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Let the fun continue in part 2 of my preseason rankings and end of season grades.

SP-my rankings first, real rankings 2nd

Roy Hallady- me 1/ actual 3

Felix Hernandez- me 2/ actual 23

Tim Lincecum- me 3/ actual 16

Adam Wainwright- me 4/ actual didn’t play at all this season.

Cliff Lee- me 5/ actual 4

CC Sabathia- me 6/ actual 12

Jon Lester- me 7/ actual 32

Josh Johnson- me 8/ actual 50

Zack Grienke- me 9/ actual 25

Clayton Kershaw- me 10/ actual 2

Justin Verlander- me 11/ actual 1

Ubaldo Jimenez- me 12/ actual over 150

Chris Carpenter- me 13/ actual 49

Dan Haren- me 14/ actual 9

Tommy Hanson- me 15/ actual 41 (would have been top 20 if not for DL stint last two months)

David Price- me 16/ actual 19

Matt Latos- me 17/ actual 36

Jered Weaver- me 18/ actual 5

Cole Hamels- me 19/ actual 7

Matt Cain- me 20/ actual 11

Roy Oswalt- me 21/ actual 96

Yovani Gallardo- me 22/ actual 20

Fransisco Liriano- me 23/ actual over 150

Max Scherzer- me 24/ actual 97

Chad Billingsley- me 25/ actual over 150

B, 5 of my 24 (excluding Waino because of Tommy John surgery before season) finished below top 50 but the other 19 finished top 50. So not too bad.

RP-This one could be interesting. Yahoo has some guys that were SP in the rankings so some numbers may be a little worse than they actually should be.

Carlos Marmol- me 1/ actual 56

Brian Wilson- me 2/ actual 39

Joakim Soria- me 3/ actual 51

Neftali Feliz- me 4/ actual 37

Heath Bell- me 5/ actual 14

Mariano Rivera- me 6/ actual 4

Jonathan Papelbon- me 7/ actual 9

Francisco Rodriguez- me 8/ actual 34

JJ Putz- me 9/ actual 5

Jonathan Broxton- me 10/ actual over 150

Andrew Bailey- me 11/ actual 65

John Axford- me 12/ actual 3

Brad Lidge- me 13/ actual over 150

Jose Valverde- me 14/ actual 6

Chris Perez- me 15/ actual 38

Huston Street- me 16/ actual 61

Drew Storen- me 17/ actual 2

Francisco Cordero- me 18/ actual 10

Joe Nathan- me 19/ actual 103

Ryan Franklin/ actual over 150

F, I’m only giving myself this because it furthers proves my point that closers are different pretty much every year. Sure there are 4 or 5 guys who will be a top 10 guy the next couple of years, but overall closers change like the wind!

Now lets see how I did on my “Bold” predictions before the season began.

Matt Wieters– I predicted 22 HR, 90 RBI and an AVG close to .300. His actual numbers 22 HR (nailed it) 68 RBI (thought the O’s O would be a little better than it was) a .262 AVG (ouch ok I was way off on that one).

Freddie Freeman– I said he would be an anchor in the Braves lineup and come in with 25 HR and 100 RBI. What really happened was he had a couple of solid months hitting in the middle of the lineup, but only managed 21 HR and 76 RBI. Oh well can’t win them all I suppose.

Dustin Pedroia- I had him having a rough April, but turning it on for the rest of the season (I claimed he would have a 10 HR July) and finishing with 22 HR and 23 SB. The slow April came true (.255, 13 r, 2 hr, 8 rbi, and 3 sb). He only ended up with 8 HR in July and hit .411 that month (I can’t believe I called a hot July for him!) on the season he had 21 HR and 26 SB. I would like to say that I called his season almost to a T.

Alexei Ramirez-I claimed he would have a boderline 30/30 season, 27 HR/26 SB was the actual guess. I also said he would help the White Sox have the best Offense in the majors this year…way off on that one! His final tally was 15 HR/ 7 SB. I was just way off on all of my White Sox guesses before the year, but I would venture a guess that practically everyone was.

Pablo Sandoval-I predicted that Sandoval would have a huge year to the tune of 90 r, 28 hr, 100 rbi and 10 sb. His real numbers didn’t mirror mine so nicely 55 R, 23 HR, 70 RBI, 2 SB. He did have a good season though, better than last year at least.

Colby Rasmus-I said he would be the spark for Pujols’ career year (didn’t think it would be Pujols’ worst year) and have 30 HR, 20 SB, and over 100 R. What really happened was got traded midseason never really got going in Toronto and finished with a pretty bad 75 R, 14 HR, and 5 SB. Well he is still young so maybe he will figure it out eventually.

Andrew McCutchen-I claimed that he would help lead the Pirates to a near .500 win pct (they were for 4 months of the season). Also, I said he would finish the year with some HUGE numbers; .300, 25 HR, 85 RBI, 30 SB. The real season had the Pirates in contention till about mid July, and McCutchen failed to do as well as I hoped. His final numbers were .259, 23 HR (close), 89 RBI (close again), 23 SB (not too far off).

Jayson Werth-I predicted that Jayson Werth would be a bum away from Philly and finish with a mediocre 20 HR and finish with a sub .260 AVG. I called that he would be an overpaid bum for the Nationals and his final HR and AVG weren’t too far from what I thought. (20 HR and only .232 batting average) I may be a little to happy in Werth’s struggles…oh well.

Adrian Beltre-I claimed he was money hungry, lazy, and would have a pretty bad year with a .270 avg and only 22 HR. Well I don’t know if the first two or true or false but my third claim was pretty far off. He finished with 32 HR and a .296 AVG.

Alex Rios-I said he would do really well and make Blue Jay fans sad that he had to leave. Well he was like most of the White Sox players and basically got paid to do nothing. I’m going to save everyone the trouble of having to see what his final numbers were…just trust me when I say he was Horrible.

Phillies Offense-Going into the year I thought their offense would be pretty bad and they wouldn’t be a top 5 offense in the NL like they had been in season’s past. Well they finished outside the top 5 in every major offensive category, which include, Runs, Hits, RBI, HR, AVG, OPS, and Slugging. Good thing they had good pitching otherwise they would have been on the outside looking in come playoff time.

Miguel Montero-I figured Miguel would be a top fantasy Catcher like many thought he was going to be last year and finish with a nice .285, 24 HR, 80 RBI, and being a top 5 fantasy Catcher. Well I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back because I almost called everything exact, .282, 18 HR, 86 RBI and finished 5 on the dot.

I’m going to just do a quick recap on the last guys. Hit=prediction was almost exact (within a couple of numbers of course, think my Pedroia guess) Walk=Got some things close and some things not so close(think my Andrew McCutchen prediction) Strikeout=I was way off and am now a little embarassed (all of my White Sox guesses).

Prince Fielder-Walk

Tsuyoshi Nishioka-Strikeout

Kevin Youkilis-Strikeout

Zack Greinke– Walk (way off on the ERA)

Brandon Morrow– Stikeout (it was probably closer to a weak grounder to the pitcher, but still an out)

Brian Matusz– Strikeout Looking!

Tim Lincecum- Hit (this might even be a Home Run)

Jeremy Hellickson- Hit (only barely missed on the win total)

Max Scherzer– Strikeout (this one hurt)

Jason Motte– Hit (This one could have been a walk or hit but I needed to boost my ego so gave it a hit)

Daniel Bard– Strikeout (The ump called the pitch a strike when pitch tracker actually said it was a ball)

Drew Storen– Hit (this was a nice ground rule double)

Huston Street-Strikeout (That is how the season ended with a File:Backwards K.svg)

Hope you enjoyed the last two posts. I don’t think a lot of “fantasy experts” show how good they actually did at season’s end so I wanted to offer something a little different. As you have seen I wasn’t exact on very many things, but I also wasn’t too far off on many things. I hope this shows that you can trust me in terms of my fantasy knowledge and if it actually makes you feel the opposite well dang! It was a fun season. I will now turn my eyes towards Football and preseason Basketball ( I really hope the lockout is solved soon) Don’t forget to “like” the Hombre on facebook, or subscribe to the blog. Let me know how you think I did in the comments!


Now that the MLB regular season is over I wanted to look over my rankings and see how I fared with the actual results. Also, in this post I will look at my BOLD predictions I made and see which ones came to fruition.

First Off Catchers. Here were my preseason rankings which will be followed by their actual position ranks (I will be using Yahoo as my source for the “actual” ranks).

Joe Mauer- me 1/ actual 26

Victor Martinez-me 2/ actual 1

Buster Posey-me 3/ actual 32

Brian McCann-me 4/ actual 8

Geovany Soto- me 5 /actual 19.

Matt Wieters-me 6/ actual 7

Carlos Santana-me 7 /actual 4

Mike Napoli-me 8/ actual 2

Kurt Suzuki-me 9/ actual 18

Miguel Montero-me 10/ actual 5

Jorge Posada- me 11/ actual 25

Chris Iannetta- me 12/ actual 13

C+ would be the grade I would give myself for these rankings. Half of my guys were close the other half I was way off on.

1B my rankings first actual rankings 2nd

Albert Pujols- me 1/ actual 3

Miguel Cabrera- me 2/ actual 1

Adrian Gonzalez- me 3/ actual 2

Joey Votto- me 4/ actual 5

Prince Fielder- me 5/ actual 4

Mark Teixeira- me 6/ actual 8

Kevin Youkilis- me 7/ actual 28

Ryan Howard- me 8/ actual 13

Justin Morneau- me 9/ actual 80

Adam Dunn- me 10/ actual 86

Buster Posey- me 11/ actual 69

Kendry Morales- me 12/ actual 108 (no season stats)

B a decent first 8 then 9-12 of my rankings were way off. At least my top 6 all finished in the top 8.

2B– my rankings then the real ones

Robinson Cano- me 1/ actual 1

Chase Utley- me 2/ actual 21

Dustin Pedroia- me 3/ actual 2

Ian Kinsler-me 4/ actual 3

Dan Uggla-  me 5/ actual 9

Brandon Phillips- me 6/ actual 5

Rickie Weeks- me 7/ actual 12

Martin Prado- me 8/ actual 19

Aaron Hill- me 9/ actual 15

Kelly Johnson- me 10/ actual 14

Ben Zobrist- me 11/ actual 6

Brian Roberts- me 12/ actual 103

A- 11 out of my 12 finished in the top 21 not too shabby. Out of the first 3 positions I would say this might be my best…so far.

3B-my rankings then the real ones

Evan Longoria- me 1/ actual 6

David Wright- me 2/ actual 18

Ryan Zimmerman- me 3/ actual 22

Alex Rodriguez- me 4/ actual 16

Adrian Beltre- me 5/ actual 4

Jose Bautista- me 6/ actual 1

Aramis Ramirez- me 7/ actual 5

Pedro Alvarez- me 8/ actual 100

Martin Prado- me 9/ actual 20

Michael Young- me 10/ actual 3

Pablo Sandoval- me 11/ actual 12

Mark Reynolds- me 12/ actual 9

B+ If it wasn’t for Alvarez all 12 would have been top 25!

SS– you know the drill by know

Hanley Ramirez- me 1/ actual 18

Troy Tulowitzki- me 2/ actual 1

Jose Reyes- me 3/ actual 2

Derek Jeter- me 4/ actual 11

Alexei Ramirez- me 5/ actual 12

Elvis Andrus- me 6/ actual 5

Jimmy Rollins- me 7/ actual 6

Stephen Drew- me 8/actual 35

Rafael Furcal- me 9/ actual 41

Starlin Castro- me 10/ actual 5

Alcides Escobar- me 11/ actual 15

Ian Desmond- me 12/ actual 14

C+ I guess I did ok with SS not great, but not terrible

OF– Here….we….go!

Carl Crawford- me 1/ actual 57

Ryan Braun- me 2/ actual 3

Carlos Gonzalez- me 3/ actual 9

Matt Holliday- me 4/ actual 24

Josh Hamilton- me 5/ actual 15

Shin Soo Choo- me 6/ actual 107

Nelson Cruz- me 7/ actual 28

Matt Kemp- me 8/ actual 1

Justin Upton- me 9/ actual 6

Andrew McCutchen- me 10/ actual 17

Jason Heyward- me 11/ actual 104

Ichiro Suzuki- me 12/ actual 39

Alex Rios- me 13/ actual 94

Andre Ethier- me 14/ actual 55

Hunter Pence- me 15/ actual 10

Jacoby Ellsbury- me 16/ actual 2

Jayson Werth- me 17/ actual 56

Jay Bruce- me 18/ actual 19

Mike Stanton- me 19/ actual 21

Shane Victorino- me 20/ actual 22

BJ Upton- me 21/ actual 18

Corey Hart- me 22/ actual 26

Delmon Young- me 23/ actual 72

Nick Markakis- me 24/ actual 38

Colby Rasmus- me 25/ actual 80

C, OF is always a hard one to guess and some of mine were close where others were far from.

This post is long enough I will be doing SP, RP, and my Bold predictions later today. I would like to hear what grade you would give my rankings by position. Put it in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay in direct contact with the Hombre, or “like” me on facebook. Thanks for getting the site up over 3000 views, knowing that people are reading keeps me motivated to do this.

You may have heard the old expression April Showers bring May Flowers, and baseball players have experienced a similar phenomenon as that saying. April had a lot of rain delays in the northeast, and many players, who we all hoped would have great 2011 have had poor Aprils. But the good thing (to some the bad thing) about baseball is that there is 6 months in the season, 162 games. April is just 1/6 of the season, so a players poor April can mean very little by season’s end. Baseball is a game of patience, perserverance, and a little luck. Take a look at these players from last year who had terrible April’s but bounced back in May.

David Ortiz (Bos-util) Last April Ortiz looked like he was playing in his final days. This is what his numbers looked like in April; .143 BA, 5 r, 1 HR, 4 rbi, and 0 sb. Ortiz didn’t want his playing days to be finished so he made his presence known in May putting up Big Papi like numbers…if I remember right he even had 3 game winning rbis after the 7th inning in May. Here is what his May looked like; .363 BA, 16 r 10 HR, 27 rbi, and 0 SB.

Matt Cain (SF-SP) Cain’s April wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t what many expected. He was supposed to continue his progression of being the 2nd guy behind Timmy. His April was a medoicre, 0 W, 3.80 era, 1.19 WHIP, and only 16 K’s in 4 games started. His May however made him seem like the person most expected. In 6 May starts he recorded 3 W, 1.8 era, 0.9 WHIP, and 35 K’s.

Hunter Pence (Hou-OF) Pence had early season struggles but all of the Astros did last April. Pence has always had a little bit of a streaky bat, but his April numbers were pretty low, .232 BA, 11 r, 2 HR, 7 rbi, 2 sb. Good thing for Pence is that he turned it on in May and made those who were patient with him rewarded, .302 BA, 15 r, 6 HR, 16 rbi, 3 sb.

So there is a couple of examples of guys whose terrible Aprils turned into huge May numbers. I’m sure if you did a little digging you would find 10-15 more examples of the same thing. The good news is since it happened last year, and the year before, and probably since the start of MLB’s existence you can almost guarantee that it will happen with players this season, and these are the guys I think could easily do the same this season.

Red Sox nation is hoping to see a lot more of that smile in May.

Carl Crawford (Bos-OF)Carl is one of many Red Sox I could have put on here, but his April numbers have been hard to look at. He has never had a season in which he, hit under .280, had less than 45 sb, or less than 80 runs (if you don’t count his injury riddled ’08 or his rookie season). I expect Carl to have a great May and if he doesn’t then I honestly don’t know what to tell you.

Dan Uggla (Atl-2B) I expected big things from Uggla this season, but his April is making me look like a fantasy bum instead of a fantasy “expert.” Don’t lose hope Uggla has had 30 HR, 100 RBI seasons for the last 4 seasons, so I expect him to turn it on in April. Plus the whole Atlanta offense hasn’t clicked yet, and I fully expect them to be a potent offense this season. His line as of now is just .176 BA, 7 r, 4 HR, 7 rbi, 1 sb. Uggla should have a much better May so continue to be patient with him.

Yovani Gallardo (Mil-SP) Gallardo’s April has been pretty bad, 2 W, 4.88 era, 1.40 WHIP, 20 k’s. Considering he has been a fairly dependable fantasy asset the last several seasons. He is a double digit win guy with 200 plus K’s and right now his April numbers don’t look like he will get there, but The Brewers staff is starting to get healthy and I have a feeling the will feed off of each other’s success so expect Gallardo’s May to pay big dividends.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, and spread the news to your fellow fantasy mates about the Hombre. If you can think of any 2010 April-May examples let me know in the comment section, or give any players who you think will bounce back after a poor April. Hope you enjoy the post, and I will be trying to do a weekly post now that the season has actually gotten into full swing.