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ADC is one of the two high scoring positions in the fantasy LCS. Usually smart to get 1 good one in the first 3 rounds, but if you decide to pick other positions their is high parity in points scored at the ADC position.

  1. Zven
  2. Doublelift
  3. Forg1vengre
  4. Hjarnan
  5. Sneaky
  6. Rekkles
  7. Piglet
  8. Wildturtle
  9. Altec
  10. Stixxay
  11. Steelback
  12. Emperor
  13. Freeze
  14. Mrrallez
  15. Apollo
  16. Adryh
  17. Keith
  18. Kobbe
  19. Mash
  20. Safir

1-4 These should be the highest scoring ADCs at season end. They have shown they can put up big points they are on talented teams, and they are unafraid to make big plays.

5-9 These will be the most consistent guys you can grab at ADC. They all can be in the top ADC conversation (fantasy wise), but they probably won’t be the highest scoring because of the teams they are on and their own play-styles.

10-15 This group of 6 has LCS experience (except Stixxay) and will be great #2 ADCs for you to own. I think CLG, and UoL will have good fantasy splits, and I’m a little low on Ren and Dig.

16-20 I don’t see these guys getting much higher than the bottom 5. Obviously every season there are a few guys/teams that play way better than everyone thought so don’t ever get married to “rankings” or “projections.” Go with who is playing well and the guys you prefer to pull for.


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Day 1 is finally here of the 2015 League of Legends World Championships. We see if our predictions are right or wrong. We enjoy the games and moments the next month will bring us. Last, we make some money along the way using Alphadraft, Draftkings, or Vulcuun. These match-ups should provide favorable scoring; iG vs FNC, CLG vs FW, C9 vs AHQ (I am a C9 fan so my faith might be misleading for the first game). These match-ups will end up being one sided so won’t offer as many scoring opportunities if you pick players on the rosters; Pain vs Koo, SKT vs H2K, EDG vs BKT. Here is a good day 1 team based on value and match-ups. I’m using alphadraft for this post.


Top – Zz1tai iG $7200

Jungle – KaKao iG $7300

Mid – Incarnation C9 $7200

ADC -Sneaky C9 $7500

Support – Yellowstar FNC $7700

Flex – Rekkles FNC $9000

Team – FNC $3600

I went all-in on the iG vs FNC match-up. I think FNC is going to edge out a victory, but if they don’t this game will probably be a longer day 1 game (remember the longer the games the more opportunities the players will score more fantasy points).


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Week 4 is in the books! The match-up that we were all waiting for (FNC vs Origen) wasn’t quite as exciting as most were hoping, but for the most part the week was still entertaining. Here is a quick fantasy recap of Week 4 of the EU LCS.


Legendary (players and teams that had impressive fantasy totals or just impressive games)

SK, specifically Svens and Fox
– SK got their much needed 1st win in a game that they honestly should have lost, but they showed resolve and won a key team-fight on their inhibitor to turn the tides of the game. In their 2nd game they played a little more confidently and they controlled Roccat the entire game which led to a fairly easy win for them. Svens did a great job in both games putting pressure on the enemy junglers and in game 2 made Jankos irrelevant. Overall, Svens put up 47.44 points. Fox was the big winner of SK’s games with 51.38 points. GG WP SK.


H2k-Gaming.pngH2K – They had an absolutely dominant week. They seem to be on a different level right now than any other EU team. Their last 4 games they have had impressive leads at 10 mins (over 1k gold in each of the last 4). They always make the other team play to their style, which is be everywhere all the time. Krepo said it best in the game against Giants “They never leave their weakest player alone.” They overload the map to make sure the player that is weakest can get even or stronger than their opponent. This makes their leads grow and then they slowly choke you out of any resources on the map. Their fantasy numbers weren’t as high this week as last, but they are a joy to watch.


EL-Rekkles-2015Rekkles – The top scorer in EU in the summer split of season 4 seems to have regained his swagger. Fnatic is now 8-0 and Rekkles has been a fantasy monster so far (over 200 points in 4 weeks). His combined score was 13/0/18. He didn’t die a single time against Origen, who many thought was going to compete with FNC, and CW, who typically can make games sloppy and drawn out. Rekkles and Yellowstar have a great synergy and Rekkles is playing more aggressively than I’ve ever seen him play. I think the comfort of knowing that everyone is going to follow whatever is happening has allowed him to shine so far. Rekkles finished with over 58 points.


Shut Down (players and teams that had abysmal fantasy points or were disappointing)


ROCCAT.pngRoccat (all players) – Roccat was picked by many including myself as the sleepers of week 4. Their match-ups (SK and Elements) made them seem really attractive, and they did absolutely nothing. They didn’t have a single player break 12 points on the week. They played with very little purpose and they were constantly taking fights when they had disadvantages (flash or ults on cooldown, 4v5, 2v4) Overall it was an extremely disappointing week for Roccat. If you added any of their players (I added at least one in all of my leagues) then they probably cost you your win.



Diamondprox – Diamond had a big impact in Gambit’s first game, but didn’t get any fantasy points. He always seemed to not quite have enough damage to finish off an enemy or was creating pressure on another part of the map when a small skirmish would break out. Then in the 2nd game he just got shutdown. He wasn’t able to help any of his lanes, and even with a great 4 man knock up in a late team-fight Gambit didn’t have enough damage to capitalize on it. Overall Diamond’s performance was pitiful he only managed 5.42 points.


Games of the week

Ele vs. Origen – This game ended up being the most exciting game of the week. Origen has shown they have some weaknesses and Elements is starting to look like they might be able to make a run to the top 4 with their recent play.

SK vs. UoL – This was a close 2nd on the entertaining scale. It featured some really good team-fights and a nice comeback on SK’s part.

FNC vs. Origen – The game everyone was waiting for ended up being a little anti-climactic, but the first 15 minutes were exciting and featured some crazy plays/skirmishes. FNC ended up taking control fairly early and never looking back.

H2K vs. Giants – This game is on the list because of how awesome H2K played the map. It is League of Legends the way it was meant to be played. H2K creates pressure everywhere and knows how to push a lead so fast.

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