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This is the first post of what hopefully will be many from the H2H Amigo, he is my brother-in-law and we have been good friends since our college days together. Well without further adieu here are his rankings for Second baseman this season.

1. Robinson Cano (NYY-2B)– One thing struck me when looking at Cano’s numbers from 2011 –  The only difference between his numbers and Pujol’s was about 10 HR’s.  The combination of production, power and average make RC the only second baseman 1st-round worthy.  If I have the 7-12 pick in my draft, I’m not hesitating to pull the trigger on this guy.

2012 projection:  .301 avg – 99 runs, 30 HR, 108 rbi, 6 sb

2. Dustin Pedroia (Bos-2B)– Now, if I didn’t grab Cano in the first round, and I’m intent on having an elite 2B on my team, Pedroia is the guy to grab.  His numbers last year were outstanding, posting a 102-21-91 line with a .300 avg and 26 SB’s.  While I expect comparable numbers, the one area I look for Pedroia to drop off a bit is in the power department.  I expect closer to the 15 HR’s that he’s averaged over the last 5 years.

2012 projection:  .310 avg – 86 runs, 18 HR, 94 rbi, 25 sb

3. Ian Kinsler (Tex-2B)–  The man.  The myth.  The semi-present.  While Kinsler plays for the most prolific offense in baseball, the question is how much will he be playing for the most prolific offense in baseball?  His games-played total over the last 4 years are as follows: 121-144-103-155.  While you should be cautious about drafting Ian, you can also grab a late-round flyer like Ryan Roberts or Jason Kipnis as an insurance policy.

2012 projection:  .288 avg – 97 runs, 29 HR, 99 rbi, 23 sb

4. Ben Zobrist (TB-2B, OF)– Think Pedroia, minus the .300 average.  He should be a solid producer, with the versatility to stay on the field in Tampa Bay.  Zobrist is a guy I haven’t hesitated to grab in the 4th and 5th rounds of fantasy drafts, looking forward to have a potential 20-20 guy slotted in at 2B for my team.

2012 projection:  .249 avg – 87 runs, 21 HR, 90 rbi, 22 sb

5. Dan Uggla (Atl-2B)– I’ll rank him 5th on my list of 2B, but I probably won’t draft him.  Last season’s Jekyll and Hyde approach terrified just enough think “Ehh… I’ll pass on him and wait for Utley to come up in a round or two.”  That being said, Uggla  has been a great source of Runs, HR’s and RBI’s over the last 5 years.  The average may have a negative impact on your team, but the combination of the other three may well be worth the risk.

2012 projection:  .254 avg – 87 runs, 29 HR, 94 rbi, 3 sb

6. Brandon Phillips (Cin-2B)– The experts will tell you how wonderfully consistent Brandon Phillips is.  I’ll tell you how consistently OK Brandon Phillips is.  Phillips is a safe choice, averaging about 150 games played over the last 6 years.  He will probably throw down an 85-17-85 type of line, which is absolutely serviceable.  While no one will blame you for drafting him, don’t expect any pat on the back at the end of the year for stealing a top 30 player in the 6th or 7th round.

2012 projection:  .281 avg – 79 runs, 17 HR, 84 rbi, 14 sb

7. Rickie Weeks (Mil-2B)– Productive when healthy, draft Weeks at your own risk.  This guy’s career stats read like a roller-coaster. Although, if we’re following that logic, last year was a down year, so maybe this year will be up?

2012 projection:  .274 avg – 88 runs, 24 HR, 64 rbi, 12 sb

8. Chase Utley (Phi-2B)– Ah, Chutley.  Only two years ago I remember taking you with the 9th pick overall…  But no more.  When Utley came back last year he was fairly mediocre.  This is a risk/reward type of pick.  If Utley returns to form, or even close to form, he’ll be a great 2B for you.  If he doesn’t, well, there’s always next year.

2012 projection:  .292 avg – 84 runs, 16 HR, 67 rbi, 15 sb

9. Howard Kendrick (LAA-1B, 2B, OF)– The artist formerly known as Howie is a 2B that I feel caustiously optimistic about.  If he can figure out a way to weasel his way into a top of the lineup roll, that means he’ll be hitting in front of some guy named Pujols.  Sign me up.

2012 projection:  .290 avg – 75 runs, 15 HR, 66 rbi, 15 sb

10. Michael Young (Tex- 1B, 2B, 3B) (doesn’t qualify at 2B in ESPN leagues)- While Michael Young may not be 2B eligible in all formats, if he is, he’ll be an invaluable piece of your teams puzzle.  He’s growing a bit long-of-tooth (he’s old) he is hitting in a great lineup at a great hitters field.

2012 projection:  .300 avg – 79 runs, 12 HR, 70 rbi, 5 sb

Sleeper: Marco Scutaro (Col-2B, SS)– If I’m taking Miguel Cabrera first overall, it’s so he can play 3B for me.  And if I’m taking Marco Scutaro at all, it’s so he can play 2B for me.  The Rockies traded for Scutaro not to replace Tulo (shocking, I know) but to put an end to what has been years of watching the rotating door on the right side of the infield.  Scutaro has been fantasy-relevant off and on over the last few years, but his new home at Coors Field could provide some top ten 2B production.

2012 projection:  .287 avg – 79 runs, 13 HR, 68 rbi, 8 sb

Bust: Dustin Ackley (Sea-2B)– Maybe it’s unfair of me to label Ackley as a “bust” but I believe it is a reaction to the hype from his emergence in the Big Leagues last year.  Ackely will be a decent 2B for the Mariners, but that offense-starved team needs more than this guy to put some runs on the board.  I think Ackley will put up a line similar to the following:  70 runs, 13 HR’s, 65 RBI’s with 15 SB’s while batting .276.  Decent numbers, but numbers I’m willing to bet I can find on the waiver wire at some point during the year.

2012 projection:  .276 avg – 70 runs, 13 HR, 65 rbi, 15 sb

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Robinson Cano  1  1  2
Dustin Pedroia  2  3  1
Ian Kinsler  3  2  3
Ben Zobrist  5  5  4
Dan Uggla  4  4  7
Brandon Phillips  6  6  8
Rickie Weeks  8  11  5
Chase Utley  7  10  6
Howard Kendrick  9  8  9
Michael Young  N/A  7  N/A
Sleeper: Marco Scutaro  N/A  N/A  N/A
Bust: Dustin Ackley  12  12  12

We hope you enjoy the post. Like always if you have any fantasy sports questions don’t hesitate to post them in the comments or e-mail me at, and I will do my best to answer them for you. We would love to hear your projections of any 2B this year, who are your sleepers and bust for the 2012 season? If you like what you have been reading don’t forget to “like” H2H Hombre on facebook, or just follow the blog. Have a wonderful day! SS will be up tomorrow!


So Fantasy Baseball is finally starting again, and with the season beginning it is time to rank the positions! Here is the list of my top 10 Catchers for the upcoming season, along with one sleeper, someone who I think might surprise, and one bust, a guy who I think you should stay away from. My rankings are what my head and eye tells me, but my projections might have a little more of my heart in them (aka they may not match their rank exactly). I hope you enjoy the first of my 8 position ranking posts!

1. Mike Napoli (Tex-C, 1B)-I went back and forth between the “Nap Dog” and McCann, but the potential of .300 and 30+ HR won Mike the #1 spot. He had an incredible season for a catcher last year, and this year he is the guy behind the plate. Last season for the first 2-3 months Napoli wasn’t yet a regular but for the final 3 months he went on a tear. So I expect him to have the best season for a C again this year.

2012 projection: .301 avg, 71 r, 32 hr, 78 rbi, 5 sb

2. Brian McCann (Atl-C)-McCann had a decent season last year, and really hasn’t been the same since he had to have eye surgery, well at least in terms of BA. But even if he is just a .270 hitter he still offers so much in terms of power that he is an easy top 3 C by season’s end. I expect a slight uptick in power, but don’t see any of his other numbers being dramatically changed.

2012 projection: .277 avg, 63 r, 28 hr, 79 rbi, 2 sb

3. Carlos Santana (Cle-C,1B)-Santana had the 2nd highest HR out of the catcher spot last year, but his average was pretty painful. If he can get his BA up around .270-.280 then he might claim the #1 spot or at least be competitive for it. He is only in his third year, which for some is the breakout season, but it is really only his 2nd full year. So I don’t see the huge breakout until next year.

2012 projection: .265 avg, 85 r, 27 hr, 89 rbi, 2 sb

4. Alex Avila (Det-C)-Avila could very easily go back to what he was before last year (a complete unknown) but he was consistent throughout last year. Every time I watched him I was impressed with what I saw. Good discipline and just a solid swing. He finished among the tops in BA for Catchers so that is where his value will be compared to some of the other Catchers. Plus with V-mart going down, Avila will have even more opportunities in that still potent lineup.

2012 projection: .293 avg, 67 r, 21 hr, 82 rbi, 3 sb

5. Matt Wieters (Bal-C)-Wieters has been a dissappointment so far in his young career, but when you look at his numbers he has been a very good Catcher. Expectations for him were way too high and he just couldn’t live up to it. I ranked him modestly because I won’t be surprised if he continues his steady incline, but I think he is going to have a monster year.

2012 projection: .284 avg, 76 r, 24 hr, 78 rbi, 3 sb

6. Miguel Montero (Ari-C)-Miguel had an excellent rebound year from his 2010 campaign, but he needs to do it again before he makes it into the top 5. He plays in a great ball park for gap hitters, which he is, so the stadium is perfect for his style of hitting, as long as he stays healthy he will have another solid season.

2012 projection: .287 avg, 71 r, 19 hr, 83 rbi, 2 sb

7. Buster Posey (SF-C)-Posey was the next hot Catcher since Wieters or Mauer. But he actually performed almost as well as the “experts” claimed he would, but then it all came crashing down (crash, collision; tomato, toemato (say it how its spelled)…so that didn’t work sorry). I know Posey has all the skills to return to excellent production, but I think he is going to have a slow start to start the year. So take caution when drafting him or just buy low in mid-May 🙂

2012 projection: .288 avg, 64 r, 19 hr, 71 rbi, 4 sb

8. Joe Mauer (Min-C,1B)-Mauer will have dual-elegibility, but it is in the loaded position of 1B. Mauer used to be the creme of the crop at C, but his rare leg injury set him back some. I want to believe that since he is only 28 and will be 29 this season that he will return to his former glory. He probably won’t be able to play Catcher to much if he wants to avoid further damage to his legs. Expect Mauer to be solid for you, but don’t pay a hefty price for him.

2012 projection: .302 avg, 64 r, 9 hr, 75 rbi, 1 sb

9. Wilson Ramos (Was-C)-Ramos didn’t have a great year last year, but when you look closer his last 3 months he was one of the top 5 Catchers. Hitting .288 with close to double digit HR after the all-star break if he just duplicate that over two halves of the season he will probably finish higher than the 9th spot. He is someone I will be targeting in my drafts because you can get him cheap and has high upside.

2012 projection: .285 avg, 62 r, 15 hr, 64 rbi, 2 sb

10.Yadier Molina (STL-C)-Yadi is not only the best defensive catcher in the game, but he has slowly become an adequate offensive player. Most of his value will be in OBP and Avg. So don’t expect a 20 hr season or an 100 rbi season. He won’t do that, but if you just want your catcher to help you in avg, while driving in adequate runs and scoring at a decent pace than look no further.

2012 projection: .299 avg, 56 r, 12 hr, 58 rbi, 0 sb

Sleeper: Devin Mesoraco (Cin-C)-Mesoraco is a top rated prospect that is projected to get quite a bit of playing time for the “redlegs” this season. He will most likely become a staple in the Reds lineup for a couple of years if his power from the minors carries into the pros. Now don’t expect greatness from the young man as the pro game is much harder for young catchers to pickup than most other positions because of learning to manage pitching staffs, but if you are in a keeper league or have some major injuries at the C position than he should be a great addition to your team.

2012 projection: .265 avg, 52 r, 13 hr, 63 rbi, 2 sb

Bust: Russell Martin (NYY-C)-Russell was great to start the year last year, and had many hoping he was returning to his glory days of 07-08. But then he returned to earth and finished with a below average year. Now some people are projection Russell to finish in the top 10 of catchers this season, but despite the weight loss I just don’t see it happening. He just turned 29 so he isn’t the young breakout anymore. He has played in the majors for 6 seasons now so we should know what to expect and that is just a decent C nothing more nothing less. Also, he is notorious for hot starts and horrible finishes…you’ve been warned.

2012 projection: .252 avg, 50 r, 13 hr, 57 rbi, 6 sb

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Mike Napoli 1 2 3
Brian McCann 3 3 2
Carlos Santana 2 1 1
Alex Avila 6 8 4
Matt Wieters 4 5 8
Miguel Montero 5 6 7
Buster Posey 7 4 6
Joe Mauer 8 7 5
Wilson Ramos 10 13 13
Yadier Molina 9 11 12
Sleeper: Devin Mesoraco 25 20 18
Bust: Russell Martin 14 12 9

That is it for today, tomorrow the 1B rankings will be up. Hope you enjoy the rankings, if you have any fantasy baseball questions let me know in the comment section. Or if you have any thoughts of your own on Catchers for the upcoming season, I would love to hear your opinions! Don’t forget to follow “The Hombre ” for immediate updates on posts, or ‘like’ on facebook. Enjoy the new fantasy season my friends!

Good news fantasy sports fans. My fantasy baseball rankings will be slowly coming up over the first 10 days of March! A friend of mine is helping me with the rankings, so you will get to have two different opinions throughout this year’s rankings. I will put up a position a day, every weekday, starting March 1st. So Catchers will be up this Thursday. Don’t forget to follow the blog or “like” the Hombre on facebook so you can see the post the moment it is up. Spring has finally arrived because baseball is back!