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Over halfway through the Spring Split, and teams are starting to find their way or fall into the positions they will be at the end of the split. Had a solid week 5, just under 1 point from going 11-1. Here are the results followed by week 6 picks.


Fair warning, I haven’t been feeling that great so this post is going to be a bit shorter than usual.

All-in (players that will over perform their projections)

Top- Gamsu (33 pts)

Jungle- Xmithie (34 pts)

Mid- Perkz (31 pts)

ADC- Zven (36 pts)

Support- Vander (27 pts)

Team- Echo Fox (19 pts)

Fold (players that will under perform their projections)

Top- Freddy122 (30 pts)

Jungle- Rudy (38 pts)

Mid- GBM (39 pts)

ADC- Forg1vengre (38 pts)

Support- Aphromoo (41 pts)

Team- NRG (31 pts)


Quick notes: I like CLG this week, but 41 is too high for Aphromoo. I don’t love H2K this week, but Vander is too consistent to pass on. NRG is showing huge weaknesses, and Altec could be a fold too. I would expect FNC, and G2 players to be worth a lot because of their matchup against each other.

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