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I took a few too many gambles in week 5 and it ended up resulting in a close week. My EU picks were the ones that really hurt, went 0-4 on them. I still ended up with a record just above .500. So just over the halfway mark, my current record stands at 26W-20L-1T (Liquid was a tie this week), which means I’m currently at a 55% winning percentage. That should be a manageable percentage to pull up to 60% in the final 4 weeks of the split. Here are the standings from last week which will be followed by the picks for this week.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Gamsu 31 45.75 W
Kikis 34 24.78 L
Innox 33 34.47 W
Apollo 41 66.64 W
BunnyFuFu 26 41.7 W
Gravity 20 30 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Huni 35 42.95 L
Meteos 27 32.63 L
Nukeduck 39 46.77 L
Sneaky 39 23.96 W
Vander 36 41.72 L
Liquid 27 27 T
This Week W-L 6W-5L-1T Total W-L 26W-20L-1T


All-In (players that will score more than their projections)

Top – Odoamne (proj: 35pts) H2K had its first rough week last week, but it is more than likely just a blip on the radar. They get to rebound this week against Elements and UoL. Even if H2K plays poorly they will probably pull off a 2-0 week. Odoamne has been a consistent scorer so far this split. He has finished top 5 among all top laners in 3 weeks, and scored 34+ points every week but last week.

Jung – Amazing (proj: 34pts) Origen is primed for another big week; they face off against Elements and UoL. Amazing has been consistently good this split. He is the 2nd highest scoring jungler so far, averaging just shy of 23 points a game. All Origen players are a must start this week.

Mid – Fox (proj: 32pts) Something about SK’s last 2 weeks of play and their match ups against Roccat and Giants this week, make it seem like they could be primed to have a big week. Fox has performed well the last 2 weeks breaking 50+ in both weeks. With the opponents he faces this week it should result in another big week for Fox.

ADC – Forg1ven (proj: 30pts) Gambit is an interesting team. They have the players to be a top 4 team in EU, but they seem to play with little to no in-game strategy. They rely on their players ability to try and get them leads in games, and so far this split it hasn’t resulted in many wins. However, it isn’t wise to sleep on players that are good enough to break out especially given weaker opponents (CW and Roccat). Forg1ven has only broken the 30 point mark once this season, and this is going to be the 2nd time.

Supp – Smoothie (proj: 21pts) TDK finally got their Korean players back to NA, and they outplayed Dignitas. As a result, it would seem like they could be a team that makes a late run to get out of that bottom spot. Cloud9, Team8, and NME should be put on notice. TDK faces off against NME and TSM. They might go 1-1 or 0-2, but whatever their result Smoothie should get close to the 26-28 point range.

Team – SK (proj: 18pts) As said earlier, the recent play of SK should be encouraging for anyone willing to gamble on SK players. SK is averaging just under 11 points a game, and neither Giants or Roccat have shut down opposing teams of scoring fantasy points. SK will put up right around 24pts unless they go 2-0, which will put them right around the 30 mark.


Fold (players that will score less than their projections)

Top – Steve (proj: 33pts) Roccat looked pretty good last week going 2-0 and they face two teams they could beat this week (SK and Gambit). Last time Roccat had a week they were supposed to destroy the competition, they laid a bunch of abysmal fantasy performances. Roccat won’t fall on their face like they did week 4, but they also won’t destroy both SK and Gambit. Look for Steve to get right around the 30 point mark when the week is over.

Jung – Shook (proj: 26pts) CW have been a train wreck after their first week. They are losing new players every day it seems, and the team didn’t have good enough players to overcome this much change and discord. Shook is a good jungler, but there is no way he gets close to 20 points this week.

Mid – PowerofEvil (proj: 30pts) UoL used to be a team you could count on to make games go 45+ min and result in a fantasy scoring bloodbath, but they haven’t had that same magic this split. PowerofEvil is one of the better midlaners from a mechanical perspective, but that doesn’t always result in fantasy points (see Pobelter the 3 splits prior to this one). On top of UoL’s recent poor performances, they get to face off against Origen and H2K, and neither of those teams allow more than 15 pts a game to the enemy midlaner.

ADC – Piglet (proj: 42pts) Piglet has performed much better this split than last split, but his last two weeks he has put up 30 and 37 points. It seems like Liquid will continue their mild slump and as a result Piglet won’t be able to quite reach the 40 points mark.

Supp – Xpecial (proj: 42pts) Facing Cloud9 and Dig is neither a great week for match ups or an awful week. However, Liquid has been playing a little more up and down than they were to start the year. Xpecial and Piglet are both great players, but this week they will fall just short of their projections.

Team – Gambit (proj: 31pts) Gambit has the talent to make a late season run, but they have looked so drastically different from game to game it is to hard to see them as anything close to a safe bet. Use caution starting any of their players. Teams that go 2-0 get 30+ points, and Gambit plays too inconsistent to pull off a 2-0 week even with an easier schedule.


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Day 2 of my ranking posts. If you missed it I did my Top, Jungle and Mid Rankings yesterday. Today will be ADC, Support and Team rankings. As is the norm, I will do a numerical list of how I think the players will end up the year in points scored, and then a tier list at the end.

1. GMB Forg1vengre

2. TSM WildTurtle

3. FNC Rekkles

4. H2K Hjarnan

5. TiP Apollo

6. CW Freeze

7. C9 Sneaky

8. CLG DoubleLift

9. Liquid Piglet

10. UoL Vardags

11. Elements Tabzz

12. Gravity Altec

13. Origen Niels

14. T8 MapleStreet

15. SK CandyPanda

16. Dig CoreJJ

17. TDK Emperor

18. Roccat Woolite

19. Giants Adryh

20. NME Otter


1-4 These 4 are just fantasy monsters. They put up big numbers, and they are on teams that will allow them to put up big numbers. I think Forg1vengre going to Gambit could actually make him a bigger fantasy beast, I would have put Steelback at number 2, if he were still FNC’s ADC, but Rekkles is a little more careful so I think he will have a few lower point games, when his teammates are going crazy!

5-9 There are a lot of “big name” carries in this group and all could very easily end up as the highest scoring player in fantasy LCS. However they haven’t shown consistency in scoring points, or their teams don’t have enough bloodbaths to allow them to truly shine.

10-14 I personally think ADC is the deepest of any position, and these 5 are all great players in their own right. Many of them are on new teams, or haven’t fully proven they can do it every week, which is why they didn’t crap the top 10. I wouldn’t feel bad if any of these were my flex pick on any given week.

15-18 These 4 all will have their big week moments, but they will probably put up slightly less than their expected on any given week. So they should be on watch lists and picked up when they have 2 favorable match-ups.

19-20 These are my 2 sad ADC’s I don’t think either of them will make a huge splash fantasy LCS this split.


This group was by far the most difficult for me. There were so many changes to the role and ADC’s are so fragile right now in the tank meta. I had to go with my gut on a few of the picks. I appreciate all the feedback, and the views. You all make me want to continue to do this and get better at it. I blew my previous daily view count by 4 times the amount(over 2300 views yesterday)! Thanks again and don’t forget to subscribe, follow on facebook, or follow on twitter to get notifications when a new post goes live.

I had a great week 2 on my calls, and then I had a terrible week 3. Luckily my first two weeks still have me above .500 on the year. I’m going all-in on more EU players since the first 3 weeks have shown more points are scored there, and folding more NA players since the top teams just methodically win games, and don’t have hyper aggression. Here were last week’s results followed by this week’s picks.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Cris 29 6.53 L
Santorin 34 37.81 W
Ryu 34 29.04 L
Altec 34 18.14 L
Aphromoo 29 41.58 W
TSM 29 38 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Wickd 29 47.9 L
Airwaks 29 63.09 L
XiaoWeiXiao 31 46.97 L
Cop 37 25.6 W
Edward 27 49.53 L
SK 35 39 L
This Week W-L 4W-8L Total W-L 19W-15L


Top – Wickd (Projection:31) Wickd has under performed most of this season. He finally scored some points for his fantasy owners last week, and because of their easy schedule this week. I think Elements will go 2-0 and will win both games methodically and under control. That will result in high scores for the Elements players. So I think all 6 are a start this week for Elements.

Jungle – Rush (Projection:31) Impulse looked like they were starting to build some momentum and then got destroyed by TSM. But some of their controlled aggression looks like it is starting to work, and I think with their weaker schedule this week (Winterfox and Coast). We could see a few of their players put up some big numbers. I’m all-in on Rush this week.

Mid – Nukeduck (Projection:34) Roccat has played better each week, and they face two winnable games this week. My guess is they go 1-1 but being in EU the games will probably be long and bloody. As a result I think NukeDuck will have a big week. Go all-in on NukeDuck.

ADC – Piglet (Projection:34) Team Liquid is still trying to figure out how to play as five with Piglet, but I think this week Piglet will be able to make some plays. I hope they don’t try to be so single minded that they only try to get him fed. If the team tries to play for more of a balanced approach I think Piglet will shine more. I do think he will have a big week so go all-in if you can on Piglet.

Support – Hylissang (Projection:25) Hylissang has been mediocre during the early game in my opinion but whenever mid game and late game team fights start he seems to be all over the place. I’ve been really impressed with his aggression and ability to create picks for his carries. Since his projection is so low this week he is a perfect sleeper all-in guy at support.

Team – Gambit (Projection:23) Gambit got their first win last week and I think they are going to follow that with their 2nd win against Giants. I think they will lose against Elements pretty easily but I think with their win and a few points in game 2 they will beat their 23 points.


Top – Hauntzer(Projection:28) I don’t like Gravity’s match-ups this week especially after how they played last week. I could see them going 1-1, but the teams they are playing TSM and Liquid don’t typically score lots of points. So I think they will be low kill games, and mainly objectives being taken as a result I don’t forsee great scores from Hauntzer or NA teams this week.

Jungle – Santorin (Projection:34) TSM has looked great all year, and I think they could go 2-0 again this week, but I just don’t see lots of points from NA players this week at least from the top 5 teams (TSM, CLG, C9, Gravity, and Liquid). Santorin will be a decent option but if you have another top jungler go for him.

Mid – Jeziz (Projection:31) Jeziz had his first bad week last week, and I think his match-ups this week will equal another one. The second game could be a kill fest against Impulse, so Jeziz could get really close to his 31, but I don’t see him scoring more than 6 points game one against CLG.

ADC – Altec (Projection:31) I’m super low on Winterfox bot lane this week, mainly because they have under performed this season. They have two tough match-ups against Impulse and C9, if Altec breaks his projection it will be because the Impulse game is a long drawn out blood bath. But really I wouldn’t risk playing the Winterfox bot lane.

Support – Gleeb (Projection:23) See Altec’s description.

Team – Team Liquid (Projection:28) I think Liquid will continue to be a better team as the split goes on, but I don’t know if they are there yet. Usually to get to the high 20’s you have to go 2-0 and I don’t see them winning both games (Team 8 and Gravity). In other words look for another team with some more favorable match-ups to guarantee high points.

Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 4 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!