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Good news fantasy sports fans. My fantasy baseball rankings will be slowly coming up over the first 10 days of March! A friend of mine is helping me with the rankings, so you will get to have two different opinions throughout this year’s rankings. I will put up a position a day, every weekday, starting March 1st. So Catchers will be up this Thursday. Don’t forget to follow the blog or “like” the Hombre on facebook so you can see the post the moment it is up. Spring has finally arrived because baseball is back!


So my favorite fantasy sport and just sport in general is finally back, which means I will be posting more regularly. Most of you know how my all-in and fold posts work, and for those of you that don’t it is pretty simple. I will be giving you some guys who should be added to your fantasy lineup and those that are on your lineup that are waiver wirer fodder. Pretty simple. Most of my stat gathering will be from Yahoo!, ESPN, and Hope you enjoy my first blog of the new year and of the new basketball season!

All-In (these are guys who have played well and could be worth a spot on your roster!)

Al Harrington (Den-PF, C)- Al has been great to start the year, he is been great in almost every category, except Blks and ast. He is shooting the ball surprisingly well, getting a decent number of rebounds, and is shooting from both the field and the free throw line at above average. If you are weak at either PF or C you should look to grab Harrington.

Jonas Jerebko (Det-SF, PF)– Jerebko has been really one of the only guys in Detroit worth owning, outside of Monroe and Rodney. He was good in spurts last year, and it looks like he is going to get some good playing time this season. The wing positions are very tight in Detroit, and by tight I mean they have way to many of them, so a bad stretch could mean less minutes for Jonas, but play the hot hand right now.

Check (these are guys who could be on the brink of being start worthy or on the brink of being kicked to the curb)

Brandon Rush (GS-SG, SF)– Rush has done really well in GS the first week. If he continues to see a heavy number of minutes he will be useful in all leagues. He is capable of hitting some 3’s. Doesn’t shoot the ball too much, and plays strong Defense so he will get you a couple of steals and blocks throughout the season. If Mark Jackson (the coach) continues to allow Rush to play because of his defense Rush will be a great pickup.

Channing Frye (Pho-PF, C)– Frye’s value rests solely on his ability to hit 3’s and so far in this young season he hasn’t done it. I wouldn’t say drop him just yet, but if he struggles again this week to hit jumpers he is a bad C to own, because he won’t help you in other “C” categories (FG%, BLK). Give him one more week and then decide.

Fold (these are guys who have played poorly and may need to be giving the boot!)

I’m not one to get hasty and drop a guy who I drafted in the first 8 rounds in the first week or two. So I won’t specify 1 particular player this week, instead I will say drop any guy who is playing poorly that you drafted in the final 5 rounds. You went into the season grabbing them late because it was a zero risk all upside, and if they aren’t cashing in on the upside go get someone who can.

That is all I have for you this week, it was a little shorter than a normal post will be, but wanted to get the first one out there so you know I will be here for the fantasy basketball season. If you want me to answer any questions about your team, a specific player, or just general discussion leave a comment. I’m always looking for ways to make my blog different and/or better than other resources but the only way I can know what my readers need is by telling me. Thanks for your time and good luck to you all this week!

The Fantasy Football season is in full swing and I figured it is better late than never to start offering some advice in the fantasy football world. I will try to get a post a week of fantasy football stuff. It will probably look like most start em/sit em articles out there mixed with a little flames/lames. So without further ado let’s get down to the gridiron.

(I will be using 4 pts for passing TDs, 1 pt for 25 passing yards, -2 for INT, -2 for fumbles, 1 for 10 yards rushing and receiving, 6 pts for rushing/receiving TD, and DEF won’t have a projected point total because there are way too many different ways people score them.)

QB-Kevin Kolb (@Min)-All-In I have never liked Kolb, in fact I was so furious that the Eagles traded away their first pick to the Cowboys to move back to then draft Kolb a round earlier than anyone else would have drafted him. With all that said he is playing fairly well in Arizona right now he has an above average comp % 61.5, and has thrown for over 240 yards in every contest. His negatives are that he is having trouble throwing TD passes 5 on the year, and he is turning the ball over too much (4 INT, 2 lost fumbles, he has fumbled 5 times this year already) If he can’t fix his turnover problem he will be a fantasy bum the whole year. But this week could be the week Kolb puts up big numbers facing what has been a very vulnerable Vikings D. The Vikings have allowed 286 passing yards a game, and can’t seem to hold onto early leads they get. So expect Kolb to have to throw several times this week, and if Beanie Wells can keep running the ball like he has the PA could open up some good deep balls for Kolb.

Week 5 prediction: 315 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 26 rushing yards (24 fantasy points)

QB-Josh Freeman (@SF)-Fold Freeman is a really good young QB if you haven’t gotten a chance to see him play yet you should. He seems to be very comfortable playing the game, and it appears he doesn’t get rattled very easily. He has the athleticism to run the ball some(104 yds) and has a pretty accurate arm(66.9%). However much of his game is helped by a solid run game, and even though it appears that Blount is starting to get into a groove in the running game, San Fran has a good rush defense (74 yards allowed 4th best). San Fran hasn’t been the best as stopping the pass (284 passing yards per game allowed), but I think if they shut down Blount then Freeman won’t have a statistically great game.

Week 5 prediction: 190 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 19 rushing yards (10 fantasy points)

RB-Mark Ingram (@Car)-All-In Ingram hasn’t been too good the first 4 games, in fact his best game (week 3) just totaled 9 fantasy points. He has been getting about 14 touches a game, and while I don’t expect him to get many more than that this week I do think the Saints will build an early lead and allow him and Pierre to run the clock in the 2nd half. He also has been getting slightly more involved in the passing game with 2 receptions in each of the last 2 games. It will also help that Carolina has the 2nd worst run defense allowing over 5 yards a carry. Two of their key LB are done for the year so I see Ingram having a successful fantasy day if you own him I say go all-in.

Week 5 prediction: 94 rushing yards, 2 TD, 14 receiving yards (22 fantasy points)

RB-Jahvid Best (Chi)-All-In Best has the speed to be a huge threat week in and week out. However he hasn’t shown to be a great play every week. He hasn’t been running the ball all that great yet, but he is heavily involved in the passing game (4 receptions per game). Also three of his first four games were against top 11 rushing defense teams, the one that wasn’t ranked high he had his best game (KC). Chicago’s run defense has been just as bad as the Chiefs, the Bears allow more YPC and the Chiefs have allowed more YPG. The Bears have also been bad at stopping the pass, so if the Lions build a big lead with Megatron then that will mean lots of opportunities for Best.

Week 5 prediction: 105 rushing yards, 1 TD, 58 receiving yards (21 fantasy points)

WR-Eric Decker (SD)-Fold Decker has been a huge surprise week 2 and week 4 grabbing 2 TDs in each game. Decker looks like he is going to be a hit or miss guy much like Lloyd was last year. I think this week will be a miss. He is facing a strong Chargers D. They have only allowed 208 YPG against WR and only 6 TD so far this year. The only thing Decker owners can hope for is SD builds a huge lead and forces the Broncos to throw early and often to up the chances for Decker to shine again. I think Decker will be better off on the bench than in your starting lineup.

Week 5 prediction: 6 catches, 55 receiving yards, 0 TD (5 fantasy points)

WR-Marques Colston (@Car)-All-In Colston returned from his shoulder injury and was only targeted 3 times and recorded 1 catch for 8 yards. Now that we know Colston can play again I expect to see him getting much more targets. He has always been one of Brees favorite options in the red zone. Carolina has been good against WR this season so far, but Colston has pretty good numbers against the Panthers for his career (54 ypg and 0.4 TD a game). I think Colston will get a couple of early looks and be a factor when they get in the red zone.

Week 5 prediction: 5 catches, 84 receiving yards, 1 TD (14 fantasy points)

TE-Jermaine Gresham (@Jac) All-In Gresham is a great athlete out of the TE position. I would say he is as athletic as J. Finley, A. Gates, and other top athlete TE’s. Now that he is in his 2nd full season I think he is starting to get better at the little things in the game too. He has a rookie QB throwing to him so that will mean some down weeks, but if Dalton is smart he will use Gresham as his security blanket. Gresh is averaging 4 receptions a game and just under 50 yards a game. So if he can grab you another TD like he did in week 1 and week 4 than he is worth the start. Olsen and Graham had good games against the Jags the last two weeks so it appears the Jags have trouble with the TE. I expect Gresham to have his best game as an NFL player this week.

Week 5 prediction: 7 catches, 93 receiving yards, 2 TD (21 fantasy points)

Flex(RB/WR/TE)-Scott Chandler (Phi) All-In Chandler has been a decent play this season, with the exception of last week (2 catches, 10 yards, 0 TD). He had a TD catch in each of his first 3 games, so we know Fitz likes to look his way near the goal line. He is only averaging just under 3 receptions a game, but the Eagles have been the worst team at defending the TE position the last 15 years (they probably aren’t the worst, but they usually give up good games to the TE). Also, the vaunted Eagles passing D has given a league leading 10 TD passes…and by leading I mean worst! Let’s see how the Eagles have defended the TE this season; Vernon Davis 45 yds, 1 TD, Tony Gonzalez 83 yds, 2 TD, STL TE’s 40 yds, 0 TD. If you have Chandler hold on to him one more week and play him against my Eagles he will at least get you some points.

Week 5 prediction: 4 catches, 36 receiving yards, 2 TD (15 fantasy points)

Def-Tennessee (@Pit) All-In The Titans D has been very good so far this year. In fact they are ranked 7th in passing defense and 8th in rushing defense. The Steelers have a banged up O-line, banged up RB, a limping Big Ben, and a team that hasn’t been able to put up many points (16 a game). So with a mix of a stingy defense and a struggling offense in the Steelers expect a good result from the Titans D this week.

Week 5 predictions: 13 points allowed, 4 sacks, 1 INT, 1 fumble recovery.

Best of luck to all of you this week unless of course I am playing you in one of my leagues! Who do you think will be a surprise in week 5 leave a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to “like” H2H Hombre on facebook or “follow” the blog so you can know when the next post is up. Thanks again for reading and enjoy.