the 30 pts mark. So him and most of Impulse is Fold for me this week.

ADC- Cop (Projected:37pts) Cop is the prime example of consistency over feast or famine. He makes himself useful in team fights, and because of that puts up fantasy points. I think this week he will score a little less than what his projections say. Since he is facing the wildcard impulse and a quality CLG. I’m going to say fold on Cop this week if you have better options.

SUP- Edward (Projected: 27pts) I really believe Gambit is close to breaking through, they have been in their gaming house for 2 weeks now and I think that will help their overall follow through on their shot-calling. They have a winnable schedule this week, but I think they are still 1 week away from starting to fully click. Because of that I’m saying fold on their bot lane.

TEAM- SK (Projected: 35pts) SK has been dominant so far early on the year, and I think they could very easily go 2-0 again this week, but I have a feeling they are going to lose their game to Elements. It is hard for teams to score more than 30 unless they win both games, so I think SK falls short of their high projection. (Sometimes you have to be bold in your predictions right?)

Points may change in the next 24 hours. I am going to be driving home, Tuesday, Feb 3rd, so I will update the points when I can

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Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 2 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!