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The season is coming to an end. There have been some surprises (Gravity and Giants) and a fair share of disappointments (CW, C9, and TDK) which have all lead to another great year for the LCS. Week 8 was one of my better weeks for my picks and it would have been even better if Adrian would have been around for his 2nd game (I counted his as not available since it was an unforeseen circumstance that lead him to not playing). As of now I’m sitting at 57% right on my picks for the year, so I will need a big 9 win week to get to the 60% mark I was shooting for. Here are the results from last week followed by the picks for the final week of the LCS.


All-in Projected Actual W or L
CaboChard 25 37.71 W
Fr3deric 25 12.92 L
Ryu 36 50.87 W
Apollo 38 59.02 W
Adrian 29 NA NA
Giants 22 10 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Flarez 30 6.98 W
Move 42 22.58 W
Pobelter 41 37.95 W
Otter 35 14.94 W
Hylissang 31 33.8 L
Enemy 28 2 W
This Week W-L 8W-3L Total W-L 47W-34L-1T


All-in (players that will score more than their projections)

Top- Balls (proj: 23pts) Cloud9 has looked better every week since Hai has returned. The last two weeks Balls has scored 47 and 39 points it is safe to say he will score close to that this week facing off against TSM and TDK.

Jung- IWillDominate (proj: 28pts) Dom has scored more than 28 points in every single week this fantasy season so that alone is enough to put him on the All-in list. He also seems to play well when facing tough competition so I like his chances to get near the 40’s this week against Team 8 and Impulse.

Mid- Pepiinero (proj: 35pts) Pepiinero has been a surprise fantasy option this year. He has had some of the best weeks of any midlaners, but he also has his moments where he can’t really get going. Even though the Giants will have another tough week, Pepii will have a new pair of carry pants on to keep his team in both of their games.

ADC- CoreJJ (proj: 31pts) CoreJJ may be one of the more underrated ADCs in the LCS he has performed well 5 of the 8 weeks. 31 points isn’t a hard number for ADCs to get to, and with the way Dig played last week it shows they have a little left in the tank for the final week of the season. Expect CoreJJ to be around 40 points when the week is done.

Supp- Hylissang (proj: 20pts) Hylissang has scored more than 20 points in all but 2 weeks this split and both were in the first half of the season. UoL is still fighting for a playoff spot so you can expect them to play well in both games. This is a no doubter all-in.

Team- TiP (proj: 19pts) Team Impulse’s lowest scoring week this split has been 23 points all the way back in week 2. They have 4 straight 30+ weeks. So even if they play poorly and split 1-1 they will most likely still score in the low to mid 20’s.


Fold (players that will score less than their projections)


Top- Werlyb (proj: 31pts) The Giants have been trying to fight for their playoff spot, but they have looked weaker as the season has progressed. When Werly plays well the Giants are a better team, but his inconsistency hurts them. Werly has only broken 30 points 3 times this split and facing off against UoL and CW it looks as though he will fall short again.

Jung- Move (proj: 38pts) Move has stolen 35 dragons and barons this year (approximately). Even though he seems to be able to out smite anyone he won’t be able to reach his projection again this week. Gravity has Impulse and TDK on the docket so he won’t have the opportunity to score big points since they will lose to Impulse and beat TDK in a timely manner.

Mid- Ninja (proj: 36pts) Ninja is a great player, but this game is a team game, and TDK isn’t working together at all. Ninja will have his moments this week, but don’t expect him to reach his projection.

ADC- Otter (proj: 38pts) NME is riding a tough losing stretch (momentum matters). They have guaranteed that they won’t be auto relegated (no real reason to win). Those factors and their match-ups (TSM and Dig) will result in another bad scoring week for NME players.

Supp- Lustboy (proj: 39pts) Lustboy has only surpassed 39 points once this season (week 3 with 42 points). TSM is really struggling and Lustboy hasn’t looked as confident or as dominant as he did last split. The last 4 weeks he is averaging just 25 points a week. Fold Lustboy for another option.

Team- Giants (proj: 30pts) Giants has been interesting all year they have been more competitive than most thought they would, but they haven’t been a great fantasy play. They have broken 30 points 3 times this season so they should be a safe fold.


Who are your all-in or fold candidates for the final week of the LCS? Leave a comment below.


This is my final NA ranking post of the preseason. In case you missed my support and ADC post click here, or if you missed my mid and jungle post click here. In my previous posts I give a 10-1 rank of each position on how I feel they will do in the upcoming Fantasy LCS season. The rankings are based on the point system that the Riot Fantasy LCS website uses, the play of the pros as of late (mainly solo queue stuff or IEM tournaments), and how the team plays. These aren’t to be your one stop rankings, but rather a piece of information that can help you come draft day.

Here are my NA Top lane rankings

10 – CaliforniaTrlolz Team 8

9 – Gamsu Dignitas

8 – Avalon Team Winterfox

7 – Cris Team Coast

6 – Hauntzer Gravity

5 – Impact Team Impulse

4 – Zionspartan CLG (will miss first week for suspension)

3 – Dyrus TSM

2 – Balls C9

1 – Quas Team Liquid

10-6 This is the lower tier, a lot of them are new to the LCS scene or have very little experience playing on the “big stage.” Top lane doesn’t put up huge fantasy numbers typically, most of last year their role was tanky champions or another ap champ to help balance the team’s damage output.

5-3 This is the 2nd tier, all three of these guys will have some weeks where they put up big numbers, and they will be pretty consistent in other weeks, but their team’s focus typically won’t be for them to get fed so they won’t have huge numbers like the other 2 could. Impact could end up dominating since he was a top player in Korea solo queue, but that doesn’t always mean success with a change in communication

2-1 These are my top tier guys, I put Quas over Balls, because of the team’s playstyles. C9 will probably be the best team this split, but because they have so many weapons they aren’t always the best fantasy guys. Quas did well in his first split in the LCS last year, and I think he will build on that success and finish at the 1 spot for NA top laners.


Here are my NA team rankings

10 – Team 8

9 – Dignitas

8 – Team Coast

7 – Team Winterfox

6 – Team Impulse

5 – Gravity

4 – Team Liquid

3 – TSM

2 – CLG

1 – C9

10-8 This is the lowest tier in terms of the team you can draft. I think they will struggle this year, because of both talent on their teams and the competition ahead of them. You probably don’t want to own any of these three for your fantasy team.

7-5 This is my unknown middle tier. All three of these teams have the players and the potential to finish top 4, but I don’t think they will given the 4 teams ahead of them. The only way 1 or more of these 3 climb into the top 4 is if some bad blood happens in the teams ahead of them.

4-2 All of these teams have the potential to be the 1 spot, but from what I saw from C9 at IEM I doubt they will pull it off. These teams have top tier talent, but they also all have made changes to their roster, which takes time to get on the same page, and follow through on calls made by the shotcallers.

Thanks again for reading, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can know when new posts go up. You can also follow me on twitter @Jason_Toy, or on facebook if you would rather follow the blog on those sites. Let me know who you think will finish top 3 in top lane or top 3 team in NA for this fantasy split?