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Welcome back to Fantasy LCS everyone. I am very excited for the new split, and can’t wait to start writing about the season. I’m going to be posting my rankings throughout this weekend, and try to get a week 1 all in or fold post up. So lets start with top laners. I will be putting them in numerical order and then a breakdown at the end will be the tiers I think they should be drafted.


1. FNC Huni

2. H2K Odoamne

3. Liquid Quas

4. TiP Impact

5. GMB CaboChard

6. CLG ZionSpartan

7. GV Hauntzer

8. UoL Vizicsacsi

9. SK Freddy122

10. Origen Soaz

11. TSM Dyrus

12. CW Youngbuck

13. T8 Calitrolz

14. C9 Balls

15. Roccat Steve

16. Elements Jwaow

17. TDK Seraph

18. Dig Gamsu

19. Giants Werlyb

20. NME Flaresz


1  Huni stands alone, will probably finish in the top 3 in points again. Is worth a top pick simply because he outscores his counterparts by so much each week.

2-5 This is the next best, all 4 have put up big weeks, and have shown that they can carry their teams. I would feel good getting any of these guys in the 2-4 round range.

6-11 These are all guys who will put up either very consistent point totals or be feast or famine, but because a few of them could put up 50+ weeks they are worth getting or at least stashing for good match-ups.

12-14 These 3 are all capable of having great splits, but because of last split, and their team’s ability they are more of a sleeper pick. Cali is the shot caller and put up a few big weeks at the end of last split. He is probably the most interesting out of the 3.

15-20 These guys aren’t really worth owning until they show they can do something. If you have a good hunch with one of them then by all means take them, but if you are in a league with me, I won’t be taking any of them until they prove they can score.


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Hello everyone. Its good to be back and writing about the fantasy LCS. I apologize again for my recent hiatus. Life got busy with work, and family in town as the wife and I prepare for our first baby. I didn’t get to watch all of the last two weeks, but it looked like there were some exciting games, and some teams continued their winning ways. Now onto my all-in and fold picks for the final week of the Spring Split

ALL-IN (These are players I expect to outperform their projections)

Top – TL Quas (Projection: 33pts) Team Liquid has one of the easiest schedules in the LCS this week. They play Dig and Winterfox. Even though they have been inconsistent especially when Piglett is their ADC. I expect them to win both of their games this week, and all of their players to perform well. I know they want to be in the playoffs and they will have to win both if they want to guarantee it.

Jungle – CW Airwaks (Projection: 30 pts) CW also has an easy schedule this week. They face Roccat and Giants in their final matchups. I fully expect them to end their losing skid the last two weeks and regain some of that midseason mojo when they won 5 in a row. I’m all-in on CW and Liquid players this week.

Mid – TL Fenix (Projection: 37 pts) See Quas’ description. Two good lane matchups, but Fenix does a lot for his team, and I like his champion pool.

ADC – Roc Woolite (Projection: 34 pts) Roccat has been very inconsistent this year. Their play has gotten a little better over the last 4 weeks though. I think with Woolite’s matchups against CW and MYM he can put up some good numbers. I think the CW game will be close with Roccat losing, but I think the MYM game could be a shootout with both teams trying to secure a win to ensure they get to stay in the LCS.

Support – CW Unlimited (Projection: 31 pts) See Airwaks description. Two good bot lane matchups for CW and I expect him and freeze to put up BIG numbers.

Team – CW (Projection: 32 pts) My rule for teams has been if they are going to win both games they will most likely break the 30 point mark and if they are going to lose one, they won’t break the 30 point mark. I expect CW to win both games, and perform well in both. I think a 36 point week is in their future.

FOLD (These are players I think will do worse than their projections)

Top – WFX Avalon (Projection: 32 pts) Winterfox has been 0-6 in the last 3 weeks. They face team Liquid in their first game and Team Coast in their 2nd. They should win the 2nd game against Coast, but I don’t think they will do enough for Avalon to break the 30 point barrier. A lot of the Winterfox players have high projections this week and I would say beware of starting any of them because of their inconsistency this split.

Jungle – UOL Kikis (Projection: 31 pts) Kikis has averaged just over 20 points a game this split, but for the most part he has been more of a feast or famine jungler (4 weeks over 40 points 3 weeks under 30 points). The matchups this week make me hesitant to start him (Gambit and SK). If he is your only jungler he won’t drop a sub 15 week, but I really don’t think he will break the 30 point mark this week. SO I’m folding Kikis this week.

Mid – Team8 Slooshi8(Projection: 35 pts) Team 8 has been on a roll as of late, but I think this is the week it comes to a crashing halt. Slooshi’s per game average would put him at 36 points for the week, but again I have a bad feeling about Team 8 this week. I’m going to fold on Team 8 players this week.

ADC – CLG Doublelift (Projection: 40 pts) Doublelift has been averaging just under 20 points a game so far this split. Plus with two tough opponents in the upcoming week, I don’t think he will get to the 40 point mark. I would say he is a fold candidate if you have another good ADC on your team.

Support – TSM Lustboy (Projection: 41 pts) I love Lustboy. He has single handedly won some teamfights for TSM this split. I think he won’t quite be able to reach the 41 point mark this week though. TSM vs C9 has always been very 1 sided matches so no team scores tons of points and TSM’s game against Coast should be a sub 30 minute game which will also result in a low point total. I think Lustboy is amazing just not this week in Fantasy.

Team – CLG (Projection: 28 pts) CLG has once again had a 2nd half of the season that has been less than great. They are still winning more than they are losing, but they aren’t showing the same dominance they were early season. They have two tough matchups in Impulse and Team 8. So I expect them to lose 1 of those games, and if they do they won’t hit the 28 point mark.


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I also wanted to let you all know that this Saturday I will be doing a stream-a-thon on Twitch.TV to raise money for a Honduras Mission trip I am taking with some teens this summer (Remember I’m a youth minister). We are going to be helping build a school in Honduras this summer and would love for you all to come check out the stream this Saturday and if you feel inclined to give you can donate during the stream.

Have a wonderful day, and good luck in your final week of Fantasy LCS.

We are now over half way through the Spring Split of the LCS. The first half had some great games, big upsets, and some teams we thought would be at the top that have struggled some (Roccat, Elements, C9, Liquid). There have also been a few teams that had big question marks around their teams that have exceeded expectations so far (Winterfox, CW, FNC, Gravity). The next 4 weeks should have lots of great games, and the playoff push will be fun to watch for teams trying to miss relegation tournaments for the summer split. I think with this added pressure some of the teams will play “tighter” than usual, so we could see some lower scoring games the next few weeks. We also could see some of the teams at the bottom play with no pressure and score huge points. So pay attention to some of those lower team guys and keep them on your watch list. Enough of all my talking (or typing whatever you want to call it), here are my week 5 results followed by my week 6 picks.


All-in Projected Actual W or L
ZionSpartan 31 34.91 W
Fenix 28 27.73 L
Nrated 25 25.62 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Dyrus 33 16.41 W
XiaoWeiXiao 38 28.62 W
Liquid 27 40 L
This Week W-L 4W-2L Total W-L 28W-24L


All-In (players that I think will exceed their projections)

Top – CaliTrlolz8 (Projected: 22pts) Cali has struggled and put up great points in the first 5 weeks. Team 8 plays Dig and Impulse so I expect both games to be competitive and could potentially be blood baths. I expect Cali to easily suppress his projection this week. So all-in for me.

Jungle- Saintvicious (Projected: 28pts) Saint hasn’t had a “big” week yet, and I don’t think he will have one this week. However I do think he will be able to create some opportunities for his team this week playing against Liquid and Coast. My guess is around the 34-36 point range for Saint.

Mid – Fox (Projected: 33pts) SK had its first bad week last week, and I don’t think that it will be a trend. I fully expect them to bounce back this week and all of their players will score good points this week. Fox has done well all year, and playing against (UoL and Elements) tough competition I don’t think that will stop him from being able to score some points.

ADC – CoreJJ (Projected: 36pts) Dig has been playing much better since Crumbzz stepped down. They are playing more aggressive and you can tell they are enjoying playing together. They still have communication issues and they aren’t really all that good from top to bottom. However, I think they have quite a few options that can score points this week, and as a result I’m all-in on CoreJJ.

Support – Edward (Projected: 26pts) Gambit plays Roccat and CW this week, and they way Gambit has been playing the last 2 weeks, I don’t see them slowing down much. Edward has been back to his old ways of creating options and making plays for his team, and because of that I foresee another 30+ week from him.

Team – H2K (Projected: 31pts) H2K is on a roll, and even when they don’t win they score points. It seems like they know who they are and are trusting each other in the game. With match-ups against Roccat and Giants this week. I can easily see a 2-0 week for them and with 2 wins means likely that they break the 30 point mark.


Fold (players that I think will score less than their projections)

Top – Quas (Projected: 31pts) Quas has been a consistent scorer if you remove the week 2 result, scoring about 32 points a week. I think this week will be one of those weeks that he goes below the 30 mark threshold. He faces Hauntzer(gravity) and Zion(CLG) this week so with two tough opponents I think one of those games will force Quas to make a mistake or get starved of resources and limit his ability to help carry Liquid. I’m going to fold Quas this week.

Jungle- IWillDominate (Projected: 32pts) I love the way Dominate plays, but I think this week he will struggle a little. He is aggressive and sometimes reckless and when facing teams that are willing to counter that aggression with map pressure or with traps he will struggle. So because of the match-ups this week I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him being my option at Jungle.

Mid – NukeDuck (Projected: 29pts) I think NukeDuck has been over-hyped and over talked about when Roccat plays. He always seems to be behind, and always tries to pick assassin champs that limit his ability in team fights. All in all I don’t think NukeDuck is worth owning unless Roccat really figures it out, but I don’t foresee that happening this week against Gambit and H2K. I don’t own him in any of my leagues and if I did I would drop him for someone else.

ADC – Altec (Projected: 33pts) Last time I put Altec here he put up 60+ points, but I think with games against C9 and CLG that won’t happen. Winterfox has played better than most expected so far, but CLG and C9 have also played well and are arguably the best team in NA. I think this is the week Winterfox struggles.

Support – Hylissang (Projected: 27pts) Unicorns play Sk and MYM so one game will probably be close (SK) and the other will probably be an easy win for UoL (MYM). Hylissang is a great team fighting support, but outside of his one 40+ week he averages right around 27 points. I think this week he won’t quite get there. I would fold Hylissang if he is your support.

Team – Gravity (Projected: 26pts) Gravity has only put up two weeks of 26 points are more this season. Because of that stat I can’t see them breaking that threshold this week. They are 5-5 which means they will probably go 1-1 again since they are playing Liquid and Coast (the Liquid game is the one I think they will lose). This is a gamble because it could very easily be a 2-0 week for them, but I’m trusting my guy here and folding on Gravity.


Let me know who your all-in and fold candidates will be for week 6 in the comments below? As always don’t forget to follow the blog (fantasy knowledge button on the left), or follow on Twitter or Facebook. Have a wonderful day and good luck fellow fantasy LCS players!