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We are almost at the half way point of the Spring split. Each region is starting to sort itself out and we are able to see who will be contenders and pretenders for the rest of the split. After an abysmal week 3 I bounced back with another 8-4 week on my week 4 picks. Here are the results from last week followed by my week 5 picks!



All-in (Players that will over perform their projection)

Top- Hauntzer (31pts) TSM still hasn’t quite clicked like most would think they would start doing at this point. However they are still 5-3 and at the top of the standings. One of the main reasons has been Hauntzer’s play. I think 31 points should be a breeze for him to pass against the likes of Impulse and CLG

Jungle- Reignover (35pts) IMT plays C9 and Dig. One game should be a stomp and the other should be competitive (C9). Reignover has been absolutely dominant so far this season. He has helped IMT get every first blood to start the year, and he somehow has been putting pressure everywhere on the map while beating the opponent junglers in farm. Overall Reignover should get right around his average of 38 this week.

Mid- Jensen (26pts) Jensen has continued to have shining moments on the LCS stage, but he still has his moments where he is not able to create any pressure for his team. I think after last week’s performances that Jensen and C9 will continue to see success despite the tough match-ups with Liquid and Immortals. (note I wanted to put 3 other C9 players on this but felt that was too much)

ADC- Steelback (32pts) UoL is a team that is playing more consistently than anyone could have thought especially despite the revolving door at Jungle. Steelback is one of the reasons they have been so good. He is constantly making smart decisions and has been able to clean up team fights when needed. 38 points is my prediction for the week.

Support- Hybrid (21pts) Hybrid has been one of the best supports on one of the sneaky good teams. He is currently averaging over 15 points a game, and with matchups against H2k and Vit he will be needed to make more plays for emperor. I think he gets to the high 20’s maybe even 30 this week.

Team- G2 (25pts) G2 has been a huge surprise so far. I keep thinking this will be the week they slip up and fall to the middle of the pack, but they have put together 4 straight weeks of solid play. Even with tougher opponents this week I think they will surpass the 25 point barrier by a hair.


Fold (Players that will under perform their projection)

Top- Soaz (36pts) Soaz has been underwhelming so far this split, and his play has been one of the primary reasons Origen has struggled in my opinion. He isn’t even averaging 24 points a week, and I don’t forsee him turning it on this week against Vit and Splyce. I think he will start to regain his form, but probably closer to 28 points at the end of the week.

Jungle- Spirit (40pts) FNC has been good then terrible then good again. Spirit is a good jungler but he hasn’t been able to create very many plays for his team in the first 15 minutes of games. As a result FNC has been inconsistent. Expect another week right around 30 points for him.

Mid- GBM (42pts) GBM has one of the highest damage per minute in midlane this year in the LCS, but his team still struggles from time to time. Overall I think NRG is a mid tier NA team, and I don’t expect GBM to put up huge numbers against CLG. As a result 42 is a little to high.

ADC- For1vengre (40pts) Forg1ven might be mechanically the best ADC in the LCS. Watching him play makes me sad that I’m not even 50% as good at this game as he is, but with all of his abilities to dodge skillshots and apply pressure in lane he doesn’t always acquire great fantasy points. In fact, he only surpassed 40 points once this season (week 1).

Support- Adrian (42pts) Adrian plays the true support champions in Soraka and Janna, but at the same time he has such a huge impact on every game when he plays these “passive” champions. He is the highest scoring support this split, but I think 42 is a little to steep for him this week. Still will get in the mid 30’s so don’t bench him unless you have a great support on your bench.

Team- Origen (32pts) Origen has struggled to much to show consistency for me to think they can 2-0 Vit and Splyce, but if there was a week for them to do it this is the time to start getting hot. I think they will finish 1-1 again losing a close game to Vit and ending with 27 points.


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For those that have read my work the last two splits know exactly what to expect from these weekly posts, but for those of you who are new, let me explain what an All-in or Fold post will look like. I’m going to be taking one player from every position that I think is going to outscore their projection and one player from every position that I think will score below their projection. I’m using the projections that are used directly from fantasy LCS. The spring split last year I was 54% right on my picks (not good but better than coin toss) and last split I was just under 58%. If I continue on that pattern then this is the split I hit 62%. Let’s  jump into this week’s all-in and fold candidates.


All-in (players that will outscore their projections)

Top- OG Soaz (30pts) Origen is going to be the best team this split, because of talent and continuity. Even though they have some tougher matchups week 1 (H2K and FNC) I think they will perform well and Soaz should easily surpass his 30 point projection.

Jungle- TSM Svenskeren (33pts) I think TSM is going to struggle some this split to figure out how all of their pieces are going to work together and who is going to get the resources, but they have too much talent to ignore. Their matchups against TL and CLG should be wins for them, but I think the games will be longer games meaning more points for everyone

Mid- Vit Nukeduck (33pts) Nukeduck has burned me a few times the last two splits, but I think Vit is going to be a pretty solid team this split. If Nukeduck can play as well as he did the final weeks of summer split, then 33 points will be a breeze.

ADC- CLG Stixxay (33pts) I don’t think CLG will fall as much as some others are expecting. They have two new starters, but both have been with the team for over 6 months. I think Aphro will be able to set up Stixxay for plenty of opportunities.

Support- H2K Vander (24pts) Vander has the benefit of getting to play alongside of Forg1vengre, or he gets stuck playing next to him. Either way Forg1vengre is a great player, and Vander will help compliment his aggressive style. 24 should be a breeze for Vander.

Team- H2K (25 pts) H2K plays Giants and Origen. I expect them to beat Giants pretty easily then play Origen close until the end. I think they will be able to surpass their 25 point projection.


Fold (players that will underscore their projections)

Top- Roc Freddy122 (29pts) I think Freddy will end up with a good split overall, but I don’t think week 1 is the week he goes off. If he does beat his projection it will be Roccat funneling ganks, and resources to him. Either way I say fold him this week.

Jungle- FNC Spirit (32pts) FNC is giong to end up being a top 4 team in the EU LCS, but I think they will struggle some the first few weeks. With matchups against Origen and Vit I could see Spirit having a difficult start to his EU career.

Mid- Fox Froggen (40pts) I think Froggen will put up consistently strong fantasy numbers in the NA LCS, but 40 points might be a little to high for me. If echo fox can’t close out the game early on TiP this will be a hard one for me to win, but I see it being a stomp by Fox.

ADC- Gia Adryh (33pts) The new Giants face UoL and H2K in week 1 and unfortunately I think that will mean a lower total for the Giants players. The only player I would start week 1 would be Pepii but that is because you never know when he goes off for 40.

Support- IMT Adrian (39pts) Adrian is one of the best fantasy supports and will continue to be, but 39 is to high of a point total for me this week. I believe that top and mid will be a bigger focus for IMT so Turtle and Adrian won’t score quite as much as their projections.

Team- FNC (29pts) Typically teams go 2-0 when the get to the 28+ point range, and I don’t think FNC goes 2-0 this week. Therefore they are my fold candidate.


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The group stages are over and it’s time for the Best of 5 Knockout Stage! The teams to open the Quarterfinals are EU’s Origen (4-2 and 2nd seed out of group D) and LMS’ Flash Wolves (4-2 and 1st seed out of group A), which will air Thursday, October 15th at 9am PST (5pm BST). This is likely the most competitive series, with both teams tied at 4-2 in reasonably competitive groups. Both teams played the longest games in the group stages (their game times averaged over 40 min) and because of that we could see fantasy points galore when these games are all said and done.


Let’s take a closer look at each team. What are each team’s win conditions? What will lead to their downfall? Who will be the fantasy studs to lead your team to success?


Flash Wolves – The Flash Wolves started out slow but finished strong, winning their last three games to close out their group as the #1 seed. They rode the damage of their Midlaner Maple and their ADC NL (who subbed in after Kramer played a subpar game against CLG). Those two not only played better than their competition in the group stages, but they also had the highest damage per minute of all ADCs and Midlaners. They are a team that is unafraid to fight, and when they fight, they have come out ahead because of their carries. Steak was thought to be the weak link before the group stages began, but he consistently broke even with the enemy top laner or even beat them. Steak has been the biggest surprise for the Flash Wolves. He finished with the highest kill participation of all top laners, and 3rd highest KDA of all top laners. However when you take a closer look it appears he still may be the area that Origen can capitalize on. His CS per min was one of the lowest of all top laners, and his opponent Soaz is one of the best (5th best as compared to 15th). Flash Wolves wins this match if they are able to pressure the map early on bot and mid so that the enemy team can’t destroy Steak and make FW pay. If Maple and NL are able to get a few items they will be able to out damage and outplay Origen in team fights. Flash Wolves will lose the match if Origen’s bot lane is able to beat FW bot lane in standard 2v2,allowing Steak to get bullied by Soaz. If they fall behind their team fighting play-style will be turned against them by a smart Origen. The players that will have the biggest fantasy impact for the Flash Wolves will be Karsa (Jungler), Maple (Mid), and NL (ADC).


Origen – Origen was one of the biggest surprises of the group stage. They were able to ride a 3-0 1st week to finish 4-2 and come out as the #2 seed of group D. Origen was able to win their games by allowing Soaz to put pressure on the map, while Niels and xPeke supported him with good wave clear and high damage. Origen also had some of the better drafts of all the teams at worlds. This will be the component that will help most in their best of 5 against the Flash Wolves. xPeke came out to prove to everyone that he wasn’t just a utility midlaner and the weakest link of Origen, leaving the group stages with the highest CS per minute of any player at Worlds.

Niels is the secret weapon of Origen…well at this point it isn’t a secret anymore. When Niels goes even or gets ahead of the enemy ADC, Origen knows exactly how to play around his strength and they began to pull ahead of their competitors. Niels finished with 31 kills (5th) and nearly an 85% kill participation (2nd highest of ADC).

Overall, Origen wins if Soaz can get a lead on Steak, and Niels and Mithy are able to break even or beat SwordArt and NL in the bot lane. If either or both of these things happens, Origen knows how to pressure the map and will force FW to make bad decisions or poor rotations. Origen will lose if they put too many resources trying to get Soaz ahead and Maple is able to bully xPeke out of the midlane. If Origen is forced to play reactively in the face of the Flash Wolves unrelenting pressure, potential mistakes will be their undoing. The players that will shine the most in this matchup are Niels (ADC), Mithy (Support) and Soaz (Top).


When the dust clears from this 5 game brawl, Origen will stand victorious. Origen will beat the Flash Wolves in the pick and ban phase, and the experience of Soaz, xPeke, Amazing, and Mithy will help them to keep a steady mind as Niels carries his team to victory.


Who do you think will win this Quarterfinal match-up? Who are your picks to carry your team to victory in your fantasy league? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @fantasyriftcom with your predictions.