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This past weekend was a great sports weekend for me, well besides the NBA not ending the lockout. My St. Louis Cardinals won their 11th title and did it by playing in maybe the most exciting World Series and at least the most exciting WS game (game 6). Tony always kept the Cardinals competitive even when they didn’t have the best talent, and I will miss seeing him do some of his bizarre things from game to game. He was a great manager. That alone would make any sport fan happy, but my Eagles tore apart their division rival Cowboys on Sunday night. They look like they may be hitting some sort of stride and play some winnable games the next couple of weeks. The Eagles are still only 3-4 on the year so we will need to finish the year at about 6-3 or 7-2 to get in the playoffs. Enough about my teams and on to the thing you came here to see, fantasy football stuff.

W Ben Roethlisberger Pre: 22 pts Act: 20 pts
W Ryan Matthews Pre: 7 pts Act: 8 pts
W AJ Green Pre: 14 pts Act: 12 pts
T Antonio Gates Pre: 4 pts Act: 7 pts
L Knowshon Moreno Pre: 18 pts Act: 7 pts
W San Francisco Defense Pre: 6 Pts alw, 3 sacks, 1 Fum, 2 INT
Act: 10 pts alw, 4 sack, 1 fum, 1 INT
Overall Record:


I’m starting to get a pretty good record, I need to stay on top of my game because one bad week can put me at .500.

(I will be using 4 pts for passing TDs, 1 pt for 25 passing yards, -2 for INT, -2 for fumbles, 1 for 10 yards rushing and receiving, 6 pts for rushing/receiving TD, and DEF won’t have a projected point total because there are way too many different ways people score them.)

QB-Sam Bradford (STL) All-In-This is obviously dependent on if he starts or not. I have good faith that after missing the last two games he will be out there trying to help his team get their 2nd win of the season. If S Jax can do this week what he did last week he will open up the field for Bradford. Bradford and the Rams have faced one of the tougher schedules to open the year and now things begin to get easier. Arizona is 30 in passing yards allowed, so they are a vulnerable pass defense. If Bradford is a go I’m all-in!

Week 9 prediction: 278 passing yards, 2 TD, 12 rushing yards (20 fantasy points)

QB-Ben Roethlisberger (Pit) Fold-Big Ben has been great the last 3 weeks, but it is divsion rivalry time. And when Pitt and Bal play they usually beat up on each other. Week 1’s game was an anomaly in the last 3 1/2 years. Baltimore also has the third best passing defense, and the 2nd defense in points allowed. So don’t expect a high scoring shootout in Pittsburg this week. As a result I would say look for a different QB option if you have one.

Week 9 prediction: 168 passing yards, 1 TD, 1 INT (8 fantasy points)

RB-Jackie Battle (KC) All-In-I watched some of the MNF game this last week and Battle is a beast of person. 6’2 238 lbs. He is a big dude and also has some pretty good burst through the hole. Which makes him a great back for the offense KC runs. He hasn’t put up spectacular numbers, but he hasn’t been a fantasy letdown, or real life one at that. Miami’s rush defense has been in the middle of the pack, but they have allowed 23.7 points a contest. Battle will be a factor on a goaline play or two which will make him a great fantasy play.

Week 9 prediction: 81 rushing, 2 TD, 11 receiving (21 fantasy points)

RB-Fred Jackson (Buf) Fold-Jackson has been explosive and a fantasy steal this year. NO one thought he was going to be among the top 5 fantasy RB’s to start the year, and it appears he isn’t showing any signs of wear or tear. However this week I think will be the first week he will let fantasy owners down. He is facing what I think will be a stingy Jets defense this week coming off of their bye (I hate the Jets right now just so everyone knows). I see the Jets making Fitzpatrick beat them and eliminating Jackson from the equation. I would say Fold Jackson this week.

Week 9 prediction: 67 rushing, 21 receiving, 1 fum (6 fantasy points)

WR-Preston Parker (TB) All-In-Parker hasn’t been flashy or spectacular at any point this season, but he has been dependable for Josh Freeman. His last time he faced the Saints he scored a TD making him a playable option. I think he will score another one this week and add some decent yardage. He will make a great WR3 or Flex play this week. I’m going all-In with Parker.

Week 9 prediction: 57 receiving, 1 TD, 12 rushing (12 fantasy points)

WR-Mario Manningham (NYG) All-In-The Giants passing attack has been great this year, and Eli is loving that he has 4 or 5 options to look at in the passing game. Mario has 5 plus catches and 56 plus yards in his last three games. So you know you are going to at least get something from him. Last year he had a couple of big games, and even though Cruz is the hot hand right now I like Manningham this week more.

Week 9 prediction: 76 receiving, 2 TD (19 fantasy points)

TE-Fred Davis (Was) All-In-The Redskins have been terrible the last 5 weeks, but Davis has been great. He has a three game stretch of at least 80 yards. He did suffer an ankle sprain at the end of the game against the Bills and faces a stingy 49ers D. I think he will play with the sprain because he is one of the only options the Redskins have in the passing game, if he plays he will play well.

Week 9 prediction: 88 receiving, 1 TD (14 fantasy points)

Flex-Darren Sproles (NO) Fold-Last time out against Tampa Sproles was held to 62 total yards (his lowest output of the season). I think the NO offense will be a little better than they were last week, but since it is a division game I don’t think it will be more than 30 points from the Saints. The Saints backfield is one crazy situation every game, so this is really a crapshoot, but since he played poorly last time against TB I’m predicting a similar game.

Week 9 prediction: 25 rushing, 38 receiving (5 fantasy points)

DEF-Buffalo Fold– The Bills have done a great job of being opportunistic this year. They have allowed 18 TD this year and are giving up 21 points a game (aided by their shutout of the Redskins and week 1 Chiefs). They have scored 4 Defensive TD which have made them a good fantasy D to start. But this week against the Jets I don’t see them getting that lucky bounce to get them a score. They have been in 5 games where both teams have scored 20 or more and I can see that being the fact in this game.

Week 9 prediction: 27 points allowed, 2 sacks, 1 INT

Hope you are enjoying the blog, and I would love to hear/see who you think is due for a big performance or a bad game this week. Let me know by leaving a comment with your prediction. If you want to get notified the moment a new post goes up follow the blog, or “like” H2H Hombre on facebook. Thanks again for checking out the site and hope you come back.


So this week’s post will be a little more abbreviated than the last three. In the process of buying a house so that is taking up a lot more time than I anticipated. Cardinals with their backs against the walls tonight for about the 15 time this season. If we win than a game 7 will happen(with a possible Carpenter start looming), if we lose than it has been a wonderful year, and much more than I expected when we were 10 1/2 out at the start of September. Cowboys vs. Eagles this week has me very interested to see if the Eagles have cleaned up some of their problems during the bye. Reid is 12-0 after a bye, and has a winning percentage of over .600 once November and December hit. So if the Eagles manage  a win this week than 3-4 might be a really good spot going into their final 9 games! Enough of me talking about things that aren’t fantasy relevant.

TEBOW Nation Assemble!!!

W Tim Tebow Pre: 23 pts Act: 22 pts
W Joe Flacco Pre: 12 pts Act: 7 pts
L Earnest Graham Pre: 20 pts Act: 1 pt
W Beanie Wells Pre: 6 pts Act: 4 pts
L Sidney Rice Pre: 13 pts Act: 4 pts
L Brandon Llyod Pre: 14 pts Act: 7 pts
W Dustin Keller Pre: 3 pts Act: 3 pts
L Peyton Hillis Pre: 22 pts Act: 0 DNP
W Cowboys Defense Pre: 13 Pts alw, 7 sacks, 1 Fum, 1 TD
Act: 7 pts alw, 1 sack, 1 fum, 1 INT
Overall Record: 14-12-1

So after a bad first week, I have had two straight winning weeks. This week I am just doing one player per position.

(I will be using 4 pts for passing TDs, 1 pt for 25 passing yards, -2 for INT, -2 for fumbles, 1 for 10 yards rushing and receiving, 6 pts for rushing/receiving TD, and DEF won’t have a projected point total because there are way too many different ways people score them.)

QB-Ben Roethlisberger (Pit) All-In Spelled Big Ben’s name right on the first try, NBD. I like Ben this week because of the weak defense he must face. In his first 3 or 4 starts against the Patriots Ben looked lost most games, but the last three times he has faced them he has put up good fantasy numbers (13 pts, 15 pts, and 22 pts last year). Even after a bye week to polish the defense up a little, I think Ben will put up some pretty good numbers. I expect this one to be a first to 30 points type of a game so expect both teams to score at least 4 TDs

Week 8 prediction: 276 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 15 rushing yards (22 points)

RB- Ryan Matthews (SD) Fold Kansas City isn’t the best team in the league, but the last three games they have played good games overall. In the last three games they haven’t allowed a rushing TD or a 100 yard rusher. Matthews had a good game against the Chiefs earlier in the year, but this time around they will be able to contain him much better. They were able to stop the likes of Run DMC, and Adrian AD Peterson, I think they can do it to Matthews too.

Week 8 prediction: 84 rushing yards, 0 TD, 18 receiving, 1 fumble (7 points)

WR-AJ Green (Cin) All-In Green has had a great rookie campaign and it has helped that his rookie QB is performing at a better level than the experts thought he was capable of doing. The Bengals will be without Cedric Benson so the Defense may be looking at Green even more than usual. I think he will find the endzone to make owners happy they put him in their starting lineup. Plus Seattle has shown they are vulnerable to the pass (20th in passing yards allowed)

Week 8 prediction: 84 receiving, 1 TD (14 points)

TE-Antonio Gates (SD) Fold Gates is finally back from a foot injury, but he probably won’t be full strength for a couple of weeks. He did catch a TD pass last week making owners either glad they hung on to him or upset because they didn’t put him in their lineup. I think he will have a rough week against the Chiefs in KC. He has typically fared well against KC (scoring against them 4 times in his last 5 games against them). I just think the foot thing will creep up again this week and cause an early exit.

Week 8 prediction: 41 receiving, 0 TD (4 points)

Flex-Knowshon Moreno (Den) All-In Moreno is going to have that big week that everyone expects of him at the beginning of the season, but since he has had so many disappointments no one is going to think about playing him this week. The Lions have been bad against the run (especially the last several weeks). This is purely a hunch so it will probably come back to bite me in the butt!

Week 8 prediction: 102 rushing, 1 TD, 23 receiving (18 points)

Def-San Francisco All-In San Fran has had one of the better defenses in football all year. In fact they are 11th in total yards allowed, 2nd in points allowed, tied for 2nd in 3rd down percentage (meaning they get the opposing off the field more often than not), and 2nd in yards per carry (don’t worry I know I looked up stats that reinforce my claim that they have a good defense and didn’t show any of their weaknesses). To go along with that they play a pretty bad offensive team in the Browns. With those two things mixed together it usually means good things for the D. San Fran all-in!

Week 8 prediction: 6 points allowed, 3 sacks, 2 INT, 1 fumble

Well that is all I have time for this week. I hope you will follow the blog so you can stay updated as soon as my next post goes up. Or go to my facebook page and “like” H2H Hombre. Thanks for reading and leave any all-in or fold candidates you have for week 8!

If you know me at all you would know that I love trading in fantasy sports. I will offer trades to people the minute after the draft is over all the way up to the final minute before the “trade deadline” hits. Something about being able to change the look of your team is just fun for me. However I usually try to win my trade, in terms of value, but if a person is willing to talk through what they want, why they want a certain player I own, or just keep the lines of communication open I am much more willing to do a 50/50 trade. I think we can all agree that when we trade we want the biggest return when we make the deal, and sometimes we see value in different ways. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about the different types of trades, fantasy trading, if you are interested (note: it is written with NBA being the focal point, but the concept of the trades carry over to every sport. For this post I am going to tell you who you should look to trade for and who you should look to ship out.

It's time to put your money on these guys!

-Dan Uggla-Uggla is batting just a measly .180 on the year, and that is with 194 AB on the year. So things have been ugly for him this year. His career low in AVG is .243. So let’s say he ties a career worst in his AVG. That would mean he would bat close to .265 from here on out, and that is to just get to .243 on the year. If you think like me that he will probably get to about .255. Then he would hit around .284. He has had 30+ HR every single season so I don’t see that changing. Fantasy Baseball is a very patient long term game and if you can get a guy who is going to bat .260-.280 the rest of the year with 23+ HR then you would take it…well that is Uggla so go for him.

Shin-Soo Choo-Choo seems to be one of the only players on the Indians roster who isn’t doing everything right, some see that as a bad thing but for fantasy people that should be a good sign of what is to come. His last month has actually been pretty good, .281, 13 r, 3 hr, 12 rbi, 3 sb. So if he can even just meet that over the final four months his season totals would be. 75 r, 17 hr, 60 rbi, 19 sb, .266. I would venture a guess that Choo finishes higher in every category at seasons end. Once the weather gets nicer in Cleveland I think Choo’s bat will help carry the Indians offense to a surprising year.

-Billy Butler-Butler is on 2 of my fantasy teams so this might be wishful thinking. Butler is a guy who has decent numbers across the board in his short career, but his true value was in his batting average. Butler’s OBP is higher right now than in year’s past, he is on pace to set a career low in GIDP, and he is on pace to have almost 100 walks on the year. When players are able to take lots of walks that usually means they are seeing the ball pretty well, and when players can see the ball that means the hits start to come. In Butler’s last 14 days he is hitting over .340. If you need help in the AVG department I think he is a great buy low guy.

-Other notable cash in candidates: Albert Pujols, Adam Dunn, Troy Tulowitzki

Cash Out (players who have outperformed themselves and should be traded while their value is still really high)

Get big money on these players while you still can

-Asdrubal Cabrera-Cabrera has done some amazing things so far this season. He has already set a career high in HR with 10 (previous season high was 6). He has 7 SB with 0 CS, which puts him on pace for about 26 SB on the year (would be a career high). And is hitting over .300, which he has done only once in his short 4 year career. He might be the next Jose Bautista breakout player, or just another 25 year old player that starts reaching his potential. But I don’t think he can keep this kind of torrid pace. I would shop him around since in the last 14 days he has half of those 10 HR. Get something pretty in return for his monster start.

-Jay Bruce-Bruce had a pretty bad April and then followed it up with a great May. His stats over the last 30 days look like this, .324, 20 r, 10 hr, 26 rbi, 1 sb. That is a great month to have for a team. I do think Bruce has the talent and ability to be a top 25 player, but these type numbers would make him a top 5 player…and I’m not quite ready to put him there yet. I would bet someone in your league loves this guy as much as you do and you could get a top 15 player in return for him, and I would say CASH OUT!

-Matt Joyce-Joyce are the kind of waiver gems that come along and can be great for your team for about 20-40 days (and yes sometimes longer), but after their hot run they usually fade out and return to the player they were before. He is hitting .367 for the year right now, but he hit .275 in the minors for his 6 seasons. So even if he has started to be a better hitter I think it is safe to say his AVG will probably be around .300 or lower by season’s end, which means a poor .272 AVG the rest of the season. He hasn’t been known to be a huge HR guy either in his Minor league career, and he is on pace for about 28 this year (which would be 11 more than his best in the minors and 16 more than in the pros) Cash out while you still can!

-Other notables Michael Brantley, Howie Kendrick, Lance Berkman, Brett Gardner

Sorry I haven’t been posting that much, I have been distracted by my OKC Thunder who just got eliminated last night. So now I can grieve which means I will eat, sleep, and think fantasy baseball. So you can expect my posts to be more consistent over the next 3 months. Subscribe if you like what I have put out, comment if you have any questions or comments regarding fantasy sports, and “like” H2H Hombre on facebook.