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Week 2 had lots of surprises both in the games and some of the player switches and roster issues. It looks like those situations will continue into week 3 with more visa issues on some of the EU rosters, and a few more roster changes in NA. The echo fox NRG game getting cancelled cost me 2 players in my week 2 picks, but still ended with a good week. I look to continue my success in my week 3 picks.



All-in (players that will score more than their projection)

Top – Vit CaboChard (30pts) Cabo hasn’t had the best season so far, but I think week 3 is where he finally puts it together. Vitality has another week of working together and they face Giants and H2k which should give Cabo some opportunities to shine.

Jungle – TSM Svenskeren (29pts) I’m high on TSM and CLG this week. So when I see Svens is under 30 points it was a no-brainer all-in for me. TSM has two tough opponents in NRG and C9 but they are the better team from top to bottom than both and have been able to win some games without playing well yet.

Mid – NRG GBM (30pts) We haven’t gotten to see a lot of GBM so far this season, but in his few games he has shown he can make some plays. His opponents are Bjergsen and Fenix both will challenge him in different ways. I do think that 30 points for him is too low. Even if NRG loses both games this week GBM and Impact will have good weeks.

ADC – CLG Stixxay (34pts) So far in the young season Stixxay has looked good then bad then good again. With matchups against Echo Fox and Renegades I expect the CLG bot lane to shine. I would expect a 2-0 week for them, and 40+ points for the young ADC.

Support – CLG Aphromoo (26pts) Aphromoo has always been a guy who can put up big points, but he also can be overly aggressive leading to tough weeks (last week). I do believe his playmaking will result in huge points for him and CLG.

Team – TSM (25pts) TSM is primed for a 2-0 week, even with tough opponents they have started to look a little better in their team play. I think another week of working together and learning to trust each other in team fights we will see a dominant TSM team. I think week 3 is the beginning of that.


Fold (players that will score less than their projection)

Top – Odoamne (35pts) H2K has put more focus on their bot lane and mid lane this year than last. As a result Odoamne hasn’t been the fantasy monster we have come to expect. Even though he will still be a good top laner when the season is over I don’t see him having a big week against Vit and Roccat.

Jungle – FNC Spirit (37pts) Fnatic has a slightly easier schedule this week than their last two (Splyce and G2). I think FNC will go 2-0 but Spirit has two weeks of 30 points and until he shows he can be more than that I won’t go all-in on him this week.

Mid – UoL Fox (42pts) UoL has played really well to start the year, but not being able to have Diamond for the forseeable future hurts what they have been doing so far. As a result I don’t love UoL in week 3.

ADC – Dig Apollo (38pts) Dignitas plays Impulse and C9 in week 3 and they have done their usual surprise everyone to start the split. They could surprise us again and pull out a 2-0 week again, but I think C9 will beat them and who knows what will happen when they play TIP. Overall I see Apollo getting in the mid to low 30’s when the week 3 dust settles.

Support – UoL Hylissang (34pts) Hylissang hasn’t scored 32 points in either of the first 2 weeks. With the team being down a player and facing G2 and Elements (both teams have been playing well) Hylissang won’t be able to get that 34 points.

Team – Liquid (31pts) Liquid still hasn’t figured out their issues, but they have been competitive in all 4 games. Teams almost always have to go 2-0 to surpass 30 points. Liquid faces NRG and Impulse. This could be the week they could be 2-0 but I see them finishing 1-1 and around 25 points.

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There are just two weeks remaining in the summer split of the LCS. Some of you may be in a heated battle for first place in your league, maybe you just couldn’t string together enough wins so you are in the middle of the pack, or you are just trying to get out of last place with the final weeks. Either way the season has been an enjoyable one so far. Here are my results from last week (Had some really close calls on my support picks) and then my picks for week 8.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Viz 30 59.49 W
Helios 24 10.99 L
PowerofEvil 37 71.75 W
CandyPanda 42 20.79 L
Kasing 24 23.53 L
UoL 24 36 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Dyrus 35 20.51 W
Amazing 34 28.19 W
Febevin 42 61.53 L
Freeze 36 10.03 W
BunnyFuFu 45 44.26 W
CLG 34 38 L
This Week W-L 7W-5L Total W-L 39W-31L-1T


All-in (players that will score more than their projections)

Top- Cabochard (proj: 25pts) Cabo has scored more than 25 four times this split, and with match-ups against Origen and UoL (both teams are good) he will do just enough to get over the 25 point mark.

Jung- Fr3deric (proj: 25pts) Fr3deric has been neither a fantasy stud or a fantasy dud. He averages right at 28 points a week, and with match-ups against Roccat and H2K that is probably what he will end up with this week.

Mid- Ryu (proj: 36pts) H2K hasn’t been as dominant as of late, but their match-ups this week (giants and CW) are too good to pass up. Ryu will end up with just above his average of 40 points for week 7.

ADC- Apollo (proj: 38pts) Apollo has been one of the best ADC’s this split, his worst week was over 33 points and his best was 71. Match-ups against TSM and TDK don’t scream fantasy points, but he is a consistent scoring machine. Look for him to get in the mid 40’s this week.

Supp- Adrian (proj: 29pts) Who is the 2nd highest scoring support in the summer split? If you guessed Adrian you are right. The bot lane for TiP has quietly been one of the biggest reasons they are winning games, and you should expect that to continue.

Team- Giants (proj: 22pts) Giants average 24 points a week, and they have broken 30 the last two weeks. They won’t go 2-0 this week, but they will do enough to get in the mid 20’s.


Fold (players that will score less than their projections)

Top- Flarez (proj: 30pts) Flarez has managed a score of more than 30 only twice this split. If he was an option for you, he shouldn’t be.

Jung- Move (proj: 42pts) Move has been a consistent fantasy producer this split, but only breaking 42 points twice so far means he is a great fold option with that projection. He will probably finish right around his average of 37 points.

Mid- Pobelter (proj:41pts) 37, 19.5, 17.3 those are the last three weeks for Pobelter. He was the highest scoring mid laner after week 4, but he has now fallen to the 5th. He will still have a good week, but won’t quite hit the 40 point barrier.

ADC- Otter (proj: 35pts) When looking at the numbers this is a fair projection for Otter. However, given last week’s results and this weeks opponents it doesn’t look good for Enemy. 28 points is about where Otter will end up.

Supp- Hylissang (proj: 31pts) After 2 big weeks for Hylissang (and UoL), it seems as though he will come back down to the mean. He currently averages 28 points a week, but before the last 2 weeks he was closer to the 24 point mark. UoL probably won’t win both of their games given the jungle switch, therefore Hylissang will not prosper in week 7.

Team- Enemy (proj: 28pts) Enemy has only broken 20 points twice this split (22, 24). Don’t see why that would change this week against C9 and Liquid. Fold enemy if you were considering them.


Who are your week 8 All-in or Fold candidates?

The fantasy LCS season is finally upon us. I am very excited for the new season.  I personally can’t wait to see if FNC can carry their momentum from last split? If SK will fall off without “godgiven?” Will UoL continue their climb as one of the best European teams? Can Elements rebound from a disappointing season? Will the veterans of Origen be able to carry them to a top 3 finish? Can H2K capture their win streak from the end of last split and carry that momentum into the summer split? And all of this is just the EU LCS. In NA, I can’t wait to see if TSM can recapture their dominance of last split or if the MSI was what they will be know that teams have figured out how they work? Can C9 regain its former glory without Hai? Will either of the new LCS teams (TDK or NME) be able to make a splash in their first split i.e. Team 8, H2K, or UoL? Can Liquid finally start clicking on a week to week basis like they showed the last week of the spring split and in the playoffs? Will CLG finally get over the hump of a late season collapse? Is Team 8 a spring split fluke or a team to be reckoned with? So many questions going into this split which should make for an exciting year!

This is the first of a weekly series I like to call “all-in or fold.” The way it works is I give one person for each position that I think will outscore their projection, they will be the “all-in” candidates for the week. Then I will give one person for each position that I think will underscore their projection, they will be the “fold” candidates for the week. So know that we all know how it works lets get into the nitty-gritty!

All-in (players that I think will outscore their projections)

Top – GMB CaboChard (projection: 31pts) I’m really high on Gambit this year. I think with the progress they made the end of last split, and adding Forg1ven has made them very formidable. They also have decent match-ups in week 1 against Elements and Roccat. I would start any and all Gambit players if given the chance, but CaboChard is the most appealing based on his projection.

Jungle – Liquid IWillDominate (projection: 30pts) I think Dom could see a big week 1 much like last split. Liquid is up against TDK and T8. Even though Team 8 fared well against enemy junglers last split, I think he will do well enough against them, and score pretty big against TDK. I would guess he will get around 38-42 points this week so go all-in!

Mid – CLG Pobelter (projection: 35pts) I’ve always had high hopes for Pobelter and he has let me down more often that not. But I’m going to put myself out their again this week and assume he will be able to put up similar points as Link did last year (possibly more if “communication” isn’t an issue). We all know that Pobelter is a solo q monster and he gets the privilege of playing Dig and Impulse, which should allow room for him to surpass his projection.

ADC – OG Niels (projection: 36pts) I’m still really unsure what to expect out of Origen. They have 4 players that have been there and then Niels who was a monster throughout the CS scene. If Origen didn’t have favorable match-ups for week 1 (Giants and H2K) I would say wait and see with most of their team, but instead I’m saying go all-in on Niels!

Support – FNC Yellowstar (projection: 25pts) I think FNC could have a disappointing week in comparison to some of the weeks they had last split, but 25 pts from Yellowstar is just too low. This one was too easy! Go all-in on Yellowstar.

Team – H2K (projection: 29pts) H2K is the other team that I think very highly of this Fantasy split. They face Origen and Roccat this week, which could very easily be 2 wins. If there is anything I learned from last split is that when a team goes 2-0 in a week they almost always break the 30 point threshold. H2K is a go for week 1.


Fold (players that I think will underscore their projections)

Top – T8 CaliTrlolz (projection: 27pts) Cali is the shot caller and one of the main play-makers for Team 8 and that lead them to a surprising late season surge last split. I think he could have some big weeks again this split, but I don’t think week 1 will be that week. He plays against Impact and Quas (arguably the two best top laners in NA). Because of the match-ups I am going to fold on Cali this week.

Jungle – C9 Meteos (projection: 40pts) C9 is the team that got me interested in the LCS 2 years ago so I always want to see them succeed. But week 1 for Meteos will be hard to get to the 40 point mark. Even though he was one of the better fantasy options from C9 last split he still didn’t exceed his projections consistently. Because of that and facing TSM in the first match-up I have to say 40 points is too much.

Mid – FNC Febiven (projection: 40pts) Febiven was a fantasy surprise (much like his entire team last split). He is able to play safe enough to not give up any advantages in lane, but has the ability to outplay most mid laners in EU. I normally would be high on Febiven, but 40 points is a big number especially when he is facing PowerofEvil and Fox week 1. I think he will still be a good fantasy option but it will probably be more in the 35-37 point range.

ADC – Ele Tabzz (projection: 35pts) Elements did a complete team overhaul, but Tabzz is a familiar face for Froggen. Tabzz is a great ADC and will probably be an excellent option most weeks. However he goes up against 2 of the top 4 teams in UoL and Gambit. I don’t think this will be a breakout week for Tabzz so I’m going to say fold him for week 1.

Support – GV BunnyFuFu (projection: 35pts) BunnyFuFu might be my favorite support in the entire League scene right now. He is able to make plays during all parts of the game, and it seems like he hardly ever makes mistakes. Overall he is a great support, but sometimes he doesn’t always get the most from a fantasy perspective. I think with a change at ADC and Jungle Gravity will have some struggles the first few weeks until they figure each other out. So I don’t think Bunny can reach that 35 point projection,

Team – Dignitas (projection: 18pts) I usually try to pick higher point totals for my fold candidates (gotta be smart about my picks), but Dig has a rough schedule week 1 (CLG and C9). I think Dig will do their normal thing this split win some games here and there but overall be a bottom 3 team. This week I think they will be the lowest scoring team in Fantasy LCS so I would give them a hard fold in week 1.


Last split I got 54% of my picks right in my all-in and fold posts. This split I’m shooting for 60% right. I will keep track and post the results in next weeks post so you can see how well I did. Remember these picks aren’t who I think is going to do best or worst at their positions. But it is simply who I think will over perform or under perform their projections. Good luck to all of you in the opening week of the summer split, may your picks be “Legendary” and your opponents get “Shut Down.” As always don’t forget to  follow the blog, follow on Twitter, or “like” H2hhombre on Facebook so you can get updated as soon as a new post goes live.