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SS one of my favorite positions, but one of the worst positions in fantasy baseball. Apparently according to a lot of prospects list, there are a lot of SS that will soon be up that will take the league by storm. But that will be in the near to distant future. This year we have a couple of studs, a couple of has beens, and then some other guys. Not the sexiest position in terms of offense, but hey, they are still one of my favorite positions!

1. Troy Tulowitzki (Col-SS)– Tulo has had three straight awesome years from the SS position, and that was all before the age of 27. He is still young and in his prime, so is he absolutely worth a top 5 pick, and if you take him at three I wouldn’t flinch for a second. The only thing against Tulo is his inability to play a full season (only played more than 150 games once, 2009). If he reaches that 150 game mark he will rake!

2012 projection: .308 avg, 98 r, 32 hr, 103 rbi, 14 sb

2. Hanley Ramirez (Mia-SS)-Han Ram was derailed by injuries and mental issues last year. Before last year he was in the conversation as the #1 overall pick. After a down year, and a move to 3B he could be in for a huge bounce back year. From some of the projections I’ve seen for his season I would say most are being a little safe with what to expect. Well I expect the Hanley Ramirez that crushes the ball and gets on base a lot. As a result he will be right on the heels of Tulo by season’s end.

2012 projection: .311 avg, 101 r, 23 hr, 94 rbi, 34 sb

3. Jose Reyes (Mia-SS)-Reyes finally returned to his old self after two injury shortened seasons. He had a career high in BA last year. However I don’t think the BA will be that high again this year. He is making a transition to a new team, which is going to be much more potent than his former, but they will also have a lot of guys who will be streaky. Expect a high avg, r, sb.

2012 projection: .297 avg, 112 r, 8 hr, 56 rbi, 43 sb

4. Elvis Andrus (Tex SS)-Elvis is only 23 years old, has already had 3 seasons of 30+ sb, he has improved his runs every season, and his doubles hit. The guy is continuing to get better at the plate and in his 4th season I’m saying he is going to be a little more consistent at the plate this year. Expect the continuing trend of improvement from the young Elvis!

2012 projection: .288 avg, 106 r, 5 hr, 66 rbi, 44 sb

5. Starlin Castro (ChC SS)-Starlin proved a lot of doubters wrong last year with a great sophomore season (including myself). He improved in all 5 categories last season. So I think we can expect another improvement in all of the categories this season too.

2012 projection: .308 avg, 96 r, 13 hr, 68 rbi, 28 sb

6. Alexei Ramirez (ChW SS)-Alexei was once a budding star that had a chance at a 30 hr, 20 sb season, but that seems ages ago (ok so it was probably only 2010 when we thought it could happen). Alexei has his worst season statistically last season, but when you take a closer look he may have been fairly unlucky (288 BABIP). He had a career high in doubles (which means he was hitting the ball hard, just not hard enough to make HRs last year) and tied a career high in OBP. So if he just improves slightly from a year ago in his k% and gets a little more luck from the ball. He should put up a great year. “Why can’t I quit you Alexei Ramirez!?!?”

2012 projection: .279 avg, 84 r, 22 hr, 76 rbi, 10 sb

7. Jimmy Rollins (Phi SS)-Jimmy Rollins had a good season at the age of 32, I don’t think he can improve again though. I see a line more like the one he produced in 2010 then the one he gave in 2011. I say draft at your own risk.

2012 projection: .258 avg, 78 r, 15 hr, 61 rbi, 24 sb

8. Asdrubal Cabrera (Cle SS)– Asdrubal is only 27 so last year may become the norm rather than the anomaly. I think he will come back down to earth a little, but also wouldn’t be surprised if he blows my expectations through the roof. I look at him with caution where others probably see a 27 year old off of a career year and drool.

2012 projection: .278 avg, 74 r, 15 hr, 72 rbi, 11 sb

9. JJ Hardy (Bal SS)– Hardy has the potential to be a 35+ HR guy from a position that doesn’t typically hit HR. However the only way he manages that is by staying in the lineup consistently, for example this is the games played each seson for his career (124, 35, 151, 146, 115, 101, 129). He needs to get back to the 145-150 mark to be real steal in the draft, but he won’t contribute anything in the speed category. So if that is a category you are looking to lose, than Hardy is your man.

2012 projection: .272 avg, 78 r, 31 hr, 82 rbi, 1 sb

10. Dee Gordon (LAD SS)- Gordon is only 23 (will be 24 after the first month of the season) and had 24 sb in just 56 games last season. If you extrapolate those numbers for the full season he would have somewhere around 61 sb. That is AWESOME. Oh did I mention he hit over .300 in those 56 games. He will be a staple atop the Dodgers lineup for a long time if he continues to do that. Think of Castro last year with more speed but less pop.

2012 projection: .300 avg, 84 r, 2 hr, 41 rbi, 63 sb

Sleeper: Alcides Escobar (KC-SS)– Once upon a time Escobar was a top 20 prospect two years in a row, then he played two and half years in the pros and has been nothing but underwhelming. He will only be 25, will play in a pretty good KC lineup. If he can somehow get back to getting on base (around .345 obp is all he needs to do) he will probably be a top of the lineup, which will mean lots of runs. He is still a great SB guy.

2012 projection: .278 avg, 78 r, 3 hr, 49 rbi, 35 sb

Bust: Jimmy Rollins (Phi-SS)- I know, I know, I have him ranked 6 overall but have him as a bust, and that is because Philly’s offense isn’t what it used to be, Rollins legs aren’t what they used to be, and I just get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when it comes to what his season will look like this year. I will be staying away from him at pretty much all costs.

2012 projection: see line above.

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Troy Tulowitzki 1 1 1
Hanley Ramirez 2 2 2
Jose Reyes 3 3 3
Elvis Andrus 6 4 7
Starlin Castro 5 5 4
Alexei Ramirez 8 11 11
Jimmy Rollins 4 7 6
Asdrubal Cabrera 7 6 5
JJ Hardy 9 10 13
Dee Gordon 13 8 12
Sleeper: Alcides Escobar 21 19 16
Bust: Jimmy Rollins 4 7 6

Have any projections for SS this season? Don’t be afraid to post them in the comment section. As always don’t forget to follow the blog or “like” us on Facebook. Hope you enjoyed the rankings, and long live the SS! 3B will be up and running tomorrow, see you then.


I want to apologize to all of you who came to the site during the summer months and saw no new information or advice on players during the fantasy baseball season. I have a job, youth ministry, that makes summers very busy. So I now know that the summer months will be difficult for me to be consistent in posting material as you have seen. I could have written some stuff, but I didn’t want to put up information that would be considered decent at best. So since there are only 2 weeks remaining in the baseball season some of you may be looking for that last pickup that can help you win the ship. I will give you one player per category who I think can boost it for the next 13 days!

AVG- Nick Hundley (C-SD) yes a catcher is a guy who can help boost your batting average the last 2 weeks of your season. He has led the majors in AVG since his return from the DL last month. He is batting over .440. So if you have been searching for a C who can just get a hit. Than look no further.

Others who can help: Jon Jay, Marco Scutaro, Derek Lee

R- Delmon Young (OF-Det) Delmon has played really well since joining the Tigers. He plays in a good offense and has first round pedigree. He has been really rough this season, but the last month has hit over .300 and the last two weeks has crossed the plate 12 times. He could be a good asset for someone looking for a couple more runs a week.

Others who can help: Jon Jay, Cody Ross, Rafael Furcal

HR- Brent Morel (3B-CWS) Bent was a highly touted rookie coming into the year, but struggled to get anything going this year. As the season is coming to an end though he is starting to tear the cover off the ball. He has 5 HR in the last 14 days and 3 extra base hits. So if you need someone who might be able to give you 4-6 HR to close out the year he would be a good candidate.

Others who can help: Shelley Duncan, Chris Heisey, David Murphy

RBI- Marco Scutaro (2B/SS-Bos) Marco has been driving in runs left and right the last 3 weeks. He has 23 rbi since August 23. The Red Sox will be putting plenty of people on base so I don’t see why he wouldn’t continue to get rbi opportunities. He would be a great pickup for RBI help and since he is in a weaker position to get those stats you should grab him!

Others who can help: Josh Willingham, Cliff Pennington, Juan Francisco

SB- Dee Gordon (SS-LAD) There are a lot of guys who can give you a quick boost to SB, but I felt Dee was the best to continue to get chances to acquire SB and won’t kill you too much in other categories. He has a decent success rate 18 of 23 (78%), but since he will be starting every game for the Dodgers, and since he is a young talent, I think he will be the best SB option out on the free agent market.

Others who can help:Alcides Escobar, Alajandro de Aza, Angel Pagan

W- Ivan Nova (SP-NYY) He pitches for the Yankees, so that means he will get run support. He is a pitch to contact type pitcher, so he won’t rack up the K’s for you. But if you need 2 or 3 wins to close out the year he is as good of an option as anyone else out there.

Others who can help: Bruce Chen, Derek Holland, Jeremy Guthrie

K’s- Luke Hochevar (SP-KC) If you have never seen this guy’s name don’t feel bad you probably shouldn’t have up until the last month. He has been getting alot of K’s, he has 56 K’s in his last 9 starts so just over 6 a start. He also has first round pedigree (1st rounder in 2006). So he has the talent needed to get lots of strikeouts in the majors.

Others who can help: Cory Luebke, Derek Holland, Javier Vasquez

SV- Jason Motte (RP-StL) Motte has been practically untouchable the last 2 months or so don’t believe me here is a tweet by Buster Olney earlier today, “Jason Motte’s second-half numbers: 28 innings, 1 earned run, and an opponents’ average of .141. No closer controversy to start 2012 for STL.” Go pick him up now if you are in a battle for saves.

Others who can help: Jim Johnson, Kelsey Jansen, Frank Fransisco

ERA- Eric O’Flaherty (RP-Atl) Eric has been nice in ERA the entire year (1.04 for the season). Sometimes the easiest way to win the % categories (ERA, WHIP, AVG, etc) it is just getting guys who are consistent but don’t put up flashy numbers. Eric is one of those guys, he will give you about a K and inning too, but only pitches 4 or 5 innings a week usually.

Others who can help: Santiago Casilla, David Robertson, Dana Eveland

WHIP-Rafael Betancourt (RP-Col) Betancourt has been pitching well the last month. He has always had good stuff just struggled putting it all together. He has posted a 0.18 WHIP he last 30 days (11 innings). So if he can just continue to do that the last two weeks of the season he may be able to drop your WHIP a couple of points leading you to a win in the category.

Others who can help: Stephen Strasburg, Tom Wilhelmsen, Jim Johnson

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P.S. When the season is over I will be doing two posts that summarize the 2011 season. One post I will be comparing my rankings to the actual rankings of players. This is to see how I hold up to the experts, and to hold myself accountable to the good or bad things I said throughout the season. The second post will be looking back at the fantasy baseball mock draft that me and some other fantasy sports writers had. I will enter in all of the teams and see who would have won our league based on the stats of the players we drafted. So those should be fun!