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Week 1 of the LCS is in the past, and it was surprisingly anti-climatic. There were many lopsided games, and some games went way longer than many anticipated without great fantasy lines. This usually happens in week 1 as all the players and teams are getting used to playing with each other again, playing on the stage, and just getting used to the new patch and play styles. Don’t have major reactions to players and teams after one week, give the players and teams three weeks before making real judgments about what they will be this split. I had lots of success in week 1 going 3-1 in my fantasy leagues, making $5 in a daily league and going 9-3 on my picks, but that is in the past and we are on to week 2!

week 1 allin fold

All-in (players that will over perform their projections)

Top – IMT Huni (30 pts) Huni scored under 30 last week, but the beat down of TiP didn’t allow for many points for anyone on the team. I expect Huni to score in the high 30’s this week as IMT faces TSM and NRG.

Jungle – REN Crumbz (26 pts) Usually Crumbz isn’t going to be a great pick in fantasy since his play style is more controlled and calculated, but he had a good week last week and this week Renegades faces Dig and TiP because of those match=ups I see another 30 point performance from the seasoned veteran.

Mid – Fox Froggen (32 pts) Froggen only mustered 23 points last week, but he had a tough game 2. This week he faces NRG and Liquid. I don’t think he will blow this projection out of the water, but I see him finishing the week around the 35 point mark.

ADC – NRG Altec (37 pts) I’m still skeptical on how good NRG will actually be this split, but one thing is for sure at this point, Altec is the most consistent ADC out there. Altec only has 2 weeks of under 37 points in his last 10 weeks of the LCS. Even though I think NRG will go 1-1 this week I expect Altec to end the week with his usual 44 point week.

Support – REN Remi (26 pts) Remi showed some jitters in week 1 with a few misplays, but overall she performed really well. Since Renegades has an easier week, and they seem to play well together, Remi should have another strong fantasy week.

Team – Immortals (26 pts) Going into the season I though IMT would be a top 3 LCS team, and after week 1 I feel pretty good about that. Even though they face tough competition this week, I still expect them to win both games.


Fold (players that will under perform their projections)

Top – H2K Odoamne (37 pts) Odo has been one of my favorite top laners since his first appearance in the LCS. He is consistent and can be a huge threat when given the resources. I think he will have a good week, but not quite 37 points. FNC knows how to alter their tactics to their opponent, and kikis might have some crazy pick that Odo isn’t ready for. These factors make me think a 32 point week is in the works for Odo.

Jungle – C9 Rush (44 pts) We all know that Rush can go off in any given moment, but I don’t think this will be that week. CLG and Impulse are his match-ups, so 1 game will be methodical and low kills (CLG) the other will probably be a 30 minute win (impulse). Because of those factors 44 seems a bit to steep for Rush to get.

Mid – TSM Bjergsen (49 pts) TSM still has to figure out who gets what resources and how they are going to play before I see Bjerg getting 50 point weeks. I wouldn’t say sit him but I 49 is too many points against IMT and Dig.

ADC – C9 Sneaky (48 pts) The main reason I have Sneaky here is the same as Bjerg and Rush, the point projection is just to high to get to. Sneaky will end up in the low 40’s but don’t foresee him getting to the 50 point mark.

Support – TL Smoothie (31 pts) I would imagine this projection will drop since Matt will probably start at least one game. Even if Smoothie does play both I don’t think a 30+ week is in the works. TL played well both games, and they face CLG and Fox which both are winnable games but I’m not ready to go all-in on Team Liquid players that aren’t Piglet.

Team – Liquid (29 pts) Over the last 2 LCS splits teams don’t usually break 28 points unless the go 2-0. Obviously there have been some exceptions, but it is too hard to score big points if you don’t win. Although Liquid has winnable games, I don’t see a 2-0 week for them.

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Jungle and Top Rankings are up if you missed them. But now its time for the “carries.” Here are my Mid Lane rankings for the 2015 Summer Split. I will be putting the mid laners in numerical order of how I think they will finish in points scored, and then putting them into tier lists.

1. TSM Bjergsen

2. UoL PowerofEvil

3. FNC Febiven

4. GMB Betsy

5. Elements Froggen

6. C9 Incarnation

7. H2K Ryu

8. Origen Xpeke

9. TiP XiaoWeiXiao

10. Gravity Keane

11. Liquid Fenix

12. SK Fox

13. CLG Pobelter

14. CW Soren

15. T8 Slooshi

16. TDK Ninja

17. Roccat Nukeduck

18. Giants Pepiinero

19. Dig Siphtur

20. NME Innox

1-3 These three are the top of the class in terms of their own play and their team’s focus. As a result they are my top three, they aren’t that much above my next 4.

4-7 These 4 could all belong in that first tier but you have to make breaks somewhere. So I made it here. These 4 have either shown flashes of greatness, or had incredible weeks from time to time. I wouldn’t mind having any of them on my team for the summer split. I’m secretly hoping Incarnation dominates the NA mid lane and surpasses Bjerg as the top midlaner in NA.

8-11 This is my consistent crew. Most weeks they won’t wow you with their point totals, but they probably won’t disappoint you any given week either. All of them make for great flex picks. Draft them with confidence, and they might end up in the top 6 by seasons end.

12-15 I like these 4 but when looking at all the mid laners they felt right in this group. I could very easily see anyone of them finishing top 8, and I would feel comfortable having any of them on my team, but I won’t be spending a top 4 pick on any of them.

16-20 Here is the final mid laners, the ones who will have that one week of points and make us believe that maybe it will be a trend, and then they will give you 3 bad weeks. If one of these guys is on your favorite team then by all means put them on the bench and play them in good match-ups otherwise just try and steer clear.


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I’m going to be releasing three posts over the next week giving my projected rankings of each position and team for the 2015 spring split, which starts January 22nd (Get Hyped!). I will only rank the NA scene this time around simply because I haven’t watched the EU scene nearly enough and I want to give you, the reader, the best information I can. I will begin to write more on the EU scene as the season progresses because I’ll be making an effort to watch and breakdown those games as well. Today’s post will be how I think the NA Mid and Na Junglers will finish in terms of fantasy points after the spring split. These rankings are based on performance of the individual, stats they have gotten in the past, and my personal take on their play within the team. I will post a simple 1-10 list then write some footnotes after each list. These lists are to be used to help you make decisions on who to draft and who has higher priority as compared to their counterparts. Obviously I will miss on some and hit on others. Here is a complete list of what the NA rosters look like.

Here are my rankings for NA Mid laners.

10 – Slooshi Team 8

9 – Jesiz Team Coast

8 – Keane Gravity (Formerly Curse Academy)

7 – Shiphtur Dignitas

6 – Fenix Team Liquid (Formerly Curse)

5 – Hai Cloud 9

4 – Link CLG (Counter Logic Gaming)

3 – Xiaoweixiao Team Impulse (Formerly LMQ)

2- Bjergsen TSM (Team Solo Mid)

1 – Pobelter Team Winterfox (Formerly EG)

My 10-8  I know very little about those three players outside of how they performed during the promotion tournaments. So they could all be better than I’m giving them credit for, but NA has a pretty good mid scene so they will face tough matches.

Hai is ranked 5 not because of his skill but because of the way C9 plays. They are the most fluid in who is going to carry which game. What I mean by that is some games their focus will be to get Hai fed and have him the carry but other games Hai plays more of a support role to allow Sneaky and Balls to do the heavy lifting, because of that he doesn’t get in the top 3.

I could see the top 3 being in any order but I do believe those 3 will finish there because of their own talent and the team’s focus on getting them farmed/kills. Pobelter has really impressed me as of late and Winterfox could be awful so he will have some good games despite that.

Here are my rankings for NA Junglers

10 – Rush Team Impulse

9 – Helios Team Winterfox

8 –  Porpoisepops Team 8

7 – Saintvicious Gravity

6 – Xmithie CLG

5 – Santorin TSM

4 – IWillDominate Team Liquid

3 – Crumbzz Dignitas

2 –  Impaler Team Coast

1 – Meteos C9

There are a lot of new faces in the NA jungle this year. I think we will see a lot of support junglers this split since so many of the teams have great players as their carrys.

10-6 It was difficult to rank these 5 because some of what they will do is unknown and some of them we know how their team plays so I’d expect lower farm numbers and kill numbers which results in lower fantasy points.

5-2 I think these 4 are also very interchangeable I put Impaler 2nd because I think he will be required to make more plays for his team which will result in the potential of more fantasy points over the course of the season.

Meteos is the best NA jungler he has been consistent in the last 4 splits and he performed amazing at IEM. As a result he is the top jungler in NA. He probably won’t be the top fantasy scorer because there are about 3 EU junglers who will do well for their team this split.

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