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Sorry for the delay in the post. Internet was cutting in and out yesterday, but it seems to have corrected itself. As a result of the delay I’m going to do a shorter post for this week. Week 4 was a really good week for the LCS, lots of upsets, awesome CLG TSM game, and just some fun games to watch. It also was a really low scoring week in comparison to the last two weeks. As a result of that I had another off week in my projections. I am slightly above .500 so this week I’m going to get that winning record much higher. Here are my week 5 All-in and Fold candidates.



Top- ZionSpartan (Projection: 31pts) Zion is averaging 17 pts a game for a total of 34 pts a week. He has a easy game against Dig, and a tougher matchup against C9. C9 hasn’t been their usual self so I think Zion is capable of scoring some points against them, but he may not have to if he puts up big numbers against Dig. The main thing I have to worry about here is that the Dignitas game isn’t a 25 min blowout win by CLG.

Mid- Fenix (Projection: 28pts) I’m not sure why Fenix is projected so low, he is averaging 34 pts a week. He does face two tough opponents in Pobelter and Bjergsen, but I think he has the ability to play with both of those guys. I think he will come up with a few big plays this week, which will result in him getting to his average of 34 pts.

Support- NRated (Projection: 25pts) NRated plays with the best ADC in Europe right now. Even though NRated hasn’t played as well the last two weeks, he still gets to play with a very aggressive AD and team, which will result in him putting up well over his projected 25 pts. He is a sure fire All-in in my opinion.



Top- Dyrus (Projetion: 33pts) Dyrus has scored better each week of the split, but I think this week he will score just below his projected 33pts. He typically isn’t one to get big kill numbers, but he is a good team fighter which results in high assist numbers. I don’t think either of their games will be 45+ min games, so I don’t expect him to have big numbers. They play Coast and Liquid, who both have good top laners too.

Mid- XiaoWeiXiao (Projection: 38pts) I am a fan of XWX, but I think 38 is to high this week. I’m thinking closer to the 34 mark for him. He plays C9 and Gravity, both have competent mid laners, and so far Impulse has looked good when Impact and Rush get going XWX has been more of a support player this split. That is another factor in why I think he is a fold candidate this week.

Team- Team Liquid (Projection: 27pts) I think Liquid will win their first game against Winterfox, but I expect them to lose to TSM. Most teams don’t break the 25 point mark unless they go 2-0. Plus changing their ADC another time won’t go as seemless as their first week with Keith. Liquid has some great players, but they haven’t been consistent enough in their play for me to trust their team this week.


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This is my final NA ranking post of the preseason. In case you missed my support and ADC post click here, or if you missed my mid and jungle post click here. In my previous posts I give a 10-1 rank of each position on how I feel they will do in the upcoming Fantasy LCS season. The rankings are based on the point system that the Riot Fantasy LCS website uses, the play of the pros as of late (mainly solo queue stuff or IEM tournaments), and how the team plays. These aren’t to be your one stop rankings, but rather a piece of information that can help you come draft day.

Here are my NA Top lane rankings

10 – CaliforniaTrlolz Team 8

9 – Gamsu Dignitas

8 – Avalon Team Winterfox

7 – Cris Team Coast

6 – Hauntzer Gravity

5 – Impact Team Impulse

4 – Zionspartan CLG (will miss first week for suspension)

3 – Dyrus TSM

2 – Balls C9

1 – Quas Team Liquid

10-6 This is the lower tier, a lot of them are new to the LCS scene or have very little experience playing on the “big stage.” Top lane doesn’t put up huge fantasy numbers typically, most of last year their role was tanky champions or another ap champ to help balance the team’s damage output.

5-3 This is the 2nd tier, all three of these guys will have some weeks where they put up big numbers, and they will be pretty consistent in other weeks, but their team’s focus typically won’t be for them to get fed so they won’t have huge numbers like the other 2 could. Impact could end up dominating since he was a top player in Korea solo queue, but that doesn’t always mean success with a change in communication

2-1 These are my top tier guys, I put Quas over Balls, because of the team’s playstyles. C9 will probably be the best team this split, but because they have so many weapons they aren’t always the best fantasy guys. Quas did well in his first split in the LCS last year, and I think he will build on that success and finish at the 1 spot for NA top laners.


Here are my NA team rankings

10 – Team 8

9 – Dignitas

8 – Team Coast

7 – Team Winterfox

6 – Team Impulse

5 – Gravity

4 – Team Liquid

3 – TSM

2 – CLG

1 – C9

10-8 This is the lowest tier in terms of the team you can draft. I think they will struggle this year, because of both talent on their teams and the competition ahead of them. You probably don’t want to own any of these three for your fantasy team.

7-5 This is my unknown middle tier. All three of these teams have the players and the potential to finish top 4, but I don’t think they will given the 4 teams ahead of them. The only way 1 or more of these 3 climb into the top 4 is if some bad blood happens in the teams ahead of them.

4-2 All of these teams have the potential to be the 1 spot, but from what I saw from C9 at IEM I doubt they will pull it off. These teams have top tier talent, but they also all have made changes to their roster, which takes time to get on the same page, and follow through on calls made by the shotcallers.

Thanks again for reading, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you can know when new posts go up. You can also follow me on twitter @Jason_Toy, or on facebook if you would rather follow the blog on those sites. Let me know who you think will finish top 3 in top lane or top 3 team in NA for this fantasy split?

Last week four top-tier NA and EU teams competed in the final four of the San Jose IEM. TSM, UOL, ALL, and C9 were the four teams that will compete in the upcoming LCS season (should start late January-early February). Their were some very entertaining matches and some surprised during the games. If you want to see the matches click here. There will be some spoilers in the next few paragraphs so you have been warned. I’m going to give my recap on what I saw from those four teams and how it will apply to fantasy value for the upcoming LCS season.

TSM – Overall TSM was disappointing in the tournament. They lost in all phases of the game, early, mid, late, and in champ select. Despite them playing bad they still are going to be a top team in NA. Overall they just have really good players. WildTurtle and Lustboy finally look like they are getting some synergy and I think they will do great this season in Fantasy. Bjergsen and Santorin (TSM’s new jungler) played the worst of all 10 players during their games, but Bjergsen is still good and should be a high pick in your fantasy draft. Especially since he loves to makes plays and that will lead to fantasy points. I’m not sure how Santorin will be so I will probably be looking at other junglers in my drafts. Dyrus was his usual consistent self. Was able to CS and make impacts on the games like he always does, but was unable to go into carry mode like he did in the LCS finals last split. I would still say he is a top 5 top laner for the upcoming season.

Alliance – Alliance proved again they will be a force to be reckoned with in the EU LCS, but C9 showed they still have weakness in their shot calling, objective control, and their map rotations (MonteCristo’s favorite). I think they will be a team you should look for because they will win a lot of games on their ability to play the game. I also think all but one of the laners should be high priority picks in your draft. Wicked, played great the first two games than poorly the final game, but I do think he will most likely be a 2nd tier top laner once the season is over. In the new meta top laners will most likely be on an island so you want guys who can duel or survive well and I don’t think Wicked is great at either, but he will be able to score high because of his team fighting. I’ve never thought Shook (jungler) was that good, and in these three games he proved me right. I would say out of all of the players on Alliance Shook is just a mid to low tier jungler. Froggen is still a farming machine and is a high skill player he will be a great early pick in your draft. Rekkles was a man among boys in the three games, all three games he tried to keep his team in it, but C9 was too much. If Rekkles plays like he did that weekend during the season he will finish 1 or 2 in total points. Nyph will also benefit from Rekkles, and since supports won’t be high scorers in fantasy you want to get the supports of high scoring ADC’s to benefit from the high assist number.

UOL – Unicorns of Love were the team that created the most excitement during the tournament. They showed that they will be a good team in the EU LCS, and I even think they could potentially put a C9 2013 summer split type run this split. They are innovative and unafraid to take chances. That forces other teams to be reactive and usually teams aren’t good at reacting to new things. I might be looking to grab them as my team in this season’s fantasy draft. These were the first 5 games I have ever seen from UOL, so I don’t have a ton of stats or knowledge to back up my claims. It seems like all 5 of their players will be quality fantasy stars. The 2 that will probably rise above the rest is their Top laner, Vizicsacsi, and their jungler, Kikis. I think the EU has weaker top and junglers in comparison to NA so these two could be top 3 at those positions year one in the EU.

C9 – Cloud 9 continues to do what they have done since they arrived on the LCS scene back in early 2013, and that is win and win fairly convincingly. The one weakness I saw in them this tournament was they seemed to slow play their leads allowing for the other team to stick around longer than they should, and Balls wasn’t the same force we have seen from him. Every single one of their players is a great fantasy contributor because they are still the best team fighting team in NA and EU (in my opinion). Two of their players look like they will be fantasy stars this season and that is Meteos (jungler) and Sneaky (ADC). Meteos played as good as you can out of the Jungle and showed how to carry games on the new patch as junglers. He was putting early pressure in lanes, controlling objectives and because he is such a vision minded jungler he was able to gain more information on the enemy team because of the new jungle timers. Meteos was a complete beast and I’d expect him to be a top 2 jungler in overall points this season. Sneaky is continuing his rise as one of the best ADCs in the world. He probably isn’t there yet but he continues to makes plays, finish off kills, and farm at a high level. He should be a highly contested AD pick in your draft.

Overall, I think all four teams will have great fantasy potential and I would imagine will finish top 4 of the NA and EU respectively. Who do you think will bring the most fantasy value this upcoming year Sneaky or Rekkles? Will UOL be a force in the EU scene or just a flash in the pan? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow on Twitter, Facebook, or through WordPress to get notified when I post again. Have a great day.