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This week will mark the halfway point of the season. Since each team has played 8 games there is a better picture of what each team does well and what each team does poorly. EU has a logjam at the middle and bottom of the standings, 6 teams at .500 or less, and NA is packed at the top of the standings, 5 teams at 5-3 or better. The rest of the season should have lots of entertaining games since so many teams will be fighting for a spot in the playoffs. Here is last weeks results (TSM would have been a win for me if Liquid didn’t throw that final fight, and Roccat let everyone down so don’t feel to bad about that pick) followed by my week 5 picks.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Odoamne 34 44.94 W
Diamond 28 5.42 L
Betsy 28  20.4 L
Altec 37 49.84 W
Mithy 30 32.9 W
Roccat 26 10 L
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Vizicsacsi 43 40.82 W
Airwaks 26 8.4 W
Ninja 35 NA NA
Adryh 37 15.93 W
Aphromoo 44 49.21 L
TSM 30 32 L
This Week W-L 6W-5L Total W-L 20W-15L

All-in (players that will score more than their projections)

Top- Gamsu (proj: 31 points)  Gamsu had a monster week 4 and because of that and Dignitas’ easier schedule this week, he is a great option to beat out his projected total. He only had 85 points in the first 3 weeks which comes out to 28 points a week so the projection is fair. However, momentum is also a real thing and his near perfect performance in week 4 shows that he can be a fantasy monster. TDK and NME are on the docket for Dig so if you are a believer in the Dig magic, pick up any Dig players you can.

Jung- Kikis (proj: 34 points) Kikis is currently averaging 30 points a week. Based on that this is already an “easy” pick, but to take a deeper look into Kikis week we can see that he should beat that projection by 3-5 points. Giants are giving up roughly 19 points a game to enemy junlgers and Roccat is giving up 18 points a game to enemy junglers (this data is misisng week 3 so might be off a point or two). If we take those numbers we see that he should score around 37 points this week. UoL will have their first 2-0 week of the split.

Mid- Innox (proj: 33 points) Innox has played surprisingly well so far to start the season. This week he has two favorable match-ups against Dig, even though Dig has won a lot of games they are giving  up a decent chunk of fantasy points to their opponents, and Team 8. Innox has helped NME remain close in most of their games, and in a few has done just enough carrying to win them some games.

ADC- Apollo (proj: 41 points) Apollo has been the most consistent scorer for TiP so far this split. He scores 21.5 points a game and his two match-ups (Gravity and Cloud 9) haven’t been shutting down the enemy ADCs. So even with a high projection of 40, Apollo should get closer to the 42 point range because Gravity has allowed around 20 points a game and C9 has allowed around 22 points a game.

Supp- BunnyFuFu (proj: 26 points) All of the Gravity players have done better than most thought going into the split. In fact every player is averaging over 38 points a week. The match-ups are tough for Gravity this week (TiP and Liquid), but I don’t foresee either of them being blowouts in the enemy teams favor. If each game goes over 35 minutes Bunny should get closer to his average 38 points a week than his projection of 25. Go all-in on Bunny this week if you can.

Team- Elements (proj: 25 points) This could be a trap pick mid range point projection, easy match-ups, and a team that seems to be playing better. This should be the week that Elements goes 2-0 and potentially break the 30 point threshold since they face SK (allowing 15 points a game to enemy teams) and Giants ( allowing 13 points a game to enemy teams). Elements strategy is always get Froggen to late game carry mode and they have been performing a little better in the early game to help allow that to happen.

Fold (players that will score less than their projections)

Top – Huni (proj: 35 points) You should never pick against FNC players, but its happening this week for Huni. Huni hasn’t been nearly as dominant this split as last, in fact if you take out his week 3 performance he would be averaging 18 points a game. FNC vs H2K is going to be a great game, it will most likely end up in a similar way that the Origen FNC game ended, in a blowout for either team. If H2K pulls off the win, and FNC rebounds and crushes GMB then Huni won’t have the chance to get a huge week. This is the big gamble of the week, look for Huni to end up with 32-34 points at the end.

Jung – Meteos (proj: 28 points) Meteos hasn’t found his groove just yet as shot-caller, and it has been taking his game performance down a bit too. He has only broken 30 points once this season (week 1), and it doesn’t appear this will be the week he does it again. C9 faces TDK and TiP, both games are winnable for C9, but just because C9 wins both doesn’t mean that Meteos will be a big scorer.

Mid – Nukeduck (proj: 39 points) A lot of Roccat players have big projections and because of what they did to the Fantasy LCS community last week, I have 2 on this list as fold candidates. Ok, so that isn’t the only reason. They face UoL and CW neither of those teams shut down their enemy teams in terms of fantasy points allowed, but UoL has done well keeping the enemy mid laner from getting out of hand (15 points allowed). If CW can keep Nukeduck from going into hard carry mode this should be an easy win.

ADC – Sneaky (proj: 38 points) Sneaky has been the most consistent scorer for C9 so far this split. He is averaging just over 18 points a game and playing TiP (who is always unpredictable) and TDK (who should allow C9 to get a win again). The real reason there are two C9 players on this list is personal. I want to jinx them back into winning ways, so I figure if I put two on this list RNG will prove me wrong. Go C9, but I’m folding your players this week.

Supp – Vander (proj: 36 points) CW have allowed 18 points a game to the enemy support and UoL is allowing 16 points a game. With that information and the fact that Vander has had 2 bad fantasy weeks he should be an easy fold candidate. Not much to say about this one really.

Team – Liquid (proj: 27 points) Liquid has looked really good this split, but it hasn’t resulted in as many wins as they probably hoped. They face off against Gravity and CLG. Both games should be fun to watch and very competitive, but 30 points is the number for teams that go 2-0 and based on their inconsistencies against the better teams in NA 2-0 seems very unlikely for Liquid this week. Expect them to get closer to the 26 point range on the week.


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Week 4 is in the books! The match-up that we were all waiting for (FNC vs Origen) wasn’t quite as exciting as most were hoping, but for the most part the week was still entertaining. Here is a quick fantasy recap of Week 4 of the EU LCS.


Legendary (players and teams that had impressive fantasy totals or just impressive games)

SK, specifically Svens and Fox
– SK got their much needed 1st win in a game that they honestly should have lost, but they showed resolve and won a key team-fight on their inhibitor to turn the tides of the game. In their 2nd game they played a little more confidently and they controlled Roccat the entire game which led to a fairly easy win for them. Svens did a great job in both games putting pressure on the enemy junglers and in game 2 made Jankos irrelevant. Overall, Svens put up 47.44 points. Fox was the big winner of SK’s games with 51.38 points. GG WP SK.


H2k-Gaming.pngH2K – They had an absolutely dominant week. They seem to be on a different level right now than any other EU team. Their last 4 games they have had impressive leads at 10 mins (over 1k gold in each of the last 4). They always make the other team play to their style, which is be everywhere all the time. Krepo said it best in the game against Giants “They never leave their weakest player alone.” They overload the map to make sure the player that is weakest can get even or stronger than their opponent. This makes their leads grow and then they slowly choke you out of any resources on the map. Their fantasy numbers weren’t as high this week as last, but they are a joy to watch.


EL-Rekkles-2015Rekkles – The top scorer in EU in the summer split of season 4 seems to have regained his swagger. Fnatic is now 8-0 and Rekkles has been a fantasy monster so far (over 200 points in 4 weeks). His combined score was 13/0/18. He didn’t die a single time against Origen, who many thought was going to compete with FNC, and CW, who typically can make games sloppy and drawn out. Rekkles and Yellowstar have a great synergy and Rekkles is playing more aggressively than I’ve ever seen him play. I think the comfort of knowing that everyone is going to follow whatever is happening has allowed him to shine so far. Rekkles finished with over 58 points.


Shut Down (players and teams that had abysmal fantasy points or were disappointing)


ROCCAT.pngRoccat (all players) – Roccat was picked by many including myself as the sleepers of week 4. Their match-ups (SK and Elements) made them seem really attractive, and they did absolutely nothing. They didn’t have a single player break 12 points on the week. They played with very little purpose and they were constantly taking fights when they had disadvantages (flash or ults on cooldown, 4v5, 2v4) Overall it was an extremely disappointing week for Roccat. If you added any of their players (I added at least one in all of my leagues) then they probably cost you your win.



Diamondprox – Diamond had a big impact in Gambit’s first game, but didn’t get any fantasy points. He always seemed to not quite have enough damage to finish off an enemy or was creating pressure on another part of the map when a small skirmish would break out. Then in the 2nd game he just got shutdown. He wasn’t able to help any of his lanes, and even with a great 4 man knock up in a late team-fight Gambit didn’t have enough damage to capitalize on it. Overall Diamond’s performance was pitiful he only managed 5.42 points.


Games of the week

Ele vs. Origen – This game ended up being the most exciting game of the week. Origen has shown they have some weaknesses and Elements is starting to look like they might be able to make a run to the top 4 with their recent play.

SK vs. UoL – This was a close 2nd on the entertaining scale. It featured some really good team-fights and a nice comeback on SK’s part.

FNC vs. Origen – The game everyone was waiting for ended up being a little anti-climactic, but the first 15 minutes were exciting and featured some crazy plays/skirmishes. FNC ended up taking control fairly early and never looking back.

H2K vs. Giants – This game is on the list because of how awesome H2K played the map. It is League of Legends the way it was meant to be played. H2K creates pressure everywhere and knows how to push a lead so fast.

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The season is 3 weeks in and there have been a lot of unexpected results so far. The surprises were Dig, Gravity, and Giants; and the disappointments, C9, Gambit, and Elements. First, let me apologize for not getting a week 3 All-in or Fold post up. I was out of town all week, and didn’t want to put something up that wasn’t thought out or post something that didn’t truly explain my picks. So here are the results from my week 2 picks and then my week 4 All-in or Fold candidates will follow.

All-in Projected Actual W or L
Huni 36 41.42 W
IWillDominate 32 31.01 L
Fenix 37 18.61 L
Niels 39 79.21 W
Hylissang 29 45.92 W
FNC 32 38 W
Fold Projected Actual W or L
Freddy122 31 11.47 W
Diamond 26 10.21 W
Slooshi8 35 17.87 W
CoreJJ 38 58.7 L
nRated 31 11.82 W
Gambit 22 12 W
This Week W-L 9W-3L Total W-L 14W-10L


All-in (players that will score more than their projections)

Top – Odoamne (proj: 33pts) H2K has been dominant in almost every match-up. It doesn’t look like that is going to slow down in week 4 with match-ups against CW and Giants. Giants has surprised everyone so far, but H2K knows how to make teams play to their style, which is in your face and fast. Odoamne has been on a hot streak the last 2 weeks breaking the 40 point mark. Look for that trend to continue in week 4.

Jungle – Diamond (proj: 22pts) Gambit has now played 3 straight solid games, and this is about the time they started taking off last split. For those two reasons, plus the fact that they will be playing Giants and UoL this week, gives reason to think they could see high scoring weeks. Gambit could end up losing both games since Giants has look good and UoL can sometimes play like the best team in EU, but both games could go 45-50 minutes, which would allow lots of opportunities for teams to score points. Putting hope in Gambit is dangerous, but it is fun to live on the edge.

Mid – Betsy (proj: 24 pts) Pepii and Power are two great midlaners in EU, and they could very easily make Betsy struggle early. However, Betsy is more than capable of playing with both of those guys. See above for more analysis on Gambit’s schedule and why there are two Gambit players to go All-in on.

ADC – Altec (proj: 37pts) This was the hardest position to choose from. Altec was chosen because Gravity has played really well so far in the season. Gravity, because of Bunny, focuses on letting the ADC have room to score points (See Cop stats from last year). Also, it helps that they play Team 8 in the first match-up. Even though the choice was hard, Altec seems to be a fairly safe choice since he has broken the 40 point barrier every week.

Support – Mithy (proj: 30pts) Origen vs FNC is the game we have all been looking for and it should be a really fun game to watch. It could very easily turn into a blood bath, given how both teams like to play. As a result, both teams could have high scoring weeks. Also, Origen’s second matchup against Elements will allow Origen to pick up any points they don’t get against FNC. Once again, the match ups for the week factored heavily into this pick.

Team – Roccat (proj; 26pts) Roccat has managed two wins on the year, and they could pull off a 2-0 week this week. The change at ADC is a little concerning, but they face Elements and SK, the two worst teams in EU right now. Roccat is too inconsistent to be a great team overall, but the match-ups are too good to pass up. Don’t be surprised if they have a week like Gambit did last week. Another possible pick would be Impulse.


Fold (players that will score less than their projections)

Top – Vizicsacsi (proj: 43pts) UoL is one of the most fun teams in EU, but their inconsistency can be infuriating. They are always looking to fight which usually is great for fantasy because it means room for points to be scored. However, this split it seems like the other teams in EU have figured out some of their aggressive tactics and have adjusted to that play style. Even though UoL could very easily go 2-0 this week, they play SK and Gambit, Vizic hasn’t been the reason they have won any of their games. He has only broken 31 points once this year, and he only managed 34 that week.

Jungle – Airwaks (proj: 26pts) It seemed like CW and Airwaks had things figured out after week 1, but the last 4 games have told a different story. CW is still a team that relies on the other team to make lots of mistakes so that Freeze and Soren can get into late game carry mode, but more often than not, that won’t happen. Airwaks only scored a combined 28 points the last 2 weeks, and with H2K and FNC in their sights that total might only go up 10-15 more points. Fold Airwaks!

Mid – Ninja (proj: 35pts) Ninja is a mechanically great player, but in his first week back, he is having to play CLG in the first game. It doesn’t seem likely that he will score enough against Team 8 (with no Slooshi) to justify a 35 point projection. Obviously it is easy to pick a team that is 0-6 and say don’t play their players, but sometimes the most obvious pick is the one you should go for.

ADC – Adryh (proj: 37pts) The first 6 games show that Giants is a team that may have figured out how to play in the EU LCS, but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be sustainable. They face Gambit, which could very easily be a 50 min game, and H2K in week 4. Even though Adryh has been great after 30 min in games (21/2/22), the game against H2K should be a relatively short match-up; and because of that, Adryh will be just short of 37 points.

Support – Aphromoo (proj: 44pts) Aphromoo might be the most fun support to watch in the LCS, and his playstyle is excellent for fantasy. CLG’s matchups in week 4 (C9 and TDK) might not allow Aphro to make quite as many plays as he is used too. The game against TDK should be 30 min or less, and C9 vs CLG is usually a low scoring affair for all players (this is caused because both teams put more emphasis on towers and objectives than kills). Because of those factors, Aphro will put up a solid week from a support, but don’t expect a 40 point week from him.

Team – TSM (proj: 30pts) TSM hasn’t been their usual dominant self so far in the early season. They will end up the summer split as a top 3 team, but from a fantasy perspective their lack of consistency leaves room to worry. TSM has two sub 30 point weeks and one 40 point week. Their match-ups against Gravity and Liquid could go either way. Since those teams have all looked good this split, I’m not confident enough that TSM will go 2-0. No team has scored more than 30 points this split without going 2-0 on the week. Expect a 1-1 week from TSM and around 26 points.

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