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First off here are my final results from my week 9 all-in and fold picks.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Quas 33 31.71 L
Airwaks 30 49.02 W
Fenix 37 41.8 W
Woolite 34 32.3 L
Unlimited 31 46.81 W
CW 32 25 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Avalon 32 49.99 L
Kikis 31 10.36 W
Slooshi8 35 13.79 W
Doulbelift 40 45 L
Lustboy 41 18.96 W
CLG 28 20 W
This Week W-L 7W-5L Total W-L 41W-35L

Overall, I would give myself a B grade on my all-in and fold picks. I had a really good week 1, and then was right around .500% on my picks from there. Overall finished with a 41-35 record which is 54% correct. I plan on improving on that next split and I’m going to try and get a 60% win-rate next time. This was my first year participating in Fantasy LCS and I wanted to share my observations that I learned from this split. So without further a due, here…we…go!

One Team Gambles

I noticed throughout the split that it is OK to gamble on 1 team’s players if they have very favorable match-ups. Most sports don’t always give you 4-5 high scoring fantasy options. However, League of Legends relies so much on team fighting and when a team is doing well all the players benefit. So don’t be afraid to have 4-5 players/team from one team if you see they have two weak opponents for the week. Also, if a team shows they are at a higher level than their opponents (this split it was FNC, SK, and TSM) it is safe to have multiple players from their roster because they consistently scored at a high rate. This is something that I will be more comfortable doing during the Summer Split of Fantasy LCS and you should too.

Consistency Matters

This one should be a no-brainer for most, but it is worth noting. Some players score lots of points one week, but then don’t score as many the next (feast or famine as some would call them, Odoamne is an example). Some players always score below the average (Mancloud). And others always seem to put up above average points every single week. (Forg1venre, Yellowstar, Huni to name a few). The guys that win you the league are going to be the guys who can score slightly above their counterparts average every single week. For example, Wildturtle who I think was going in the 2nd-3rd round in most drafts to start the year never fell out of the top 10 in any week. As far as I can see he was the only ADC who can say that, even godgiven himself was out of the top 10 two weeks (Keith also pulled this off, but only played 3 weeks so doesn’t count). WildTurtle only finished top 3 in 3 weeks (still really good considering how good some ADCs played this split), but as I said before never fell out of the top 10. This is what you want out of your fantasy players someone who will consistently be in or around the top scorers at their position. This causes less dilemma when deciding on who you need to play week to week.

Ride the “Hot Hands”

This mantra can be true in almost all fantasy sports the person who is playing well should continue to be started until they come back down to earth. For example, in weeks 3-5 both Soren and Freeze for CW were in the top 5 scorers at their position for that stretch. If you picked them up after their first big week (week 3) and rode them the next 3 weeks, you probably won week 4 and 5 because of the points they put up. Or perhaps you jumped on the Impact bandwagon during week 6 and rode him to victories the next two weeks (50 points each week). This is something I didn’t do much this year, because I was afraid to drop a “bigger” name for someone who had a good week, but next split I think it is worth it to gamble on a guy who has a big week, and good match-ups the next week because you might get to ride their hot streak for a week or 2. Or you get super lucky and you grab Huni, or Steelback after week 1 and have a force practically every week from there on out.

Overall Fantasy LCS is a lot like other fantasy sports the people that pay attention and are willing to make moves are probably going to do well, but you also have those that just get a few “lucky” or “calculated” picks that work out perfectly for them. I was a feast or famine player my first year finishing 1st in 2 leagues and 7th in my other 2 (21-15 was my overall record in the 4 leagues). I am looking forward to the next split and know that I will do better because of the things I learned from this split. What is something you learned from this split that you would like to share with the community?


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Here are my rankings for the bot lane in the 2015 Spring Split. If you missed my last article I gave my rankings for Mid lane and junglers, you can see it here. As a reminder I’m basing these rankings on how the players have played in past splits, how they are performing lately, their individual skill, and how I think they will play within their team’s strategy.

Here are my rankings for NA Supports

10 – Adrian Team Impulse

9 – Dodo8 Team 8

8 – Bunnyfufu Gravity

7 – Imagine Team Winterfox

6 – Kiwikid Dignitas

5 – LemonNation C9

4 – Sheep Team Coast

3 – Xpecial Team Liquid

2 – Lustboy TSM

1 – Aphromoo CLG

10-7 I know very little about these 4, but some of them have played in some games competitively so I’m fairly confident they will be the bottom 4. Bunny and Imagine get a slight edge because I like their ADCs more than the other two.

6-4 These three are all good in their own separate ways, Kiwi and Lemon have been in the NA scene for a long time so you know what you are getting from them. Sheep played excellent during the promotion games, and I think he might have a little more playmaking skill then the others, which will result in more fantasy points for him.

3-1 These three have the best skill of the NA supports and they all have great ADCs which will mean they will have more kills and assists as a result. I could see them ending up in a different order than I have them, but I like Aphromoo’s playstyle the most for fantasy purposes which is why I have him at 1.

Here are my rankings for NA ADC

10 – CoreJJ Dignitas

9 – frommaplestreet Team 8

8 – Dontmashme Team Coast

7 – Wizfujin Team Impulse

6 – Cop Gravity

5 – Altec Team Winterfox

4 – Piglet Team Liquid

3 – Wildturtle TSM

2 – Doublelift CLG

1 – Sneaky C9

10-7 These are the 4 worst in this group. I know very little about CoreJJ so he could be a huge surprise the other 3 have been around for a while and I think we can expect them to struggle at times this split which doesn’t mean they are bad players just that they won’t do as great fantasy wise this split.

6-5 These two are both great ADCs and could very easily jump into the top 4 if some of the top guys struggle with new teammates (Piglet, Doublelift) or their teams take a step back (Sneaky, Doublelift). These guys will put up great numbers even if their teams don’t finish great, which I think Gravity could end up making a run for the top 4 based on their team. If you don’t want to use an early pick on ADC then these two will get you great value later in a draft.

4-1 These guys are the best of the NA ADCs, both mechanically and from performances on the big stage. Sneaky has consistently gotten better and last split was carrying more games for C9 than anyone expected, which is why he is my number 1. I put Piglet at 4 because I expect there to be some growing pains with communication and with his aggressive playstyle (Xpecial is known to be a little more passive in lane). These guys will put up big numbers in fantasy but I also think most people will target them early. ADC is a deep position so you may not want to use one of your first 3 picks on such a deep position unless one of these guys falls to you.


Let me know who you think will finish top 3 in the spring split for both support and ADC. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or through WordPress.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics of League of Legends (click here if you missed it), let’s look at the 5 roles of an LCS team. Each team has the same 5 “positions” on their roster; like Basketball, the specific role of each person depends on match ups or skill of that player. For an LCS team to have success they must have great team work and communication during the game. When a team is clicking, it is easy to see because they usually dominate their opponent during their matches (see Cloud 9’s run of LCS summer 2013). The reason we are looking at the individual roles of an LCS team is so you can better understand what each position usually does, so you can make better decisions when drafting your Fantasy LCS team. Also, for those that are new to League of Legends, this will provide some insight on what each role does to help you know which one fits you best. I will be breaking down the roles in the order that you will see the players during an LCS match (top, jungle, mid, AD, Support).

Top Lane – Top lane has changed quite a bit over the last two seasons, and with some of the changes introduced in the latest patch, we will probably see some new champs emerge as top priority for LCS games. The main role of the top lane has been one of two things- a tanky champion or a great duelist/split pusher. A tanky champion should be fairly self explanatory, but in case it isn’t, this is what they will do. Their sole goal will be to get CS (creep score) early, so they can build their first two tank items. Then in team fights, they will try and soak up as much damage as they can while their “carries” (high damage dealers) destroy the enemy team. The hard part of playing a tanky champion is if you don’t get some early gold and get a few items, you will be useless the rest of the game. A duelist/split pusher is typically a high damage champion that does great in small skirmishes (1v1, 2v2, 2v1) or has good wave clear with an empowered auto (i.e. nasus, fiora, jax to name a few). Their goal is simply to find fights early in the game when they have an advantage and get kills. This results in a big gold advantage over their counterpart and forces the enemy team to put more of their time and resources into trying to prevent them from pushing down all of the towers. This creates advantages on the other side of the map for the other players on their team. The hard part of playing a duelist/split pusher is if you don’t get early kills and let the enemy team live through your early power spikes, you become “squishy” (easy to kill) or a non threat in team fights. The exception to that rule is Jax, Ryze, and Nasus who only get stronger as the game goes, but they also are very weak early in a game. Obviously there are other options to play as top laner, but these are typically the popular choices. I think we will see a lot more duelist/split pushing champs early this season because of the new possibilities of dragon buffs and the new elixirs. Most top laners won’t score a ton of fantasy points during the LCS season because of their role on the team, but a few will be consistently high scoring because they will play the split pushing champs.

Jungler – Jungler is in my opinion the most difficult of all of the positions, but it is also probably the most rewarding. The jungler controls the space on the map between the lanes. The jungler’s role is to either be an aggressive “ganker” (surprising the enemy lamer and creating a mismatch to get kills), to be a farm heavy late game damage dealer, or to be a tanky/support jungler. Those are the three most common jungle champs you see in the LCS. Also, the jungler is usually responsible for controlling the global objectives (Dragon and Baron). A lot of times the jungler can turn the tide of a game with well timed ganks, a great “smite steal,” or being such a mid game bully that the team can’t do anything about it. However, a jungler can turn the tide in a negative way too,by not being able to get the early kills for themselves or their laners, allowing the enemy jungler to control the global objectives, or not having enough gold to make an impact on the game. Most junglers won’t be the highest scoring LCS players because they are trying to feed the person on their team intended to carry them to the win, but there are a few junglers that will score some big points throughout the season (C9 Meteos).

Middle Lane – Mid laners are probably the most glamorous role in Fantasy LCS. They usually get the most attention and a lot of times they have a lot of the highlight reel plays. The reason for this is mid lane usually features the highest damage dealers in the game. They typically play high damage mages, great aoe champs, or assassins. The middle lane usually has a lot of fighting because their lane is the shortest in the game. It is easy access to the global objectives in the river, and if your mid towers fall, you lose a lot of control over your jungle. So a majority of the game is spent right in the middle of the map. That also results in the mid laners getting lots of action during the games. Mid laners usually have high cs, get lots of kills/assists, but sometimes have the most deaths in the game (because of all the action). Most weeks mid laners will have the most fantasy points, but this doesn’t mean they are the most valuable picks (think of them like fantasy QBs- they score lots of points, but a lot of QBs score a lot of points, making the difference from 1-10 not that big).

AD Carry – AD Carry is the marksman class in League of Legends. These champions have ranged attacks and have a majority of their skills scale off of attack damage. Their role is farm up, get some items, and then stay alive in team fights while doing as much damage as they can. A lot of teams play protect the AD carry compositions (a team that has shields, buffs, and lots of crowd control (cc) so their AD carry can mow down the enemy team without having to worry much about getting killed). AD carry is another high scoring role in League of Legends, but a lot of times an AD carry will be “feast or famine” depending on how well their team plays. The reason for their “feast or famine” scoring is the enemy team usually is going to try and kill the AD carry first, which can result in lots of deaths for the AD carry during games. AD carry also has some of the most noticeable tiers in fantasy LCS.

Support – In the current format of the game, supports are generally high utility or play making champions. Their main goal is to help the AD carry get gold. They do this by harassing the enemy AD carry, shielding or buffing the AD carry during fights, or using their cc abilities to limit the enemies damage on their AD carry. Support is by far my favorite role because I like to try and protect or save my teammates during fights, and I enjoy trying to make plays during the game. Also, supports are the masters of vision during games. When a team has great vision on the map (because of wards, and destroying enemy wards) it is much easier to make objective calls because you know exactly where the enemy team is located. Supports are typically the lowest scoring role in the game, but some supports will consistently score high because their LCS team focuses on getting their AD carry the most gold. When a support’s AD carry is really strong the support will usually get a lot of assists. Support is typically the least glamorous position, but I think it is the 2nd most impactful position in the game behind the jungler.

So there are the 5 roles of League of Legends. Each one offers a very different feel from the other, and each position can play a variety of different roles in their specific team compositions. I’m interested in what you think is the most important role in the game? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Also, which position do you think is the most important for a fantasy LCS team?