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Week 1 was rather anti-climatic featuring far more blowouts than close games. There were a few surprises that came out of week 1 though. Origen dominating both of their games, Dig getting shut out and then shutting out C9, NME beating Gravity, and Gambit looking terrible in their first two games. My picks from last week weren’t quite what I expected. I had a really good chance after the 1st day for my EU picks and the 1st day of my NA picks, but day 2 ruined quite a few of my picks (Dig, Cali, Febiven, and H2K). That is the beauty of fantasy sports, we can look at all the data and sometimes it doesn’t work out how you expect. Here are my results from week 1.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
CaboChard 31 16.75 L
IWillDominate 30 57.5 W
Pobelter 35 64.44 W
Niels 36 53.52 W
YellowStar 25 47.85 W
H2K 29 22 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Calitrlolz 27 31.34 L
Meteos 40 31.77 W
Febiven 40 55.22 L
Tabzz 35 49.13 L
BunnyFuFu 35 47.1 L
Dignitas 18 24 L
This Week W-L 5W-7L Total W-L 5W-7L

Here are my week 2 picks (better than week 1 I’m hoping):

All-in (the players I think will score more than their projections)

Top – Huni (proj: 32 pts) I typically don’t like putting the person who is usually the best at their position as my all-in candidate, but Fanatic is facing the 2 teams that gave up the most fantasy points in Gambit and Giants. As a result, I would expect between 50-60 points for Huni this week.

Jungle – IWillDominate (proj: 32pts) Dom played fantastic in week 1 and faces two weak opponents in week 2 (NME and Gravity). Dominate is a high pressure jungler and that creates opportunities for him and his laners to get fantasy points. I fully expect Liquid to have another 2-0 week, but even if they don’t I think they will all put up some pretty big numbers.

Mid – Fenix (proj: 37pts) NME and Gravity both allowed over 22 points a game to the opponent’s mid laner in week 1. Because of that and Fenix’s ability I fully expect him to be one of the top scorers this week from the mid lane.

ADC – Niels (proj: 36pts) I’m riding the Niels train at least one more week. Origen was picked by many to have a really good split, and they didn’t disappoint in week 1. They face SK and CW who both give up points to the opponents ADC. Expect another BIG week from Niels.

Support – Hylissang (proj: 33pts) I think UoL will have a better week 2 than they had week 1. They have been a very inconsistent team since they have joined the LCS (six 1-1 weeks, and two 0-2 weeks), but they have the team play and ability to have 2-0 weeks. I think Hylissang will have a few big initiations against CW and Roc that will lead to a big week from a fantasy perspective.

Team – FNC (proj: 31pts) See Huni’s description for this pick. I would guess 34-36 points, unless one of the games ends in just over 30 min to negate the advantages FNC has over their opponents. My other pick here was going to be UoL.

Fold (the players I think will score less than their projection)

Top – Freddy122 (proj: 34pts) I thought SK was going to drop off hard after their disappointing end to the Spring split, and they didn’t show much of anything week 1. Even though Giants doesn’t shut down enemy top laners, I don’t think Freddy will score enough against them to overcome what could happen in the Origen game. I would fold Freddy if he is on your team.

Jungle – Diamond (proj: 29pts) I was really high on GMB coming into the split, and I still think they will be a good team, but my expectations have been altered (I try not to overreact too much from one week’s results). Diamond is a player who can be the best jungler for 3 weeks in a row (think week 5-7 of last split) then he will look like one of the worst for a 2 week stretch (see the first 2 weeks from last split). The matchups against H2K and FNC don’t excite me very much for the GMB players.

Mid – Slooshi8 (proj:38pts) Team 8 did a few things right in week 1, but they did more things wrong. I think they will get beat fairly easily against CLG and will probably win against Dig. I don’t foresee Slooshi being able to pick up 35+ points from those two match-ups.

ADC – CoreJJ (proj: 36pts) Even though Dig won their game against C9. I still think they will be some of the worst fantasy options all season. They play Team 8 and TDK, which may be enough to make some of their players fantasy relevant but I’m not going to be making that gamble.

Support – nRated (proj: 39pts) nRated is a good support, but SK looked lost in their week 1 matchups. On top of that nRated only broke 35 pts scored 4 times last split with a better ADC. I was tempted to put a few more SK players on my fold list, but I will keep it at 2 for the week.

Team – Gambit (proj: 24pts) Are you seeing a trend? I don’t like Gambit or SK this week. And probably as a result both will play great and make me eat my words. Hey, that’s the fun in trying to make weekly picks you either look brilliant or you look like a chump.


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The final rankings post for the Summer Split. Thanks again for all the support, feedback, and views to the blog. I really appreciate it. All my positional rankings are live so you can click on the name to go to the homepage, or click on fantasy league of legends to the left and it will pull them up also. I will do a numerical list of how I think the teams will finish the year from a fantasy point perspective, then a tier list after.

1. Gambit

2. Fanatic

3. Unicorns of Love

4. Team Solo Mid

5. H2K

6. TiP

7. CLG

8. Liquid

9. C9

10. Origen

11. Copenhagen Wolves

12. Team 8

13. SK Gaming

14. Elements

15. Gravity

16. Roccat

17. Dignitas

18. Giants

19. NME

20. TDK


1-5 There will be chunks of EU teams and chunks of NA teams. EU teams usually score more points because of the style of games they play, and on average they were about 3 min longer, which will result in an extra baron and dragon in a game. Which again is more points. These 5 are the safest bets in terms of teams. I really like UoL in this split, I will be going for a lot of their players. TSM is the only NA team in the top because their consistency and team-fighting is one of the best in the West.

6-11 These are the next best and most are in NA. I put Origen and CW in this group because of the EU factor that might propel them over a few of the NA teams. All 4 of the NA teams in this chunk should be competitive in every single game this year, which should mean longer games and more points scored. If I had to pick just one from this group it would be CLG because they are the most objective focused of the group. 2nd would be Impulse because they play all-in all the time which should result in lots of advantages on the map.

12-17 These are the teams that will have a few good weeks and a few bad weeks. I would say these are the best to play on good match-up weeks.

18-20 I hope I’m wrong on some of my bottom 4 of my rankings otherwise it is going to be a LONG season for NME, TDK, and Giants. If you are a fan of them I apologize for putting them in the cellar on pretty much every rankings list, but sometimes numbers don’t lie.


Now that the rankings are done, I will be working on my first all-in or fold post. Expect it to be up sometime Monday evening or Tuesday. As always don’t forget to subscribe, follow on facebook, or follow on twitter to get notifications when a new post goes live. I would love to see who you all drafted let me know in the comments below!

I had a great week 2 on my calls, and then I had a terrible week 3. Luckily my first two weeks still have me above .500 on the year. I’m going all-in on more EU players since the first 3 weeks have shown more points are scored there, and folding more NA players since the top teams just methodically win games, and don’t have hyper aggression. Here were last week’s results followed by this week’s picks.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Cris 29 6.53 L
Santorin 34 37.81 W
Ryu 34 29.04 L
Altec 34 18.14 L
Aphromoo 29 41.58 W
TSM 29 38 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Wickd 29 47.9 L
Airwaks 29 63.09 L
XiaoWeiXiao 31 46.97 L
Cop 37 25.6 W
Edward 27 49.53 L
SK 35 39 L
This Week W-L 4W-8L Total W-L 19W-15L


Top – Wickd (Projection:31) Wickd has under performed most of this season. He finally scored some points for his fantasy owners last week, and because of their easy schedule this week. I think Elements will go 2-0 and will win both games methodically and under control. That will result in high scores for the Elements players. So I think all 6 are a start this week for Elements.

Jungle – Rush (Projection:31) Impulse looked like they were starting to build some momentum and then got destroyed by TSM. But some of their controlled aggression looks like it is starting to work, and I think with their weaker schedule this week (Winterfox and Coast). We could see a few of their players put up some big numbers. I’m all-in on Rush this week.

Mid – Nukeduck (Projection:34) Roccat has played better each week, and they face two winnable games this week. My guess is they go 1-1 but being in EU the games will probably be long and bloody. As a result I think NukeDuck will have a big week. Go all-in on NukeDuck.

ADC – Piglet (Projection:34) Team Liquid is still trying to figure out how to play as five with Piglet, but I think this week Piglet will be able to make some plays. I hope they don’t try to be so single minded that they only try to get him fed. If the team tries to play for more of a balanced approach I think Piglet will shine more. I do think he will have a big week so go all-in if you can on Piglet.

Support – Hylissang (Projection:25) Hylissang has been mediocre during the early game in my opinion but whenever mid game and late game team fights start he seems to be all over the place. I’ve been really impressed with his aggression and ability to create picks for his carries. Since his projection is so low this week he is a perfect sleeper all-in guy at support.

Team – Gambit (Projection:23) Gambit got their first win last week and I think they are going to follow that with their 2nd win against Giants. I think they will lose against Elements pretty easily but I think with their win and a few points in game 2 they will beat their 23 points.


Top – Hauntzer(Projection:28) I don’t like Gravity’s match-ups this week especially after how they played last week. I could see them going 1-1, but the teams they are playing TSM and Liquid don’t typically score lots of points. So I think they will be low kill games, and mainly objectives being taken as a result I don’t forsee great scores from Hauntzer or NA teams this week.

Jungle – Santorin (Projection:34) TSM has looked great all year, and I think they could go 2-0 again this week, but I just don’t see lots of points from NA players this week at least from the top 5 teams (TSM, CLG, C9, Gravity, and Liquid). Santorin will be a decent option but if you have another top jungler go for him.

Mid – Jeziz (Projection:31) Jeziz had his first bad week last week, and I think his match-ups this week will equal another one. The second game could be a kill fest against Impulse, so Jeziz could get really close to his 31, but I don’t see him scoring more than 6 points game one against CLG.

ADC – Altec (Projection:31) I’m super low on Winterfox bot lane this week, mainly because they have under performed this season. They have two tough match-ups against Impulse and C9, if Altec breaks his projection it will be because the Impulse game is a long drawn out blood bath. But really I wouldn’t risk playing the Winterfox bot lane.

Support – Gleeb (Projection:23) See Altec’s description.

Team – Team Liquid (Projection:28) I think Liquid will continue to be a better team as the split goes on, but I don’t know if they are there yet. Usually to get to the high 20’s you have to go 2-0 and I don’t see them winning both games (Team 8 and Gravity). In other words look for another team with some more favorable match-ups to guarantee high points.

Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 4 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!