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Here they are everyone the 3B rankings, from the H2H Amigo!

1. Jose Bautista (Tor-3B, OF) I was hesitant to draft Bautista in the 3rd round last year, and quick to trade him early in the season.  The mistakes we make… This year I expect some regression for Bautista, especially average-wise.  Bautista is a career .254 hitter, and I find it hard that he’ll be able to put together back-to-back .300 seasons.  Otherwise, Bautista is a pretty safe bet for some monster numbers from the hot corner.  And get him now… he probably won’t be 3rd base eligible next year.

2012 projection: .281 avg – 99 runs, 41 HR, 108 rbi, 8 sb

2. Evan Longoria (TB-3B) My instinct with Longoria was that “Man, he had a terrible year last year.”  His line for 2011 looked like this:  .244 avg – 78 runs, 31 HR, 99 RBI and 3 SB in 133 games.  Not great. But certainly not terrible.  If his .244 average was removed from his career numbers (this will only be his 5th year in the League) he is a career .282 hitter.  If he can hit his average, he’s got a chance to be the number one fantasy 3b this year.

2012 projection: .285 avg – 91 runs, 38 HR, 103 rbi, 10 sb

3. Adrian Beltre (Tex-3B) When you look at last year’s numbers for Beltre, two things stick out:  1)  He only played 124 games.  2)  His numbers at 124 games (approximately 75% of 162) were still 100% draftable.  If anyone had told you last year that your 3b was going to hit .296 with 82 runs, 32 HR and 105 RBI, I don’t think you would have complained.  It’s a risky pick, but one that could pay dividends.

2012 projection: .288 avg – 88 runs, 35 HR, 110 rbi, 1 sb

4. Ryan Zimmerman (Was-3B) Zimmerman, who played only 101 games last year, presents another higher risk/higher reward opportunity.  Despite struggling through an injury plagued 2011, I think Zimmerman will post extremely solid numbers this season.

2012 projection: .294 avg – 87 runs, 30 HR, 102 rbi, 5 sb

5. Pablo Sandoval (SF-1B, 3B) I have a great idea!  Instead of having an All-Star game to determine home field advantage in the World Series, Sandoval and Prince Fielder will Sumo wrestle…  At least it would get some decent TV ratings.

2012 projection: .317 avg – 76 runs, 25 HR, 84 rbi, 3 sb

6. Brett Lawrie (Tor-3B) An unknown quantity, Lawrie saw only 150 Major League AB’s last year.  He’s got some pop in the bat, and was very successful in the Minor’s.  Now let’s see if it can translate to a full Major Leagues season.  I’m predicting a roller coaster ride that results in some serviceable numbers:

2012 projection: .271 avg – 79 runs, 19 HR, 84 rbi, 21 sb

7. Michael Young (Tex-1B, 2B, 3B) Since 2002, Young has played less than 155 games only one time!  The best way to put numbers on the board in fantasy is to have players that are actually on the field.  His multi-position eligibility also gives him some extra value.  He’s getting older, but I would love to have Young as my starting 3b this year.  Or 2b.  Maybe 1b.

2012 projection: .303 avg – 76 runs, 20 HR, 81 rbi, 5 sb

8. Aramis Ramirez (Mil-3B) He’ll probably replace Fielder in the lineup for the Brewer’s, so I guess the Brew-crew is worse this year.  Regardless, Ramiriez has been a pillar of consistency in the fantasy 3b world.  I think he’s a bit under-valued and wouldn’t hesitate to grab him in the early-mid rounds.

2012 projection: .270 avg – 80 runs, 25 HR, 84 rbi, 5 sb

9. Alex Rodriguez (NYY-3B) He’s getting old, folks.  At the ripe age of 36 (he’s no Jamie Moyer) A-Rod is halfway down the sled-hill called “retirement”.  Now, his projected line below won’t reflect it, but I have a slight inkling that  A-Rod might be one of those “steal-of-the-draft” if he comes even close to returning to form.   Again, that inkling is slight

2012 projection: .290 avg – 75 runs, 15 HR, 66 rbi, 15 sb

10. David Wright (NYM-3B) Listen, I’m rooting for David Wright.  I’ve always loved his well-rounded game.  But when I hear “back injury” I hear “STAY AWAY FROM ME IN FANTASY DRAFTS!”  If Wright stays healthy this year, he could be deserving of his high rankings on other popular fantasy sites.  Unfortunately, I am thinking that Wright owner’s will be lucky to get 120 games out of him.   I guess if he was Adrian Beltre, that might  be alright.

2012 projection: .295 – 47 runs, 11 HR, 55 rbi, 2 sb

Sleeper: Ian Stewart (CHC-3B) Ian Stewart, who has as much potential as his bat does before it swings and misses, has a new shot at life this year.  Stewart had a MISERABLE season for the Rockies last year, and consequently was shown the door.  That said, he is the undisputed starting 3b for a team that will need middle of the lineup hitters.  Even if you don’t draft him, keep an eye on him and be ready to scoop him up.

2012 projection: .249 avg – 79 runs, 28 HR,81 rbi, 8 sb

Bust: David Wright (NYM-3B) see line above

2012 projection: see line above

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Jose Bautista 1 1 1
Evan Longoria 2 2 2
Adrian Beltre 3 3 4
Ryan Zimmerman 6 5 5
Pablo Sandoval 5 6 8
Brett Lawrie 7 7 7
Michael Young 8 11 12
Aramis Ramirez 9 8 10
Alex Rodriguez 10 10 9
David Wright 4 4 3
Sleeper: Ian Stewart 31 26 24
Bust: David Wright 4 4 3