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People that play fantasy baseball with me probably know my stance on RP. For those of you who don’t let me tell you what my view is on them. “I think they are a complete crapshoot, and I really don’t like having to draft them.” I’m doing this ranking post more out of obligation that standard leagues record saves, than I truly enjoy trying to predict which closer is going to do what. Because closers are like the weather in the plains region of the US, one day it is sunny and beautiful, the next it is cold and winds blowing from the north at 50 mph, the next it is 105 degrees with a hot dry wind, then the next day there is a chance of snow (I’m sure those reading that are from the plains are nodding fervently at this). So as you can see I don’t like closers because the position seems to be so random, one season a guy can’t be hit and has like 45 saves, and the next season everything he throws gets crushed and he can’t seem to throw strikes. Closers are the one thing that change the most in fantasy baseball. I bet if you looked at a list of the top 10 1B from 5 years ago. You would see some similar names on the list, or top 10 3B, but you look at the top 10 closers and there are at least 4 names different every year. With all that said RP can be very beneficial to your fantasy team. They can do more than just save games, so look for the guys who have good k/9 and k/bb rates, they will be the guys who will help turn the tide in K’s and Whip throughout the season. Now here are my top 20 RP for the season.

1. Craig Kimbrel (Atl-RP) Dude can flat out pitch struck out 127 batters in just 77 innings. That alone is worth drafting.

2012 projection: 5 W, 48 sv, 115 K, 1.89 ERA, 1.08 WHIP

2. Jonathan Papelbon (Phi-RP) Pap seemed to be losing some of his mojo in the Boston area, but still has elite stuff…I feel like that happened with another closer and it seemed to work out pretty good for the Phillies (here’s looking at you Brad Lidge!)

2012 projection: 4 W, 43 sv, 88 K, 2.24 ERA, 1.05 WHIP

3. Drew Storen (Was-RP) Another young hurler who could potentially be atop of the list for a couple of years! Can walk hitters at times, but posts a decent K rate (8.84 per 9) to make up for it.

2012 projection: 5 W, 44 sv, 82 K, 2.86 ERA, 1.04 WHIP

4. Mariano Rivera (NYY-RP) He is getting old (that is the understatement of the year) but he still gets people out with his cutter. He won’t get as many opportunities because the Yanks will want a strong Mo for a postseason run, but he still puts up great numbers in a “smaller” role.

2012 projection: 2 W, 39 sv, 62 K, 1.99 ERA, 1.01 WHIP

5. Ryan Madson (Cin-RP) Madson’s only problem is that he can give up some hits from time to time, but with a strong lineup and a great strikeout rate (9.2 per 9) he should produce a great season.

2012 projection: 5 W, 40 sv, 69 K, 2.45 ERA, 1.11 WHIP

6. John Axford (Mil-RP) Axford has been great for the Brewers since taking over full time as their closer. He is a high strikeout guy, but also can give too many free passes. Still a top flight closer in the league.

2012 projection: 4 W, 41 sv, 78 K, 2.27 ERA, 1.18 WHIP

7. Rafael Betancourt (Col-RP) Betancourt has top 10 stuff for sure, and he finished the season strong last year at the closer spot. If he can continue what he started last Aug (sub .3 WHIP) then he will easily be a top 3 RP at season’s end.

2012 projection: 3 W, 37 sv, 79 K, 2.67 ERA, 0.97 WHIP

8. Joel Hanrahan (Pit-RP) Hanrahan was a solid closer last season for the Pirates, and I don’t see that changing that much. He will put up decent K numbers, but probably won’t dominate like some of the other guy’s on this list.

2012 projection: 2 W, 41 sv, 83 K, 2.45 ERA, 1.08 WHIP

9. Brian Wilson (SF-RP) Wilson has been a top flight closer for his short career, until last year when he had some elbow issues. Even though there was no ligament tears, that doesn’t mean that the elbow won’t give him problems this year. A pitcher is only as good as his shoulder and elbow. So I would say tread lightly when getting Wilson.

2012 projection: 4 W, 36 sv, 63 K, 3.11 ERA, 1.27 WHIP 

10. Jason Motte (StL-RP) Motte will be in his first full season as “the guy” in St. Louis. He was nearly perfect from September through October only blowing 1 save. He has a dynamic fastball, and has started to harness a secondary pitch. Expect a fairly up and down season from Motte since he is still learning how to be a pitcher.

2012 projection: 3 W, 38 SV, 65 K, 2.46 ERA, 1.03 WHIP

11. Joakim Soria (KC-RP) Soria used to be the guy who was always a top 5 closer, but then his numbers were a little low last year and he seems to be forgotten. He is still young (age 27), has great control (17 bb in 60 innings, and still can strike people out. He is the guy who you could get cheap that might easily be a top 5 at season’s end.

2012 projection: 3 W, 39 SV, 67 K, 2.44 ERA, 1.05 WHIP

12. JJ Putz (Ari-RP) Putz had a great season as the full time closer for the D-backs. He has always posted good K numbers. If he stays healthy and doesn’t have to long of a rough patch during the season. He should have another solid season.

2012 projection: 2 W, 44 sv, 61 K, 2.88 ERA, 1.09 WHIP

13. Heath Bell (Mia-RP) Bell has had 4 straight 40 save seasons, and is expected to be the 9th inning guy for the Marlins. I have a good feeling about the Marlins this year, so I expect Bell to have another really good season.

2012 projection: 3 W, 41 sv, 67 K, 2.65 ERA, 1.18 WHIP

14 Jose Valverde (Det-RP) Valverde is one of those guys you hate a little bit if you are facing him, but if you aren’t you love his energy. I think he can be a little out of control at times, and that can be dangerous for closers. I expect a slight down year from Valverde this year.

2012 projection: 3 W, 35 sv, 64 K, 3.03 ERA, 1.17 WHIP

15. Jordan Walden (LAA-RP) Walden performed great in his first full season. Has a tendancy to walk to many hitters, so if he can get that under control he will finish much higher than 15 at the end of the season.

2012 projection: 4 W, 38 sv, 71 K, 2.89 ERA, 1.22 WHIP

16. Carlos Marmol (ChC-RP) Marmol hasn’t quite been what every one hoped him to be. He still has amazing stuff, but he hasn’t always been able to harness all of that potential. If he can finally put it together in the 9th he is a great guy to grab. Oh yea he also borders around 100 k’s a season.

2012 projection: 3 W, 36 sv, 104 K, 3.37 ERA, 1.25 WHIP

17. Andrew Bailey (Bos-RP) Bailey is only 28 so the last two seasons of injuries will hopefully be behind him. If he can be the guy he was in 2009. He will put up great numbers, but for some reason I think he might struggle with all the pressure that comes from a big market.

2012 projection: 3 W, 30 sv, 67 K, 2.88 ERA, 1.05 WHIP

18. Joe Nathan (Tex-RP) I’ve always like Nathan, and he is just a few years removed from being a top 5 closer. I think he will do well in Tex, but he is still a closer, so who really knows!

2012 projection: 3 W, 35 sv, 61 K, 2.85 ERA, 1.11 WHIP

19. Huston Street (SD-RP) Last year I made a bold prediction that Street would have a huge season and needless to say he let me down. I guess I can only blame myself for trying to predict closers 😉

2012 projection: 3 W, 33 sv, 59 K, 2.95 ERA, 1.07 WHIP

20. Kyle Fransworth (TB-RP) Fransworth is that sneaky closer who isn’t sexy, or new, but he did a great job closing out games for the Rays. I don’t expect greatness from him, but probably exactly what he did last year.

2012 projection: 4 W, 31 sv, 62 K, 2.25 ERA,  1.09 WHIP

Sleeper: Sergio Santos (Tor-RP) Santos will finally get the shot to be the full time guy, and since he has great stuff and a good strikeout rate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him finish in the top 15 by the end of the year.

2012 projection: 5 W, 33 sv, 81 K, 3.35 ERA, 1.17 WHIP

Bust: ALL Closers! No not really some will do well, but I think Jose Valverde could tank this year. The guy just tends to walk to many batters and puts himself in a lot of bad situations, and having Miggy at 3B in close games isn’t going to help the defense…just saying.

2012 projection: See above line

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Craig Kimbrel 1 1 1
Jonathan Paperlbon 3 3 2
Drew Storen 4 5 6
Mariano Rivera 2 2 4
Ryan Madson 6 12 15
John Axford 5 4 3
Rafael Betancourt 8 20 30
Joel Hanrahan 9 10 11
Brian Wilson 7 11 7
Jason Motte 12 21 19
Joakim Soria 16 16 9
JJ Putz 14 8 5
Heath Bell 15 7 8
Jose Valverde 10 13 13
Jordan Walden 18 14 18
Carlos Marmol 22 17 20
Andrew Bailey 17 9 14
Joe Nathan 24 23 22
Huston Street 20 19 23
Kyle Fransworth 19 23 27
Sleeper: Sergio Santos 28 18 17
Bust:Jose Valverde 10 13 13

If you have any opinions on which RP will be a stud or a bust this year, let me know in the comments. Sorry for the delay on the position rankings some miscommunication and a busy schedule from my new author has delayed the 3B and OF ranks. If you liked what you saw, follow the blog, or “like” H2H Hombre on facebook. The more views I get the better chance I have at making money for writing about sports, and I think we can all agree that that would be pretty awesome. Have a wonderful day everyone and good luck to you fantasy drafters!


Here are the 1B rankings for the 2012 season.

1. Albert Pujols (LAA-1B)– Albert has left my redbirds, which is very sad, but from a fantasy standpoint I actually think he will be a little better in Anaheim. From a ballpark standpoint Angel stadium saw better offensive production than Busch, with a worse lineup in place. So with Pujols ability to drive to the gaps he will probably see more 2B than he normally does, which is usually a lot! I think now that the contract stuff is over, and lots of games in Arlington, I expect him to have a great season. I probably have to much of a crush on Pujols to take him out of this spot for a least 2 more years…hey just being honest!

2012 projection: .324 avg, 123 r, 44 hr, 124 rbi, 7 sb

2. Miguel Cabrera (Det-1B, 3B)– Miguel has been 1.b for the last several seasons to Pujols but after his 2nd straight better season than Pujols (statistically) he has finally taken over the #1 spot in most peoples eyes, but not mine. He will have 3B eligibility too, which helps his fantasy value, but could potentially hurt his game. He has lost about 35-40 pounds already this offseason and from a picture I saw of him he looks like he did when he first came in the league…which he played some 3B then too. Oh and Prince hitting behind Miggy should only help him.

2012 projection: .338 avg, 111 r, 34 hr, 118 rbi, 3 sb

3. Adrian Gonzalez (Bos-1B)– Gonzalez saw his power numbers decline some last season, but he also saw a career high in batting average. I fully expect his average to dip some, but his power numbers to shot up as a result. Gonzalez is just a solid hitter from top to bottom and playing 80 games in Fenway again isn’t going to hurt any of his stats. The next 2 guys could have been at this spot, but I like Gonzalez line just a little better than Prince and Votto.

2012 projection: .328 avg, 107 r, 35 hr,  122 rbi, 1 sb

4. Prince Fielder (Det-1B)– Prince surprised everyone when he signed with the Tigers this offseason, but when you look at what that lineup could look like it is scary good from top to bottom. Prince will be batting most likely behind Miguel (arguably best hitter in baseball) and then probably in front of Avila (rising star at C) or Boesch (player with a lot of pop in his bat). That is a lot of potential damage to other teams. Plus the AL central in my opinion has worse top to bottom pitching staffs than the NL Central (not by much but it is worse).

2012 projection: .291 avg, 101 r, 43 hr, 131 rbi, 3 sb

5. Joey Votto (Cin-1B)– Votto is another stud option at 1B, but I  just don’t like him as much as some others. He isn’t in as good of a lineup as the 4 guys above him, and the trade talks/contract stuff around him this year could become a slight distraction. Don’t get me wrong he will still have a great year, but I just see him a step below the 4 above him.

2012 projection: .312 avg, 96 r, 31 hr, 108 rbi, 9 sb

6.Mark Teixiera (NYY-1B)-Tex had his worst pro season last year, and it has been 3 straight seasons of decline. So I debated dropping him even further (around 8). But with the short porch in RF, a loaded Yankees lineup, and hopefully a healthy season will help Tex return to a great 1B instead of just an average one. He is on the wrong side of 30 so I won’t be surprised if the last two years are the norm instead of the exception. Draft Tex at your own risk.

2012 projection: .278 avg, 98 r, 39 hr, 114 rbi, 5 sb

7. Mike Napoli (Tex-C, 1B)– Read my catcher rankings if you want all the details on the “Nap Dog.”

2012 projection: .301 avg, 71 r, 32 hr, 78 rbi, 5 sb

8. Eric Hosmer (KC-1B)– Hosmer is the young star that KC thought they had in Alex Gordon, and lucky for the Royals that both played great last season. Hosmer has above average power, a great eye at the plate, and will finally get a full season in the majors. If you were to simply extrapolate his stats from the 128 games last season he will finish with a great line, but I expect there to be a little improvement across the board.

2012 projection: .304 avg, 86 r, 25 hr, 98 rbi, 12 sb

9. Michael Morse (Was-1B)-Morse finally got his shot to be a full time player and he didn’t look back. He hit over .300 and had 30 hr, he was definitly one of the major surprises from last season. He still should be right in the thick of a sneaky good Nationals team. They will have some good players in their lineup with a potential spark in Bryce Harper. Not only do I expect Morse to have another solid year, I’m going to project a competitive Nationals team in the heavy NL East.

2012 projection: .296 avg, 79 r, 33 hr, 98 rbi, 1 sb

10. Lance Berkman (STL-1B, OF)– Lance was the best hitter in the Cardinals lineup for the first three months of last season, but after the all-star break he cooled off tremendously. Lucky for the Cardinals he seemed to have just enough in the tank to have a solid playoff line. I don’t expect the same power outburst that Berkman had last season, but I do expect another really good line for the “Big Puma.”

2012 projection: .295 avg, 89 r, 25 hr, 97 rbi, 4 sb

Sleeper: Ike Davis (NYM-1B)– Ike was off to a great start last year, and then got injured and never got back on track. I really like what he could bring to the table this year. You can get him really cheap as your backup 1B or in deeper leagues you could take him as your number 1 and since he has always played well when he is healthy (minors and short stint in the pros so far). He won’t disappoint you.

2012 projection: .303 avg, 80 r, 23 hr, 85 rbi, 5 sb

Bust: Paul Konerko (ChW-1B)– Paul Konerko has been ole’ reliable for the White Sox. He is not letting “father time” catch up with him at all. (he’s probably on the juice! JK I don’t really think he is) Paul will probably still drive in a lot of runs and hit a fair share of HR, but I can see him starting his steady decline this season just like Jim Thome did in 09. I don’t wish him to fail, but my head and heart says at age 36 the decline is going to happen sooner rather than later.

2012 projection: .275 avg, 76 r, 27 hr, 92 rbi, 1 sb

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Albert Pujols 2 2 2
Miguel Cabrera 1 1 1
Adrian Gonzalez 4 4 4
Prince Fielder 5 5 6
Joey Votto 3 3 3
Mark Teixiera 6 6 7
Mike Napoli 9 14 8
Eric Hosmer 8 11 14
Michael Morse 12 12 12
Lance Berkman 11 16 10
Sleeper: Ike Davis 24 18 17
Bust: Paul Konerko 7 8 11

There won’t be any posts going up until Monday, so check in then for the 2B rankings by my good friend. If you have any questions about fantasy baseball leave a comment, or if you have any of your own 1B projections let us know what you think. Like always don’t forget to follow the blog, or like “H2H Hombre” on facebook. Good luck to you all this fantasy season.

So Fantasy Baseball is finally starting again, and with the season beginning it is time to rank the positions! Here is the list of my top 10 Catchers for the upcoming season, along with one sleeper, someone who I think might surprise, and one bust, a guy who I think you should stay away from. My rankings are what my head and eye tells me, but my projections might have a little more of my heart in them (aka they may not match their rank exactly). I hope you enjoy the first of my 8 position ranking posts!

1. Mike Napoli (Tex-C, 1B)-I went back and forth between the “Nap Dog” and McCann, but the potential of .300 and 30+ HR won Mike the #1 spot. He had an incredible season for a catcher last year, and this year he is the guy behind the plate. Last season for the first 2-3 months Napoli wasn’t yet a regular but for the final 3 months he went on a tear. So I expect him to have the best season for a C again this year.

2012 projection: .301 avg, 71 r, 32 hr, 78 rbi, 5 sb

2. Brian McCann (Atl-C)-McCann had a decent season last year, and really hasn’t been the same since he had to have eye surgery, well at least in terms of BA. But even if he is just a .270 hitter he still offers so much in terms of power that he is an easy top 3 C by season’s end. I expect a slight uptick in power, but don’t see any of his other numbers being dramatically changed.

2012 projection: .277 avg, 63 r, 28 hr, 79 rbi, 2 sb

3. Carlos Santana (Cle-C,1B)-Santana had the 2nd highest HR out of the catcher spot last year, but his average was pretty painful. If he can get his BA up around .270-.280 then he might claim the #1 spot or at least be competitive for it. He is only in his third year, which for some is the breakout season, but it is really only his 2nd full year. So I don’t see the huge breakout until next year.

2012 projection: .265 avg, 85 r, 27 hr, 89 rbi, 2 sb

4. Alex Avila (Det-C)-Avila could very easily go back to what he was before last year (a complete unknown) but he was consistent throughout last year. Every time I watched him I was impressed with what I saw. Good discipline and just a solid swing. He finished among the tops in BA for Catchers so that is where his value will be compared to some of the other Catchers. Plus with V-mart going down, Avila will have even more opportunities in that still potent lineup.

2012 projection: .293 avg, 67 r, 21 hr, 82 rbi, 3 sb

5. Matt Wieters (Bal-C)-Wieters has been a dissappointment so far in his young career, but when you look at his numbers he has been a very good Catcher. Expectations for him were way too high and he just couldn’t live up to it. I ranked him modestly because I won’t be surprised if he continues his steady incline, but I think he is going to have a monster year.

2012 projection: .284 avg, 76 r, 24 hr, 78 rbi, 3 sb

6. Miguel Montero (Ari-C)-Miguel had an excellent rebound year from his 2010 campaign, but he needs to do it again before he makes it into the top 5. He plays in a great ball park for gap hitters, which he is, so the stadium is perfect for his style of hitting, as long as he stays healthy he will have another solid season.

2012 projection: .287 avg, 71 r, 19 hr, 83 rbi, 2 sb

7. Buster Posey (SF-C)-Posey was the next hot Catcher since Wieters or Mauer. But he actually performed almost as well as the “experts” claimed he would, but then it all came crashing down (crash, collision; tomato, toemato (say it how its spelled)…so that didn’t work sorry). I know Posey has all the skills to return to excellent production, but I think he is going to have a slow start to start the year. So take caution when drafting him or just buy low in mid-May 🙂

2012 projection: .288 avg, 64 r, 19 hr, 71 rbi, 4 sb

8. Joe Mauer (Min-C,1B)-Mauer will have dual-elegibility, but it is in the loaded position of 1B. Mauer used to be the creme of the crop at C, but his rare leg injury set him back some. I want to believe that since he is only 28 and will be 29 this season that he will return to his former glory. He probably won’t be able to play Catcher to much if he wants to avoid further damage to his legs. Expect Mauer to be solid for you, but don’t pay a hefty price for him.

2012 projection: .302 avg, 64 r, 9 hr, 75 rbi, 1 sb

9. Wilson Ramos (Was-C)-Ramos didn’t have a great year last year, but when you look closer his last 3 months he was one of the top 5 Catchers. Hitting .288 with close to double digit HR after the all-star break if he just duplicate that over two halves of the season he will probably finish higher than the 9th spot. He is someone I will be targeting in my drafts because you can get him cheap and has high upside.

2012 projection: .285 avg, 62 r, 15 hr, 64 rbi, 2 sb

10.Yadier Molina (STL-C)-Yadi is not only the best defensive catcher in the game, but he has slowly become an adequate offensive player. Most of his value will be in OBP and Avg. So don’t expect a 20 hr season or an 100 rbi season. He won’t do that, but if you just want your catcher to help you in avg, while driving in adequate runs and scoring at a decent pace than look no further.

2012 projection: .299 avg, 56 r, 12 hr, 58 rbi, 0 sb

Sleeper: Devin Mesoraco (Cin-C)-Mesoraco is a top rated prospect that is projected to get quite a bit of playing time for the “redlegs” this season. He will most likely become a staple in the Reds lineup for a couple of years if his power from the minors carries into the pros. Now don’t expect greatness from the young man as the pro game is much harder for young catchers to pickup than most other positions because of learning to manage pitching staffs, but if you are in a keeper league or have some major injuries at the C position than he should be a great addition to your team.

2012 projection: .265 avg, 52 r, 13 hr, 63 rbi, 2 sb

Bust: Russell Martin (NYY-C)-Russell was great to start the year last year, and had many hoping he was returning to his glory days of 07-08. But then he returned to earth and finished with a below average year. Now some people are projection Russell to finish in the top 10 of catchers this season, but despite the weight loss I just don’t see it happening. He just turned 29 so he isn’t the young breakout anymore. He has played in the majors for 6 seasons now so we should know what to expect and that is just a decent C nothing more nothing less. Also, he is notorious for hot starts and horrible finishes…you’ve been warned.

2012 projection: .252 avg, 50 r, 13 hr, 57 rbi, 6 sb

My Rankings ESPN Yahoo! CBS
Mike Napoli 1 2 3
Brian McCann 3 3 2
Carlos Santana 2 1 1
Alex Avila 6 8 4
Matt Wieters 4 5 8
Miguel Montero 5 6 7
Buster Posey 7 4 6
Joe Mauer 8 7 5
Wilson Ramos 10 13 13
Yadier Molina 9 11 12
Sleeper: Devin Mesoraco 25 20 18
Bust: Russell Martin 14 12 9

That is it for today, tomorrow the 1B rankings will be up. Hope you enjoy the rankings, if you have any fantasy baseball questions let me know in the comment section. Or if you have any thoughts of your own on Catchers for the upcoming season, I would love to hear your opinions! Don’t forget to follow “The Hombre ” for immediate updates on posts, or ‘like’ on facebook. Enjoy the new fantasy season my friends!