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We are 2/3 of the way through the split, and it has been an entertaining split. I have had mixed results in my fantasy leagues. Top 3 in 2 and bottom 4 in the other 2 (1 is a 6 man league so 4th in both). G2 and UoL have been a huge surprise throughout the entire split and NRG and FNC have been rather disappointing. Week 7 and 8 will have huge impacts on seeding for playoffs and who gets to go into the relegation tournament. Here are week 6’s results followed by week 7 picks.


All-in (players that will over perform their projections)

Top- KFO (17pts) Echo Fox has two really strong opponents this week (IMT and TSM), but they have shown they can play with their full roster. IMT has shown vulnerabilities in their last 3 games, and TSM still isn’t at their peak. For this reason I think KFO will far surpass his projection and could be worth a start if you are weak at top lane in an 8 team league.

Jungle- Svenskeren (24pts) Svens has played really well this entire split. His 24 points is way to low and when it is all said and done will end up right around the 30 point mark. So he is any easy all-in for me even facing off against Liquid and Echo Fox.

Mid- Froggen (26pts) Froggen is the 3rd highest scoring person in fantasy LCS right now (per game average) even though in his 6 games he has faced weaker competition that is still a good sign. I don’t think he will have a monster week, unless Echo Fox continues to sweep through the LCS with their full roster. You should expect in the low to mid 30’s for Froggen

ADC- Sneaky (36pts) Sneaky and Cloud9 have been on a pretty good run the last 3 weeks. Sneaky has been the highest scoring ADC in that time. With CLG and Dig on the rift this week, I expect continued dominance from C9 or at least some of their key players.

Support- Hylissang (31pts) Hylissang has been one of the main reasons UoL has looked so good. He is a great play making support, who is unafraid to initiate for his team even if it means him dying. As a result UoL has won many fights with great follow up from the rest of their team. He averages just over 32 points a week and I would expect him to get just above that this week with match-ups against Roc and SPY.

-Team- Fnatic (23pts) Fnatic has been exceptionally mediocre this split. They look great one game, awful the next, then middle of the pack the next three games. Overall they are still to inconsistent to be seen as a good team. With all that said they average 24 points a week and they face off against H2k and Roc which should allow them to get to that point total again.


Fold (players that will under perform their projections)

Top- Huni (39 pts) Huni and Reignover are the catalyst that allow IMT to dominate their opponents, but he still has a tendency to play a little overly reckless when he doesn’t have his teammates backing him up. Since IMT has shown some weaknesses the last 3 games, and face off against CLG and Echo Fox this week. I’m going to say Huni plays a little more safely and doesn’t quite get to his 39. He is still a must start in every league (except maybe a 4 team league)

Jungle-Trick (43 pts) This is my wildcard pick. G2 has had a great split so far, and I think this will be another good week for them. They play Elements and Origen, neither of those teams have shown they can really threaten the top tier teams. It is evident that G2 isn’t quite as dominant as they were their first 8 games. Also, Trick averages 40 points a week and has only scored more than 43 twice.

Mid- Nukeduck (46pts) Vitality will go 2-0 this week, but most of their players won’t be fantasy monsters because of the style of their play. Nukeduck averages 28 points a week. They play such a low kill map pressure game, that none of their players ever get to have monster fantasy weeks. The same will be true this week as they face off against Giants and Elements.

ADC- Hjarnan (44pts) Hjarnan averages 30 points a week, and see Nukeduck if you want more details on how I feel about Vitality this week.

Support-KonKwon (36pts) NRG has been riding the “struggle bus” the last few weeks, even though they will most likely bounce back this week against TiP and Ren. KonKwon has surpassed 36 points once this split (37 week 1), and I don’t think that will change this week against easier opponents.

Team- Liquid (29pts) Liquid started off slow, then blitz people for 5 games, and the last 4 have returned to earth. They are averaging just 10 points a game, and with the match-up against TSM they won’t go 2-0 which means they won’t be able to get over the 29 point threshold.


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This weeks post isn’t going to have as much depth. It has been a tough last few days for our son, so I’m a little tired and don’t have the time to jot down everything. As a result just going to give the picks for the week. Last week was my worst week I have had in a while so this is a bounce back week for me.


All-in (players that will outscore their projections)

Top – Lourlo (25pts)

Jungle – Svenskeren (33pts)

Mid – Perkz (35pts)

ADC – Doublelift (41pts)

Support – Aphromoo (24pts)

Team – Fnatic (31pts)

Fold (players that will underscore their projections)

Top – Kikis (29pts)

Jungle – Rush (40pts)

Mid – Nukeduck (39pts)

ADC – Altec (45pts)

Support – Kasing (31pts)

Team – Cloud 9 (30pts)

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It’s time for the weekly all-in or fold post. For a reminder I’m going to give you 1 person at each position (this includes a team) that I think are going to outscore their Fantasy LCS projections (all-in candidates) and 6 that will score lower than their projections (fold candidates). Here is the recap of my week 1 all-in and fold.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
CaboChard 29 19 L
Impaler 27 50.64 W
Kori 36 0 NA
Doublelift 33 47.48 W
Unlimited 22 18.8 L
Impulse 28 23 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Dyrus 29 22.13 W
Helios 33 0 NA
Shiphtur 35 23.9 W
Woolite 37 26.88 W
Xpecial 32 50.82 L
Roccat 29 19 W
Total W-L 6W-4L

Now here is my week 2 All-in and Fold Candidates


Top – Huni FNC (Projection: 31 pts) I don’t expect Fnatic to put up quite as many fantasy points as they did last week, but I think from what they showed last week they will be a good team in EU. Huni is a good top laner and is facing two teams that didn’t quite play up to what their expectations were in ROCCAT and Gambit. I don’t expect Huni to explode for another 65 points but I think he will beat out his projection.

Jungle – Impaler CST (Projection: 29 pts) Impaler put up good points week 1, and I think he is going to have another high scoring week. His two opponents this week are Team 8 and Gravity. Neither gave up huge points to the enemy jungler in week 1, but they didn’t shut them down either. I think Impaler will outscore his 28 point projection simply because of what I think he is expected to do for his team, which is make plays and pressure constantly. I’m pushing all-in on Impaler

Mid – Soren CW (Projection: 35 pts) I think Soren will be a high scorer on what will probably end up being a bottom team in EU. Sometimes these are the best kind of guys to target though. I expect closer to the 40 point mark from Soren since he faces Elements and MYM. Go all-in on Soren this week if you are unsure about him.

ADC -Steeelback FNC (Projection:40 pts) Another Fnatic player that I think will outpace his projection. (I almost put in two more of their players, but thought it might be overkill). I think the people at Fantasy Lolesports still aren’t sold on Fnatic, so their projections are all on the low end compared to their counterparts. Again I don’t think Fnatic will have 5 50+ point guys this week, but I think most will out perform their projection. So don’t hesitate to start Steeelback or any other Fnatic player this week.  

Support – Lustboy TSM (Projection: 24 pts) TSM plays two tough bot lanes this week (Winterfox and Liquid), but I think Lustboy is a great player. He isn’t the flashiest support out there, and typically isn’t the one “making the plays,” but he plays so well in every aspect of the game that I think he will always be close to the 30 point mark.

Team – Gravity (Projection: 28 pts) Gravity showed some resolve in week 1 after losing the first game to bounce back and destroy C9. As a result I’m confident in them this week against a weaker DIG and a still uncertain CST. I can see both of these games turning into blood baths which will result in lots of towers and objectives for Gravity. I also think they will win both games, and as a result go all-in if they are one of your choices for the Team category.


Top – Quas TL (Projection: 34 pts) I fully expect Quas to finish the year in top 3 among top laners, but this is going to be one of those weeks where I don’t think he will break the 30 point mark. Liquid plays C9 and TSM  even though both struggled week 1 I don’t expect them to do it a 2nd week in a row. Liquid may end up winning both games, but I don’t think Quas will be scoring machine for them. If he is your only top laner he will still get close to the 30, but I wouldn’t expect a “big” week from him.

Jungle – Diamond GMB (Projection: 26pts) Diamond looked like a dominant jungler last month at IEM and then he came out in week 1 and really struggled to make an impact. I expect another tough week for GMB and Diamond, and as a result I say fold him if you have another option.

Mid – Shiphtur DIG (Projection: 35 pts) 35 points is just to high for Shiphtur this week. He will end up around 30 because DIG expects him to make plays, and feeds him a lot of the resources. Until DIG can show me they can play consistent I won’t be playing any DIG players. So fold on Shiphtur this week.

ADC – Woolite ROC (Projection:31 pts) Woolite is a good ADC, but I think ROCCAT isn’t quite there yet for him to put up big numbers. I don’t think he will struggle every week, but he hasn’t had a favorable schedule to start the year. He plays FNC and Elements this week so I guess Woolite ends up with around 26 points.

Support – Nisbeth MYM (Projection: 27 pts) No MYM player is worth starting until they show us any reason to start them. 27 points from a support is a huge number, for example only 8 supports last week scored over 27 points. Nisbeth wasn’t even close to that with a 9 point showing in their two games. He is only owned in one of my leagues but if you own him. Please don’t start him this week.

Team – Impulse (Projection: 31 pts) Impulse played well in the first week, and only came out with 23 points. They play CLG and Team 8 this week. I don’t think they will win both games, in fact they could very easily lose both games, and if you lose both of your games it is really hard to break the 20 point mark. In other words fold Impulse in week 2 if you have them starting.


Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 2 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!