Hello everyone and welcome back to another picks post. So far since I started the picks (week 5) I’m a pretty decent 20-10. Hopefully I can have another week where I go a few games over .500. Here are this weeks picks.


Saturday March 9th

Matchup                                               Winner

Golden Guardians vs CLG                  Golden Guardians

C9 vs TL                                          C9

TSM vs 100T                                   TSM

Clutch vs FlyQuest                           FlyQuest

Echo Fox vs Optic                            Optic

Sunday March 10th

Matchup                                             Winner

TL vs Golden Guardians                   TL

FlyQuest vs Echo Fox                       FlyQuest

Optic vs TSM                                  TSM

100T vs C9                                     C9

CLG vs Clutch                                 CLG


Most of the games I think will be pretty one sided the games that I think will be truly close are Golden vs CLG, C9 vs TL, and the Optic vs TSM games. I think Optic matches up really well against TSM in terms of early aggressive junglers who like to play around bot and top, and a mid who can at least stand up to Bjerg for an extended time. Should be some fun games and since 7 teams are within one game of each other a 2-0 week will be huge for those teams.


Someone commented on my YouTube channel if I could post updated positional rankings. Since recording 5 separate videos for that would take a little more time than I have at the moment I figured I could simply post them here. So I’ll go position by position and I’ll rank the players on how I feel like the rank in comparison to their opposition. Let’s get to it!

Top Lane

10 – Darshan

9 – Solo

8 – Huni

7 – Dhokla

6 – V1per

5 – Hauntzer

4 – Impact

3 – Brokenblade

2 – Ssumday

1 – Licorice


10 – Lira

9 – Wiggly

8 – Anda

7 – Contractz

6 – Rush

5 – Akaadian

4 – Meteos/Dardoch

3 – Svenskeren

2 – Santorin

1 – Xmithie

Mid Lane

10 – Huhi

9 – Damonte

8 – Crown

7 – Froggen

6 – Fenix

5 – PowerofEvil

4 – Pobelter

3 – Nisqy

2 – Jensen

1 – Bjergsen


10 – Stixxay

9 – Deftly

8 – Arrow

7 – Piglet

6 – Apollo

5 – Bang

4 – WildTurtle

3 – Zven

2 – Sneaky

1 – Doublelift


10 – Aphromoo

9 – Olleh

9 – Vulcan

7 – Biofrost

6 – Big

5 – Hakuho

4 – JayJ

3 – Smoothie

2 – Zeyzal

1 – Core JJ


So there you have it. Short and sweet post of my midseason positional rankings. The players were ranked based on their stats and my own judgement of their play compared to their counterparts. Let me know who you think should be higher or lower in each position below and don’t forget to check out the new YouTube content!


Week 5 LCS Picks

Posted: February 21, 2019 in Fantasy League of Legends

Week 4’s record was a solid 8-2, so off to a great start. Let’s see if can carry over the momentum in week 5.


Saturday February 23rd

Matchup                    Winner

Optic vs 100T –           100T

TL vs Echo Fox –         TL

Clutch vs GGs –           GGs

FlyQuest vs C9 –          C9

TSM vs CLG –              TSM

Sunday February 24th

Matchup                    Winner

GGS vs Echo Fox –       Echo Fox

Optic vs Clutch –          Optic

C9 vs CLG –                 C9

FlyQuest vs TSM –        FlyQuest

TL vs 100T –                100T


Went with the safer choices this week, because that is what I think will happen based on how the teams have been playing the last two weeks. The one upset I picked was 100T over TL. This was more of a gut pick and wanted to be bold with one upset on the week. Games that should be the most fun to watch this week, both FlyQuest matchups (we will really get to see how good FlyQuest is after this week), GGs vs Echo Fox (can Rush continue his run of 1-1 weeks), and TL vs 100T. Let me know if you think there will be any big surprises this week in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my new youtube page, where I’ll be posting weekly power ranking videos and a quick video of my picks.