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The NFL season is over, MLB isn’t starting for another 3 1/2 weeks, so that means that NBA is king of the sports world for right now. Also, the fantasy season is quickly approaching the end. Some leagues may only have 3-4 weeks of regular season left before playoffs. So now is the time to make your move if you are on the fringe of making the playoffs, or setting your team in stone as the best team in your league.

All-in (players who are putting up some quality numbers over the last 2 weeks and may deserve a roster spot)

When Dunleavy is focused he can be a deadly fantasy player!

Mike Dunleavy Jr. (Ind-SG, SF)– New coach must be what the fantasy doctor ordered for Dunleavy. He has had moments in the past where he goes on a three week tear, then falls off the map. So this very well could be one of those tears so ride the hot hand to the tune of: 60% shooting, 3 3’s a game, over 14 pts, 4 boards, 1.6 ast, 1.1 stl, and only 1.1 to a game. Pretty good stuff for the Duke Grad!

Chuck Hayes (Hou-PF, C)– I’ve mentioned him in a column already, and I will continue to do so until his own % goes up. He is shooting over 65% getting you 11 pts, 9 boards, 2 ast, 2 stl, and a block. He is literally benefiting you in every category except FT%, but he only goes to the line 2.4 times a game so that isn’t crippling you! Add him he has been a top 50 player the last 3 weeks.

Ramon Sessions (Cle-PG, SG)-I played a guy this last week who owned Sessions and he had a really good week. So I looked him up and saw that he is owned by less than 60%. Since he is now the starting PG in Cleveland (yes good fantasy can be found on awful teams) he has lots of value. Not to mention he is shooting over 50% from the field which is awesome from a PG who also is getting 9 ast a game. The only thing he hasn’t done well the last two weeks is in the D categories and 3 pointers. Other than that he is a great add for a team looking for ast help.

Ersan Ilyasova (Mil-SF, PF)– Ersan is finally healthy and getting quality minutes. He was a decent fantasy player last year for most of the year, and will probably be a quality player from here on out. His value is in his high %’s, reb, and stl. His line the last 2 weeks has been 53% fg, 84% ft, 0.7 3’s, 15.1 pts, 7.9 reb, 1 ast, 1.7 stl, 0.4 blk, 1.9 to.

Marcin Gortat (Pho-C)– His own% and numbers have both been going up over the last month. He is finally getting consistent min (something he never got in Orlando) and he is proving his worth. He is avg. a double-double (16 pts, 10 reb) shooting above 59%, gets you a blk, and shoots 77% from the free throw line. So he is a useful player to have especially if you have weak C depth.

Check (players who you should watch over the next couple of games(drop or add), they could be a good add for deeper team leagues)

Carlos Delfino (Mil-SG, SF)-Delfino is another Buck who is finally getting healthy. His minutes are starting to see an incline. So he will be a good player to watch and see what his role on the Bucks will look like the rest of the year. His value will come from his 3’s, over 2 a game, his ast, 3.4 a game, and his stl, 1.9 a game. He is shooting 34% the last two weeks so if that can go up to 40% or higher than he will be an all-in player!

This has been the view for Randolph in his short NBA career maybe a trade to the Timberwolves can change that.


Anthony Randolph (NYK-PF, C)– He is only a watch and see player right now. He is in the trade rumors for Carmelo right now. So if that deal happens he will land in Minnesota. Yes the Timberwolves have a decent front court (Kevin Love, and Darko), but if they do trade for Randolph they will play him some min probably around 20-22 a game. This will mean his value would be trough the roof in comparison to where he is right now. In his short career his values are in reb, stl, and Blk. Hopefully with more opportunities his fg% would be relatively high and his points would settle around 11-12.

Sam Young (Mem-SG, SF)-He is benefitting from Mayo’s fall from minutes. In fact he is seeing over 30 the last 2 weeks. So with more playing time comes more opportunities to succeed. He is shooting over 50%, 93% ft, he is getting 13 pts a game, and getting over a ast and stl a game. Now hopefully he can get his ast, 3’s, or reb up just a little. If he does he will be a great all-in player.

Brandon Roy (Por-SG, SF)– He is saying he will be playing this week after having knee surgery on both knees. So he will be of value if he is back. He probably won’t be putting up huge numbers right away, but we have seen Roy play on a bad knee and produce some decent fantasy lines. So watch his situation.

JaVale McGee (Was-PF, C)– McGee isn’t a drop now candidate, but he is on the verge of becoming one. He was banged up two weeks ago so the 4 games after could be him getting back in a groove. But he is only getting 8 pts, 6 reb, shooting 53% from the charity line, and less than 1 ast and stl. The only value he is still getting for you team is a good fg%-53 and blks-2.1 a game.

Fold (players who are no longer offering you fantasy paydays, are about to be in the doghouse, or should be dropped in most leagues)

OJ how is the doghouse treating you?


O.J. Mayo (Mem-SG)– Mayo is officially in the doghouse. He hasn’t played in the last 7 Grizzles games(due to suspension), has already had an altercation with another player, and was having a pretty bad year before that. The only way he has any value from this point on is if he gets traded to a new place. The trade deadline for the NBA is fast approaching so time is running out for Mayo’s season (in the real world and the fantasy world).

Mo Williams (Cle-PG)– Still owned by way too many people. He hasn’t played in 13 straight games and the games before that he wasn’t doing anything special. Plus Ramon Sessions is putting up great numbers (see Ramon Sessions above) so why rush Mo back to the court…despite the 25 game losing streak.

Wilson Chandler (NYK-SF, PF)– Trade Rumors, possible offseason surgery, playing time falling. All three things are probably factors in his recent decline of a productive fantasy season. He isn’t a must drop now, but he his play doesn’t improve from his mediocre month 38%, 1 3 pointer a game, only 12 pts, 4.6 reb, 1.3 ast, less than a stl and blk a game. None of those numbers help you enough to offset poor shooting and low ast, stl, and blk numbers.

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All-In (These are the players that have been playing well the last 2 weeks and could benefit your team)

Ryan Anderson (Orl-PF, C) Ryan Anderson has been on a tear for the last several weeks, and in Yahoo formats he is only 52% owned. Look at his line the last two weeks. FG% .484, FT% .824, 3’s 3.5, Pts 16.8. Reb 7.1, ast 0.5, stl 0.4 Blk 1.1, TO 0.9. So at first glance he offers help in every category except ast and stl, but offers huge benefits in both 3’s and has a great turnover rate. Come on people he needs to be owned by 75% or more.

Rudy Fernadez (Por-SG) Rudy has been playing well for his 27 minutes a game. However he is owned by only 21% of leagues. So if you need a slight boost in 3’s, 1.5 a game, FT%, .882 a game, and Stl, 1.8 a game, then Rudy is your guy. However he will hurt your FG% considering he is shooting under .400 and only getting you 10 pts a game.

Mario will have plenty of chances at wide open 3's as the new starting PG


Mario Chalmers (Mia-PG) Mario was just named the starting PG again for Miami so his value gets a slight boost considering his Minutes per game are at 32 and might go up some. His value comes from his 3’s 2.8 a game, ast, 3.8 a game, and stl, 1.4. He doesn’t cripple you in any category considering he is a PG. You may be thinking 3.8 ast isn’t that good for a PG, and you are right, but he will probably get into the 4.5-5 range since he is the full time starter now. And ast is a difficult category to get help in at this point in the season, so every little bit helps.

Greg Monroe (Det-PF, C) Monroe has been playing really well since the middle of December. It seems like this rookie is getting used to the pro game, and he is finding his role on the Pistons. He will be a good addition to your team if you have no depth at your C position and will boost your FG%, .643 a game, your rebounds, 8 a game, and is averaging less than a turnover a game. His FT% and low blocks are the only thing holding him back from being a must add in every league. But he is getting playing time 32 min per game, and the Pistons have been playing pretty well as of late.

Fold (These are players who haven’t been doing so well lately and should be moved off of your team)

Roy Hibbert (Ind-C) Hibbert hasn’t even been close to averaging a double-double over the last month, and he is shooting a terrible .363 from the field. He is a center and is shooting under .400 and isn’t even shooting 3’s! He is only helping in Blks and he is only getting 1.2 a game. It is time to kiss Hibbert goodbye or at least try to see if someone else is willing to take him.

Gilbert Arenas (Orl-PG, SG) & Mo Williams (Cle-PG, SG) They both are still widely owned! For reasons to drop these guys see the post “first fantasy session.”

O.J. Mayo (Mem-SG) Mayo is having a tough year his minutes have dropped since last year. He is shooting under .400 and is only at 1.2 3’s a game. This is low for a shooter, but then again his ppg is at 11.6. If he is on your team you can find those stats on the waiver wire. It’s time to say goodbye to Mayo. Unless Memphis trades him he isn’t worth much right now on your team.

Check (these are guys who haven’t been playing that well, but shouldn’t be dropped yet. You should monitor their status over the next 4-5 games)

Green keep your eyes open so you will start hitting your shot.

Jason Terry (Dal-PG, SG) Terry is someone who always has his ups and downs so I’m not going to say drop him right now, but if he continues to play as poorly the next 10 days as he has the last month, then you should drop him. He is shooting under .400 and under .620 from the FT line, and is offering little to no help in the D stats. So he is more of a wait and see but he should be the next to go unless he picks up his game the next couple of games.

Jeff Green (OKC-SF, PF) Green was off to a career year for the first two months, but then something happened, he wasn’t making his shot. His minutes have actually decreased 3 min a game since November. This isn’t a huge decrease, but it could mean his minutes could continue to dip if he doesn’t find his shot. He is shooting poorly from both the field and the line. His 3’s are down and he isn’t even getting 5 reb a game anymore. It hurts me as a Thunder fan to say this, but Green is playing bad and watching him live you can tell he isn’t comfortable right now.

Leave a comment if you agree, disagree, or would like some help with another player not listed here. Enjoy and don’t forget to answer the poll offered under the poll page. Good luck to you fellow fantasy players!